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  1. GIMP creation #1

    muhahaha, cheers schot. will continue to pull out very colourful pieces of fan art for you . . .
  2. GIMP creation #1

    im really starting to spend alot of time in GIMP . . . very cool software
  3. GIMP creation #1

    hey guys thks for the kind words. schot what I was doing was useing the find edge fliter and making different layers of the same filter but with an assortment of colours being coloured to alpha. tunrs out I found a really neat trick. and with abit more fiddling around along those lines, heres another. hope the forums re adjusts the size . . .
  4. GIMP creation #1

    So . . . Im slowly learning how to use Gimp (still cant belive its freeware) anyways heres a pic I took of my HE build, gave her a name and pasted up a Sacred 2 watermark in the corner. let me know what you think. Pyro.
  5. My new sig

    HA. yeh I though I might be abit out of line there. ill scale it down
  6. hahaha I did exactly this about 2 nights ago, only I made afew bad choices (ie not taking the double hit mod for battle extention) this char is really good value I agree. soon as I get the motivation im starting him again. one thing tho, I didnt see the point in taking EP ? is it really worth it? im sure the anwer will be yes as ive herd nothing but rave reveiws for this skill, I just havnt noticed the difference. GOOO UTILITY TG'z !
  7. My new sig

    Heya. Just thought id post up a little GIMP project I did the other night. I thought id make a sig for my three HE vixens that I play all the time on SC, gave the trio a name and pasted up some stats under their name. I think it turned out alright, tell me what you guys think. The cool thing about this sig is I made it so its easy to update, I have all the text saved as its own layer. so all I have to do once I level up one of the chars is change the text and layer it over the background. muhahaha.
  8. *sits in corner for an hour* hahaha ok well thats a shame. oh well, ill just keep toying around with options.txt till I find something cool to change
  9. WOW! I cant belive it took me this long to find this guide. AMAZING difference. thks a bunch for bringging this to everyones attention schot. now, I have a question. I used to toy around with oblivions version of this "options.txt" so im no stranger to the big list of words. and ive found somethings that I would really like to change. namley, the radius of the collect all circle. I play a fire HE so im blazing tempesting almost everything, have a big massive collect all circle would be ACE cause it would mean less running back to smoldoring corpse's and more burninating. I tried to just change the value but that didnt seem to work. anyone think they can offer a solution, or do we think that this is a setting that can not be changed. sorry to go off topic a little, but I really wanted to ask.
  10. New at this game...need help...

    bronze and silver are just game difficulties, you can play in either mode with the same char. there are afew very good HE builds on these forums and also on the official Sacred 2 forums. when it comes to building a HE the most importent thing is to make sure you have low cooldown times and alot of damage. things to keep in mind. - Ancient Magic is a very good skill to pick. give your spells more damage. - Concentration lets you have 2 or 3 buffs active and reduces regen times (if you plan to make an ice caster then you will have Crystal Skin and Grand Invigoration. - GRAND INVIGORATION! is possibly the HE's best friend. but to make good use of it you will need to take Delphic Focus as a skill (in order to mod it) I wont go on cause I think its more fun to learn as you play (as I did when I first got the game), and also im sure there will be alot of other replies from the other D.a.r.k members. have fun, Pyro.
  11. Alchemy Query

    decided to make a build that uses alchemy. just wondering if there is a trophy that increaces run speed. I could have sworn I hear it mentiond on these forums once that there was such a trophy. anyways let me know. Pyro.
  12. just a friendly bump to let you all know im still alive. im sorry I havnt been on the HC servers at all lately guys, the reason being the ping I get here (down under) sits at about 2000 and spikes to about 20 000. consequently HC has gone from a fun and thrilling experience to just downright horrific and frustrating. im still on the SC servers playing with another group of buddies. so if anyone has a SC toon let me know and id be happy to catch up with you. I reallllly hope ascaron have one more look into more servers once there done with the console relese of the game. the time I did spend playing with you guys was very enjoyable and wont be forgotten. Pyro.
  13. Revelation of the Seraphim 3d Model (Poser)

    that looks amazing kaballah. planning on doing some other chars aswell? you definatly have some talent.
  14. Energistic weapons !?

    I just dont understand why it has +10 to grand invigoration if a HE cant use it
  15. which chars can use energistic weapons! the reason for all the exclamation marks is that this just dropped . . . would be absoluty brillient for me build. but I cant use it casue im an elf . . . your all elfist!