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  1. Scaredy-cat Inquisitor build

    Thanks Dobri for all your helps. Your build looks rock-solid and well established. Greetings.
  2. Unique items

    Thanks Gogo. Thats a great help about "Damage Mitigation." I knew lots of them about them. The thing I do not now much about is "Damage over Time". I know that "Dmg over time -% poison" can help against scorpions (especially Gargantropod) and spiders and undead prince and know that "damage over time -% fire" can help against Dragonbreath, but otherwise they seem quite useless for the entire game, of course 4 guardians are not included. Anyways other than that "Damage over time -X%" seems just useful in some situations especially against some bosses and not for the enire game, at least not for me. What is your opinions?
  3. Unique items

    Hello Gogo. Yes, indeed it is interesting. I have a level 110 EP/Bargainer Seraphim in Niob and I am curious what is the difference between pumping up "EP points" and increasing "chance to find valuables" number ? Which one is better to pump higher ? Another question what is the difference between "Damage Mitigation" and "Damage over time"? Both are in the "Dragon Amulet" against Fire. I know that "Damage Mitigation" absorbs/decrease the wounds lets say having 10% Dmg mitigation and an Orc hit 5000 in Niob - so 5000-500 = 4500 Damage from the Orc. Is "Damage Over time" useful?
  4. Unique items

    Hi Joan I'm a bit confused what you mean by this. Are you saying that you have found the Death pipe and Aura of Death in Fallen Angel? I had thought those drops were only created for for the Ice and Blood patch. gogo Hello Gogo. Regarding "Death Pipe", "Aura of Death", "Thunderstrike" I had downloaded them from Wolfie and tried them, because I was curious how they look like and if they worked in FA, because they were labelled "just Ice and Blood" items. I have not got any drops in FA, though they work in FA. The "Legend" still only works in Ice and Blood only. My question was that if you had got any "Ta Nnk's Plate", "The Wayfarer", "Bodhie's Resistance", "Gruni's Stole" drops in Ice and Blood ? Because essjayehm and you Gogo both replied that it only exists in Ice and Blood. Off topic Gogo: I have a level 110 EP/Bargainer Seraphim in Niob and I am curious what is the difference between pumping up "EP points" and "chance to find valuables" ? which one is better to pump: eg: 1. having 250pts in EP plus only 40% ctf valuables OR 2. 200pts in EP plus 80% ctfv ? Another question what is "Damage over time" for all channel is good for (I have in the seraphim' wings "Infinite Revenge" -30% @ level 125) and is there any difference between dmg. mitigation and damage over time ? Regards. Joan
  5. Scaredy-cat Inquisitor build

    Thanks Dobri for your reply. My EP & Bargainer seraphim when she was @level 95 could find a torso for herself with 10% dmg. mitigation for all channel + dmg. mitigation (unlockable by armor mastery) - altogether 20% dmg. mit. for all channel plus a silver and gold slot in it. She might have had great luck, though I think it is easier to find a "proper" torso for seraphim than for an Inquisitor. Though it is truth that my seraphim had more than 5X char level Bargaining points. (500 Bargaining pts @level 95) How much armor Lore (is it base or pumped armor number) would need for an Inquisitor. to get 15% dmg mit. for all channel in a torso? What do you mean stacked mitigation will be around 20%? Might it be the problem for he rarely sees dmg. mitigation torsos, because he has 490 Bargaining pts @ level 110 (75 pts mastery only)?
  6. Scaredy-cat Inquisitor build

    Thanks. He has Armor Lore mastery level 75. With Bargaining suit he has 80points in Armor Lore. He put "10 Spirit of Time" rings into the bargaining suit (Spirit of time Ring gave +10 for general skills, it is good to pump bargaining but waste for pumping Armor Lore) Is it better to put +All skills (+8 in ring) and pump Armor Lore and Bargainig at the same time? Do you mean if he had 160 points in Armor Lore he would get higher (15-20% dmt for all channel) than with 80 points in Armor? Is is possible to get a high dmg mitigation torso for all channel and at least a gold slot in it? (Because probably it would have a low-level Armor class and he wants to put in Artamarks Star).
  7. Scaredy-cat Inquisitor build

    Hello Dobri. Your build looks rock-solid. My brother has a Level 110 Two-Handed Inquisitor and is looking for Torso armor and Shoulder Guard with Damage mitigation for all channel. He has just left Level 65 empty so can choose Bargaining, (but not Dual ield for 2 1-handed Sword equipped) He put 75 hard point into Bargaining and got 510 point in Bargaining at level 110 (if he had another weapon it would mean +42 point). With 510 Bargaining points spending 4hard hours into searching for he could just find a torso with damage mitigation for all channel +9%. He is looking for a torso with damage mitigation for all channel +20% plus a gold (must) and a silver slot. How is it possible to get that torso?
  8. Starting a "Unique" Build that would give me tough time

