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  1. As the above suggests there is no "time" limit. How long is a peice of string comes to mind. As your "new" I would suggest that to reach level 200 will take many hours, maybe 500+hrs. Completing the main gold quests could take a new player around 50hrs. The serious well informed player (like Wolfie2kx) can accomplish these fetes in far, far, less a time frame. It all depends on charector build and indepth knowledge of the game. Also consider the difficulty factor involved, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Niob. Differences in this area effect time to advance in level, (experience), and damage/kill of hostile NPC's and bosses. The game becomes "better" and more tactfull at higher difficulties. Please understand I have only just managed "Gold" setting in the last two days, AND it makes for a far more indepth game, where I really have to consentrate on my Shadow Warriors health.
  2. Thankyou for all your comments/ input. It's refreshing to see so many views. (Hi gasbomb)! I found running my 1st SW with NA on "bronze" at lev35 had issues. His CA regen with NA x 4 spectors was horrible. I had level 56 spectors!, but I didn't understand the game a couple of weeks ago. Now I run 2x spectors with a Lev50 SW (just entered gold and WOW! the game plays soooo different, and better IMO) Things I noticed. 4x spectors with fast regen at "bronze" vs the "spinning" boss in the Jungle island (north of jungle island area) could not beat down the boss (he would regen as quick as damage taken). The boss regened too fast. The spectors remained on full life, and all four engaged the enemy boss and its minions. 2x spectors with swords and 2x armour at "silver" vs said boss seemed to deal more damage vs the boss regen. One would at times stand around as if "lost". Now these results are far from perfect. After all "bronze and silver" settings. Different SW builds and regen times. Also use of "buffs" and refelct damage. I think what I am saying is I gree with the above post(s). Every one to their own personnal choice. After all it's what makes the game fun for you, and not always "what's best result" My next build will focus on yet another SW, when the time comes for me to send the presnet one to the grave for a much needed "rest". I will either go back to 4x spector, or ry the 3x spector. I would like to build my "new" SW along the exact lines of this current one ( I like him), but see how 4 vs boss works. Maybe I should try all 3 options vs one boss and record the results. (dam vs time) vs time taken to kill boss. I was thinking of invisible SW and no buffs. I read elsewhere in this fine forum the actual "game listings" for the Spectors and their swords armour. I did notice that one set of armour appears to be "useless". Maybe I misread it, or need it explaining. For the most part the biggest issue of Spectors seems to be players experiences of either "lag" or the spectors seemingkly to bump into each other. I need to look into this more for myself. I was lucky with 4, but seem half the time to be "bugged" with a duff spector while running two. At gold level and above I need to know without guessing "how" my spectors will perform. Not damage otr surviability, but the probibility of them being aggresive or just acting as statues. Here say seems to lean towards interferance with four. Again thank you for your comments, please keep them coming, and feel free to link any other posts I may have missed reading. I personnaly find the spectors more fasinating to use than the SF. The game offers so many different "builds" and plays that it will keep me active for many a day to come. Nice to be here, and hopefully I WILL shorten my posts! Edit1-- "spinning boss area.
  3. I welcome the input good sir, and wish you luck and fun. I think your right with the 2 build instead of 4. Like you said I have a feeling its to do with later levels in Plat and Niaob. I hope to read about your progression and swap ideas on the lessons we learn. From most posts I see SF gets more light than Spectors due to damage vs time. I like the spectors, cast once and they stay. Thats why I dont use "rally", as I don't want to press the assigned butten every 30 or so seconds. I created them, and they stay and protect until I die. Bronze mod Either Swords or +1 Spector Silver mod gives Armour or +1 Spector Gold gives extra regen or Armour bonus. Time will tell I guess. Others will post with their knowledge and put us out of our misery.
