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  1. yep I can't get them to sound like I want. I'll need some help mixing them to get it right but this is just trial and error. I'll be spending most of my time playing with cubase until I can learn how to master things the correct way.... until then this will have to do. we have 13 songs and I'll get them all recorded and uploaded asap so we can have a demo for our next 5 shows we have booked here in memphis.... maybe we can get lucky and meet someone who knows how to produce good music^^
  2. Added the new mastered version with some changes based on feedback . keep it comin^^
  3. Thanks for the comments guys. The constructive criticism was exactly what I was looking for. We just got Cubase Studio and none of us know much about recording/mastering so it's kinda hard to get the sound we want without professional help (which we cant afford right now). We are gonna redo the vocals and add some more effects on the drums and turn up the bass track^^ I'll let you guys know when I upload the new version. @schot: I don't see the song in my first post on firefox or ie. am I missing a plugin maybe? in fact I couldn't even read the comments in IE had to switch over to fire
  4. Hey guys, I recently moved back to Memphis and started playing music again!! I wanted you's to check out our myspace page and listen to the new song we recorded. This was all recorded and mastered in 1 day so its not studio quality but I think it sounds pretty darn good. Any feedback would be appreciated and if anyone here is good at mastering down tracks I'd like to chat so send me a pm plz! Hope you guys like it! Critical Mass p.s. If you can't check out myspace and have an idea on how to get the song here on the forum I'm all ears. I'm pretty pumped about it an
  5. looks very interesting. I'd like to try it out for sure.
  6. I am officially addicted to this game lol. Just played for about 9 hours straight.
  7. sounds pretty cool I wonder if it will have a monthly fee. O.o
  8. Got me an oracle up to level 16 at Athens in the sp campaign. Having lots of fun after getting used to the interface. I'll probally finish up the campaign and decide where to go from there. My right hand is cramping like a mofo because of the lack of wasd. I doubt I could play this game more than once because of that one flaw. Still its lots of fun thx for the heads up rooster.
  9. I'll drink an extra beer just for you. Happy Birthday!
  10. Is there any way to control the movement of your character with w,s,a,d? Using then mouse to move around just plain sucks and I do not see any way to bind movement to any keys.....
  11. The first game of the nfl is thursday how will we do the draft on saturday? Edit: Can we maybe set teh draft to automatic? I have to admit that if we miss the first game I will not pay attention to this league very much at all.
  12. Sorry Erling I thought I should post that info after watching the news this morning. When I first read this thread people were talking like it wasn't a big deal at all...... Didn't mean to stress you out but I don't think this is something to sneeze at. I've never met anyone who died from the regular gflu virus ya know? Make sure you take care of yourself!
  13. An 8th grader that goes to school 5 blocks away from where a live died of the h1n1 virus today. This is very sad news and I wouldn't be taking this virus so lightly.
  14. I just tried this out and have to say....yikes O.o I think Sacred 2 spoiled me cause the beginning of this game makes me want to uninstall it. I'll try out single player for a bit and see if getting used to the interface makes things any better.
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