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  1. I am going to attempt running gold only activating two res monoliths the 1 at the happy cow farm and the other at the NG's and complete gold in 1 sitting wish me luck
  2. Dual Wield and Sword Mastery - Do they stack?

    fair enough then lol
  3. Dual Wield and Sword Mastery - Do they stack?

    I guess the extra damage my dual wield hafted weapons Inquisitor is doing comes from Memetar's Protector damage:physical 12.8% and Hammer of the North damage:ice 12.1% unlocked by having hafted weapons lore? But isn't that stacking modifiers? He doesn't have any double hit mods. your Inquisitor does he use ruthless mutilation CA if so did you mod the gold slot to frenzy if so this will add a chance for double hits not the weapons themselves. just a thought
  4. Looking for a sig

    can't I just stab you in the arm with said pencil to teach you a valuable lesson on not to do what your not good at lol
  5. Skype

    hey I played a few online games before tribalwars, evony, warhammer age of reckoning to name but a few and was wondering does anyone here use things like pidgoen, skype etc? I dont got pidgoen but have skype if anyone else does and wanna chat feel free to add me the.dark.one666 cheers
  6. Looking for a sig

    Ok so as the title suggests looking for a sig preferably say my username (thedarkheart) and a little personal text saying "pain is inevitable, suffering is optional" (W/O the ""'s). would be very grateful cheers thedarkheart
  7. Are you going to get sucked in to Sacred 3?

    Havent been a sacred player that long about 7 months or so, so im still a baby in the eyes of ascaron. However I bought sacred 2 because a friend of mine who hates RPG's bought it and told me about it so I figured if he bought it it must be good. my younger brother found a copy of sacred 1 gold in a bargin bin at PC world for like £1 have given that a go (with the deamon) but havent got far like level 10 lol. that being said if DS can deliver the same vastness in game size, number of quests, possiblities with character builds and all the goodness seen from Sacred 2 without none of the bugs and glitches and a possibility for DLC to get new updates on consoles then my money will be well and truelly spent
  8. Dual Wield and Sword Mastery - Do they stack?

    I believe the above is correct. I have an Inquisitor that DW's, and when you look at weapon level without penalty etc on DW its the same as that on sword weapons, however DW will not help out in stacking effects with SW or even hafted. So if your looking to get the biggest benefit from this you will need both DW and sword weapons and if you plan on going for axes and maces (some of which are quite nice) you could even take hafted weapons. You then need to ask yourself can you afford to commit 3 skill slots to offensive skills alone, 4 if you want tactics lore. this just my thoughts
  9. Found my 1st 4 star item

    Ironically I found a 2nd second ring this time only level 15 all Combat Arts +2 all skills +1 lol
  10. Found my 1st 4 star item

    ker's septor Inquisitor class quest item 4* level same as yours when you get it dmg level dependant 1 grey 2 gold slots experience per kill (varies) chance for deadly wounds (varies)
  11. Depraved

    have you seen monty pythons the holy grail.... all rabbits are evil and must be killed
  12. Darth Sion - Inquisitor Guide

    mines used dislodged spirit, clustering maelstrom, levin array, soul reaver, eruptive desecration, frenetic fervor never used ZD though
  13. if you take ker against the bosses do you find that after you have beaten the boss the the sakkara demon takes the name of the boss? now im not sure if he also gains the same stats as well but he does get the name
  14. Depraved

    Maybe you got frustrated because the big rabbit with the "?!" running around won't talk to you? There's a line before the quest that one of the NPCs utters about "Talk to the rabbit" and you tried to do so?! nah its just on the mini map they actually appear as enemies so I decided to kill them (how a rabbit compares to a shaman or a wild boar or even xanthia is beyond me, but hey their enemies nonetheless) There's a quest associated with the rabbits.. The gardener in the northern side of the temple grounds wants you to whack the rabbits cause they're eating his flowers. Might wanna have a chat with the old boy.. wikkid cheers