  4. Thank you for the prompt reply. Yes I had read up on area effect and very aware of it when fighting the dragon boss. Nearly had me ( I was lev34, boss at lev 38 I believe at the time) I spammed health potions on more than one occasion due to low dam of Spectors at the time. Yes this build has only 2 specs with mods you mentioned. (Looking for figures in another post) Reason for the double buff was so I could play as SW was intended....in hard like tank. With the dragon, I had to use SV with NA, and risk the 15% chance of spell giving my postion away. ( I had only around 19 points in Astral Lord Force then. Since then I am 100% invisable now, but even a general likes to cisit the front lines. The Dex with Tactics stat gives nice bonus crit and dam bonus, with the added armour form dex he can hold his own in silver atm. The Double buff is to help quicker damage and safeguard those little surprises. IF it get too hot I just Disapear. Your right..play it as I want. I intend too to the full, but NOT without listening to all comments and advice from the serious gamer. After all this Cha (SW) and me will be spending many many hours together. I have left one skill tree open and will deside on it at lev 65 when I am more proficiante with the game and mecahnics. ( I will know CHA shortfalls by then I hope. When I get to Lev 50 I might run a post, so others can see my experiences...the ups and downs. What ever happens, I will do my best to take him to lev 200 no matter if I die. ( I lose survial bonus, but makes it more of a challenge, and maybe will need to go invisable with SF to keep progressing. I hope not, because that will become boring. I like to choose when and if I attack or hide, based on how I feel at the time, oh and of course, the bosses!
  5. Hello Mr. Bear. It is with great reluctance that I read your wonderfull and well worded SW build (Didyouthinkhesawus) Regret, because I only found it two days after starting my own. Then JOY! I read on and see that SF has time to develope. (currently lev36 with 1 rune in SF)! So no real panic there. BIG concern is my continued self impossed forcing every single point gained into Dex. I refuse to admitt that these points could be used in many other benificail ways. You see I played one game before (aso a SW, but very broke in skill list, and just used 4x spectors, no buffs) light campaign 98%. stopped at lev36 with him. I spoke to a new friend on xbox after clicking PvP by misatke and getting killed in 1 shot! 10k dam (only had 1,800HP) He asked what I wanted to play Cha wise.. I mentioned my sinlg cha past, and wanted to play with spectors, (I get very lonely) ..yet I wanted to be range attack. ( I like to be a leader, not a grunt) So in order to move the drinks cabinet 2ft further across the map, he helped me build a SW that could give me what I wanted. Range (he can run GR & RE or "dissapear entirly and call forth the spectral grunts" Option to play varied difficulty or go for an easy but slow advance. Both stlyes utilise AG & SF in combination, and party buffs added due to my SW needing be able for solo or co-op play. Spector (I like having "friends, or should that be fiends")! Niaob possibilities. ( I would like to run through to lev200, by which time I will hav a deeper understanding of the game. Well a little more knowledge than the xbox"mannual" gives. I am very happy with him, but would love your feedback, as well as that of other seasoned Sacred2 gamers. Full details are in the post (should be able to locate through my name I think)? Thankyou for your time and friendly approach to a very varied and individual build class.
  6. Ok please forgive the poor title, and the following question. Can some kind person please give a definate response on running 2 or 4 spectors in the Astral Lore CA? I appolgise if this is posted elsewhere ( I have looked through many posts and cannot find a comparision of pro's and cons). Also can an admin please "move" this thread to it's correct area if I have posted it in wrong place? Ok from what I understand, I can give my NA buff a choice of swords or +1 NPC spector. I can then add "shields" or another +1 spector. Finaly I can improve their regen rate (combat and non combat) or add further armour benifits. Well I looked over at wiki site and found a reference to their base damage and their adjusted dam for adding sharp sword mod. I believe swords give each spector around 40% to dam?