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  1. Sacred Player

    Two Worlds II

    Last I checked, level cap was actually 503...Modders are the ones with levels above 503! Also, about the gear in that game Spunky, the highest level item is only level 60 and that item is a Crystal Axe......
  2. Sacred Player

    Caster/Dual Wield Inquisitor Build

    The inbetween skills were messed up by the Christmas theme that was put on this forum December 2010....If you want to know the other skills that were ther PM me...... EDIT: Just saw that you're on xbox, get ahold of me there instead and mention this forum....
  3. Sacred Player

    3Rd And 4Th Guide, Comin' Right Up!

    Hey guys, sorry for the delay on the Temple Guardian guide....I'm literally just now about to start it, give me about 2-3 days and I might have it up depending on how much time I have to work each day....This guide is going to be for a single player, double aspect, Area of Effect/Offensive Temple Guardian....Anyway, like before, I'll update you guys here when I finish it! Good hunting everyone......
  4. Sacred Player

    Lag issues with XBOX

    I'd be right to assume you're using modded stuff right Luke? That's your problem, if you use massive area attacks, it'll cause lag....If you put this 4 Socket garbage in your Hero's Chest, it'll cause lag....I can go on all day with the cons of modded stuff but those 2 that I just named off are the 2 biggest lag causing issues....
  5. Sacred Player

    Astral Lord PvP

    Here, try out this guide for a PVP Shadow Warrior...It doesn't cover too much about Shadow Veil but it does tell you the best way to Mod Spectral Hand for PVP...Also, best way to make yourself invincible is through your Nether Allegiance and Reflective Emanation buff...You mod your Nether Allegiance to just purely damage and defense and have only 2 of them...Then Reflective Emanation you want, Reflect Ranged Attacks, Reflect Spells, and Idol which Extends the effects to teammates which works for your skellies as well...Just remember to socket high + All Combat Arts for full effectiveness though...... My PVP Shadow Warrior Guide
  6. Sacred Player

    Looking For seraphim Meele Set

    I've got the entire set at 15, 60-75 & 210! What level do you need it at? On a side note, I'm not able to get on much 'til about a week from now so I'll help you then! One more thing I have that might help is level 20 Officer's Sabers socketed with level 219: Damage & +All Skills rings which gives you about 299 damage per sword and +51 All Skills and one does fire damage & the other magic at %80.8 conversion or something like that! On one more side note, the lower level the item with these type of rings in them the more damage they do because it's some sort of glitch! If I were to socket them into High Level Sabers, they wouldn't do as much damage! Anyway, just let me know what level you need the set at....
  7. Sacred Player

    Sacred 2 Xbox Clan

    Not to kill anyone's parade here but I really don't see why you guys still post here! This post has been dead for ages and adding replies may eventually revive it for the newer posters but the people who started this topic have long since left the game! Anyway, just thought I'd give you guys the heads up!
  8. Sacred Player

    About to throw in the white towel on Xbox

    You play every once in a while?! We're trying to revive the community, not kill it...Get on Sacred more!
  9. Sacred Player

    About to throw in the white towel on Xbox

    Hey guys, Cooner and Male...I'll PM you my Tag but I'll warn you that I haven't been on Sacred much lately because I've been busy either in real life or playing CoD Black Ops and Battlefield Bad Company 2!
  10. I can give it to you at level 15 if you want it....If you're interested, I'll PM you my Tag!
  11. Sacred Player

    How To Get To Niobium With A Shopper Help

    There's a glitch on the console where I could get you on Niob at your current level! What you do is if I had a character that low on Niob (with same campaign alignment: Light or Dark), I'd host a campaign game on Niob and you'd join, Activate a Quest then a Monolith then save and quit out! After that, with that character you joined with, you just hit continue in the main menu and you're on Niob! Note that when you do this you're stuck hitting continue unless you want to lose it and then also, "Continue" is just offline single player!
  12. Sacred Player

    Ps3 Pvp!

    Hey Brett, this doesn't look like it's working out too well...I'd love to help you, (if only I had a PS3)...I wish you all the best of luck in PvP and such though man...Later....
  13. Sacred Player

    About to throw in the white towel on Xbox

    On a side note too guys...Anyone who plays online who posts their Tag here, I'll PM you my Tag because the one mentioned is actually my 2nd tag! One last thought, I've been playing the crap out of Battlefield Bad Company 2 and CoD: Black Ops lately so if I'm late getting ahold of you, I do apologize for the delay....
  14. Sacred Player

    About to throw in the white towel on Xbox

    K, thanks Gas...I'll add you as well! By the way guys, I'm not on so late any more...I'm on around 2PM California time now!
  15. Sacred Player

    About to throw in the white towel on Xbox

    Thanks alot CrackHutch! I'll add you! I'll warn you now though, I'm only on late at night...11PM in California to be exact, whch is usually later in most parts of the world!