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  1. Forgot to mention the modding of course. Someone on Runic's board once asked, "How much of TL can we mod?" The reply was, "You can do whatever you want as long as you don't try to make a profit from it." So even the files that most companies will say, "HANDS OFF OR ELSE!" can be modded in TL2.
  2. Got into Torchlight 2 Beta. . .and what a game even if it still in development mode. If you think TL2 is going to be easy like TL1, guess again. Runic said Torchlight 2's Normal Mode will be like Torchlight 1's Hard Mode and they weren't kidding. A lot of things that made TL1 too easy like combining gems into better ones are (so far) not in TL2. TL2 offers Offline Single Play, LAN/Multiplayer Co-op up to six players. Areas with a session can be flagged for PvP. There are still a lot of balancing issues that need to fixed. The Outlander and Embermage are way too much like Glass in the higher difficulties(veteran/elite). For 2H Weapon Fans, the Engineer is made for it while Dual Wielding is for the Beserker. The Outlander is Range and Embermage is Magic. All maps are randomized with each New Game. The Skills are unique and a lot are unheard of in ARPG games. Pre-Ordering - If you pre-order through Perfect World, you can get access to their closed beta for Neverwinter. There's still time to try to get into TL2's Beta by following these instructions- http://forums.runicgames.com/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=21846 Right now Beta is limited to Multiplayer Co-op but a person can still solo play. Level Cap is at 21 for Beta. 100 Level cap for when the game ships. However with modding someone will no doubt make the cap much higher. There's mod for TL1 that makes the level cap 999.
  3. Help with High Elf

    How is your HE's offensive capabilities? Have you been feeding her runes?
  4. Hackers are going to love that! Stormwing - I agree especially on the Torchlight 2.
  5. Diablo III - Launching May 15

    Gamestop online is taking pre-orders. $59.99 - Regular Game $99.99 - Collector's Edition
  6. Its the first attack skill she can get. The downside is that its a narrow shot.
  7. Diablo III - Launching May 15

    Magazine in a store.
  8. Start out with Berserker until I get used to the game then switch to either Outlander or Embermage. Rndm - And the Vanquisher's Ricochet Shot had the highest DPS for a skill in the game.
  9. Diablo III - Launching May 15

    Read an article in PC Gamer today that when it comes to the Auction House and things like Chinese Farmers, Blizzard is going to keep a very close eye on the various 'regions'.
  10. What do you want from Sacred 3 ?

    Armor designs that make sense - Still don't get how the 'nature loving' Dryad is covered the most with her armor yet the Seraphim, the epitome of 'goodness and purity' in the series has some of the skimpiest armor ever to grace a video-game.
  11. Best Overall Character In Sacred 2?

    I think that may have been part of the overall plot - In Sacred 2 the Seraphim were at the height of their fighting power. But after the events of the Light Campaign in Sacred 2 and a thousand years(or however long it was between games) later in S1, the Seraphim lost a lot of their old power. A big example is that in S1 the BFG and Energy Shield are time limited while in Sacred 2 they are not.
  12. You're welcome. On top of picking gender, there is also this(Bold Italic Part)- Guessing face, skin, and hopefully height and weight?
  13. Class information! Outlander(Glaive looks awesome!) http://www.torchlight2game.com/about/outlander Berserker(GGGGGGGWWWWWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR! Getting into character!) http://www.torchlight2game.com/about/berserker Engineer(Battletechnomage?) http://www.torchlight2game.com/about/engineer Embermage(Why one word and not a compound word - Ember Mage?) http://www.torchlight2game.com/about/embermage
  14. Diablo III - Launching May 15

    Those would be auction house farmers. With the new auction house in Diablo 3 making it able to sell items found in game for real money I am expecting a lot of farmers. From what I've read on other forums about the auction house and 'real money trading' is a concern about Chinese Farmers. In a way it can be a concern - a less than friendly government that is hungry for cash could have people be AHF and rack up money. Just on regular principle I'm against this kind of trading. I get the feeling there is going to be a lot of successful scams right out of the gate before Blizzard takes care of the problems.
  15. What would you change to the Inquistor

    I dunno. . .there are plenty of 'Do It For The Children Side Quests' to make the Inquisitor kind of look good. There's some kind of irony in having a Shadow Aligned Character help little kids.