(unconfirmed) Do the swords add 40% to "hit" as well as damage? If yes then this topic needs no further comment. If no then I am confused. I can choose to run 4x spector with gold mod "armour" or run two with 40% dam and 2x "armour" improvements. If spector deals a base dam at my level of 200 HP per hit, then 4x 200= 800 HP dam to 1-4 opponent(s) per hit. If I have 2 spectors with swords and 2x armour mods, then is this is this correct?....2x 280= 560 HP dam to 1-2 opponent(s) per hit. Given that the spectors "regen" and can not die (just lie there taking aggro) would it not make sense to run 4? If the "to hit" is improved with swords ( I presume it is) then I guess the damage dealt differs. As the 2 spectors hit 40% more than the 4 I surmise the following (please correct me!) example.... base rate to hit given opponent = 50% 4x spector hit half the time 800 becomes 400dam to target(s) 2x spector hit becomes 75% (40% of the base to hit% 50= 25%) the 560 becomes 420dam to target(s) Does this aquate to a 5.0% damage benifit of using two spectors over using four? So if these guess's at the maths are correct it offers a few "pro's and con's" to the final choice of mods. Running Two spectors----- Pro's 5% extra damage over using four. due to silver mod "armour" they take less dam, so therefore last longer to keep hitting opponent(s). (usefull for boss, not so for single small roaming npc's). Con's Your "damage to enemy suffers greatly when one of them gets "stuck" and refuses to engage. Your damage becomes 210 HP, and the second spector just becomes an agro magnet. When under mob, less spectors equals less of a "wall" blocking access to you. Running Four spectors---- Pro's more NPC's to engage the enemy(s). If one gets "stuck" and refuses to attack, you still have 3 doing a total 300HP dam opposed to the two spectors low dam scenior (210HP) if one gets stuck. When running the RE CA, thats four times reflective (party gold mod on RE) damage over the two times for the " running two spector" choice. Con's Without the "silver mod armour" these can be reduced to static aggro units while waiting for them to regen, then zero damage. (can recast buff for 4 more though) Its reported that 4 spectors can "overload" and get in each others way. (I have yet to see this happen (last SW had 4x spector) and they actualy all seemed to engage most of the time while at my side, and even after 2 secsonds after they "teleport" to my current postion. I did experience one getting stuck on occasions, but no where near as much as the SW running the two Spectors). I would like some help in this area of 2 or 4?, as I feel way out of depth trying to figure it out. Playing on xbox360 (incase that has any differences to PC version) My Shadow Warrior this time has gone with "2 is better than 4", but one seems to do nothing about a 1/3rd of the game (especially noticed in the swmap area). Lev 36 SW and Spectors are around lev 41. I presume player game preference might influence a players choice..(pvp I would presume if Spectors are used then 2 would be better (with 2xarmour) and less prone to Area of Effect, Area of Effect against four "weaker ones". Also maybe "lag" issues if in a party of four players. I feel I have gone on too much and maybe over the top with info, but incase I haven't, please just ask and I will do my best. Be gentle... I am NEWBeginner to this. 1st game SW Lev36 Light 98%, but terrible build (did not know what I was doing and had chosen "Black smithing", swords and ranged weapons) Relied on heavy penalty 4x spectors on "Bronze" difficulty ( I didn't know I could change to another setting) 2nd character also a SW (now Lev36) Dark 60% complete approx (on silver atm) changing to gold at Lev50. He is a "ranged" fighter with RE and GR buffs, and can equaly swap to a invisable and spectral buff role when I wish. Please some one help my ramblings. Last two nights I refused to sleep, and catching a few hours in the late afternoon before logging back in! Edit1*--- Sorry for poor spelling, will correct later on after I have tried that thing called "sleep" Edit2* --- Spelling corrected for the most part. SW now at Lev41 and doing well. He can grind or drink tea watching the Spectors and SF with the occasional DB every 4secsonds with "Leech life".
  7. Thank you for the "Bump" in this subject. I am VERY new to this game (xbox version) and have played up to lev35 shadow warrior(98% Light campaign), and now realise it's very broken. I am in the process of building a second shadow warrior, and have some basic ideas on what I want to achieve. Basicaly I will describe what little I know, what I want to achieve, and what help has already being taken into account. My shadow warrior.... Hoping to take this warrior through entire campaign from Bronze to Niaob. Will play free worls, and looking to "max" his level without cheating, or modding. 