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  1. Preview article about Sacred 3 gameplay features

    Light hit, heavy hit and defensive move? What is this, Sacred 3 or Mortal Kombat?
  2. Looks like good ole Alpha Centauri gets a spiritual successor... Civilization Beyond Earth:
  3. Regarding the monk character, I've come to the conclusion that it is the diablo equivalent of a melee dryad...
  4. Was your magic resistance high enough? Asmariel is a pretty tough and verstile boss. You have to adapt quickly to her spells, but once you figure out her strategy, you can take her down (provided you are adequately developed). Check out her wiki page for some more info. http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Asmarael,_the_Queen_of_Spiders
  5. Bought Sacred 2 Gold in the summer of 2010... Started looking for info for the game on the net... And ended joining this Good Ole Club on September 21, 2010...
  6. I usually choose reject when he asks if he should follow me. The Nuk Nuk forest is already annoying. I don't need to worry for a killable follower too...
  7. Well, time for a change... The hawk goes out, the crow comes in...
  8. There is also the "Redemption" chain quest in Thylisium, where a desert woman asks you to save her husband , who was enslaved and sold as a gladiator. This woman is described in the log entry as human.
  9. White Griffin all the way. That sucker once debuffed my BFG in platinum... As for Narmul, the easiest toon to farm him with (in my experience) is the High Elf. Some strong expulse magic, and all you have to worry about are the physical attacks...
  10. So I've Never Played Sacred...

    Gust of wind with life leech...oh, the good old days...and that's the thing I missed the most when I changed from S1 to Sacred 2: life leech on spells...
  11. :viking: :viking: :viking: ... Seriously guys, that's quite an accomplishment.
  12. Back in action...

    No, Angela has wings on her helmet, they're just ribbons. They've also toned down the seraphim eye marks a little bit, but it's still Angela...
  13. Back in action...

    It seems that the original seraphim archetype is back in active comic duty... http://marvel.com/comics/issue/43300/guardians_of_the_galaxy_2013_6 Ladies and gentlemen, Angela of Hellspawn universe joins the Guardians of the Galaxy...
  14. Pacific Rim...

    I remember seeing that movie a while ago... Christian Slater and F. Murray Abraham also played in that movie...