200hrs+ game time? Looking at a ranged attack (Energy Gun) using his combat arts. Ideal would be something like demonic blow at under 1 second. He will be accompaned by spectral wariors as a "wall block" He will be invisable even while using demonic blow. Deity will be Testa. Had thought about Luna or Forens. (went dark Campaigne so no Luna) "He" is now level 7, and before continuing I realised my main point of Enchanced Perception is a secondary (5 points first). As there is nothing else in this field I was taking I changed the build. Please feel free to critersize, advise, and generaly "guide" me on my new ways. I will play lev0-10 on bronze 10-50 on Silver 50-80 0r 99 on Platinum 80/99 onwards on Niob Due to range attack, I will spend every single point on Dexterity (question?) Other areas will build slow, but the skills I take should balence weak points. Lev2 Armour Lore Lev3 Tactic Lore Lev5 Concentraton (stopping at 75) Lev8 Astral Lord Focus Lev12 Ranged Weapons Lev18 Ancient Magic Lev25 Astral Lord Lore Lev35 Toughness (stopping at 75) Lev50 Constitution (stopping at 75) Lev65 (UNSURE)...Lev 2 was enchanced Perception, and now struggling with the build and need good advice due to my very very limited knowledge. (Please treat as very new to the game). Combat Arts 1 ruin in each of the following to start with. 1 Neither Alliences 2 reflective Enhantion 3 Grim resilance 4 Shadow Veil 5 Rally Souls 6 Skellington Fortifacations 7 Spectral Hand 8 Augmental Guidun 9 Belliguant Vault 10 Rousing Command 11 Demonic Blow 12 Frenzied Rampage 12 slots used. Ref: Neither Alliences. I have heard many views on running 2 or 4 Spectral soldiers. Could someone please advise the pro's and cons. The weapon and armour slots will be used for attack and dam as needed for short falls in levling up Shadow warrior. I have only played 40hrs total, and in that time I have had little luck in finding any "real" good find, or sets of armour. (best is one peice a set and another peice of an other set) I have even less knowledge on "what item to equip" and "what to add to sockets". Any and all help in making this Shadow warrior a joy to play, and able to level up within the restrictions set would be greatfully recieved. I will look at changing, or restarting if your views and ability add points that will dramatically slow or hinder this build. *Side note- at lev 7 I have started to add 4th ruin into Neither Alliance, and have read about "Penalty issues". My lev35 suffers massive penalty and I wish to keep my combat arts regen time down to under a second for Demonic Blow. Aim is to be able to hold down the demonic blow and Shadow veil will keep me "safe" from NPC's. Obviously I will still be at the mercy of Area effects, due to 2-4 Specters. Thank you for your time, and any comments you add. I look forward to learning, and especially looking forward to correctly playing this Shadow Warrior in the way I have described. *Edit--- Many many thanks for the time "gasworks" (xbox) spent listening to my chareter wishes, and trying to find a build that would allow me to play competatively through Niaob, and lev200 chareter. Thorsfew. Edit2 follows............. Sorry for the addtion , but I felt it better than double posting thread. Ok here's an update of my Shadow Warrior. He died 3 times before lev 20. 1st time was poor attention by myself ..new player syndrome. 2nd was just bad luck on re-entering game (no buffs and straight into a fight with 3 champion undead, that were way out of my level). By the time I had realised no buffs active, and tied to sort it, I was dead. Another beginners error based on me removing the default game settings. 3rd was again error. I was half way down health bar and not to worried as dam incoming was minimal, BUT then I got hit with a critical, from a new champion (Ork warrior I think), and before I had even drank a potion, I was dead. This was around level 20, and the POINT I realised how poorly I had alooted hit/dam/ regen. I corrected the to hit and dam and the Shadow Warrior became "alive", a pure joy. So I carried on. By the time I met dragon boss under the north island, I had reached level 34. One rune in all but NA, which had 4. Kept Armour Lore to max level skill, and spread remaing points across ALfocus and Tactics lore. I found with my hit/dam I was better off running the two buffs and not using spectors at all. At lev34 my Shadow Warrior can choose to either run two buffs and compete well (slow on some creature kills, even with SF, AG, and 75% hit from RC(?) or can go invisable with the spector buff. Plays well for me, and enjoyment is imense. I am sure the build is not perfect, (not built for fast leveling or EP, etc....), but its right for me, as it allows me to play different styles at a seconds notice, and it can accomplish both easily. I added party mods to the CA (for allies (NPC, and/or PC) and kept DB to 3 secs with SF at 16-17%. AG running at 21.3%. (have added some runes to keep SF etc..at its regen time, without costing to much on overall CA) All regen times are while mounted, and with invisabilty buff active. If I drop the NE spectors, the times drop a good .5% in some arts. I realised the mount adds 44.4% time penalty to CA, but that drops by 33.3% for ALF, so only a 1.11% penalty, which armour lore and a resonible high ALF deal with very well. So, I know you all know far more than me, and that I ramble on about things you fully understand far better than I, but hopeully you will see the excitment and enthusiasm I have for this renewed life, whichI would have missed so easily without the gamers on xbox and the very user freindly and supportive posts of this great site.
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