    Thank you essjayehm. After your brilliant advices I would change "The Hunter seraphim" build: CM Lore, CM Focus, Armor Lore, Tactics Lore, Ranged Weapons, EW Focus, Concentration, Rev. Techn. Focus, Warding Energy Lore, Combat Discipline. I would like to insert CM Lore and Focus, because it might be interesting and using full celestial set can be an advantage too. How do you suggest to mod "Battle stance" "Pelting Strike" and "DA" for a Ranged Seraphim?
  9. Unique items

    You are right and thanks, but some items which are labelled "only Ice and Blood" works properly in FA: eg. "Death Pipe", "Aura of Death", "Thunderstrike". Anyways can they be found somewhere in FA or in Ice and Blood? It seems that someone found them and they exist, because he/she uploaded pictures about them to sacredwiki.
  10. Starting a "Unique" Build that would give me tough time

    Thanks for the replies. How about a Hunter seraphim like this: CM Lore CM Focus Armor Tactics Lore Ranged Weapons EW Focus Rev. Techn. Lore Rev. Techn. Focus Warding Energy Lore Toughness
  11. All-out Melee Build Inquisitor

    Thank you Essjayehm. You are very kind and gentle for replying so much. Have you seen an uniqes like "Ta Nnk's Plate" or "The Wayfarer"? I have not seen any with my level 108 EP seraphim either yet. Regards
  12. Unique items

    Hello Everyone. I would like to know how and where can we get unique items for the Inquisitor and Seraphim? (Eg. Ta Nnk's Plate, The Wayfarer, Bodhie's Resistance, Gruni's Stole). I have got a level 108 Seraphim with EP mastered and Bargaining going to be mastered in the next 2 levels, but I have not seen any of them yet. My seraphim has been wandering in Niob for quite a while. Another question is which is more important for my EP seraphim: higher chance to find valuables % or higher EP points? What is the difference between them? Thanks and Greetings.
  13. All-out Melee Build Inquisitor

    Thanks Essjayehm for the answers. I have taken the following Skills: Tactics Lore DW Armor Lore Guesome Inquisitor. Focus Constitution Toughness This is until now as a tough Gruesome build and will add up supportve magic for my build: Concentration, Astute Supremacy Focus, AS Lore and Combat Discipline I can understand now the weapons base damage have not looked at it that deep. I will probably take Mystic for PC. Which is better mod for PC gold: more damage (+20%) or inure (damage mitigation 10%)? My seraphim level 102 have just found a level 105 chestplate with 20% damage mitigation for all channel and silver and gold slot in it. With Inquisitor. how is it possible to get good damage mitigation? I know Bargaining and Armor/Toughness can help. Which class can help for Inquisitor. to find good Dmg mitigation plate with Bargaining?
  14. All-out Melee Build Inquisitor

    Wow Scott, you surprised me with your multy-reply answers. How could you manage for answering 2 people at the same time? Thanks you for the reply. As for Mystic/Purge mod: I read about that Mystic has more resistance in the end of the game, while it better "support" for magic "spells" and practically a lot of weapons have base magic damage built in. What kind of weapons are they? I have not seen any with my 96 level Niob Seraphim yet. Do you still suggest to pick Mystic? I will take the following Skills: Tactics Lore DW Armor Lore Guesome Inquisitor. Focus Constitution Combat Discipline Tougness Concentration level 50: AS Focus level 65: AS Lore/NN Focus Is it better to take AS Focus plus Lore together for more supportive damage for my melee inquisitor or is it good to take both (NN Focus and AS Focus) for 2 CAs to choose from each? Will not be my AS (Levin Array and Clustering Maelstrom) CAs "weak" without taking AS Lore and without boosting intelligence (I will add my points into 80% strength and 20% into Vitality)? How to mod Levin Array and Clustering Maelstrom if I choose AS Lore and without AS Lore?
  15. All-out Melee Build Inquisitor

    Thank Ryan and Ginnosaji for the replies. For my melee inquisitor (Gruesome aspect first and foremost) which one is better to focus more: AS Aspect or NN aspect? I will put 80% into Strength and 20% into vitality. My Inquisitor is at Level 36 at the moment and going to the Dryad lands in silver. Skills so far: Tactics Lore (Kept at Char Level) DW (Kept at Char Level) Armor Lore (30 points) Guesome Inquisitor. Focus (20 points) Constitution (20 pts) level 18 -Free Not taken yet level 25 -Free Not taken yet level 35 -Free Not taken yet Is it good to take "Concentration" and "AS Focus" for Reverse Polarity buff only (Mods: Rebound, Counterblow, Evade) or can I substitute them with "Combat Reflexes" only? As for Dislodged Spirit: Spite / Deprivation/ Stimulate - I am not putting points into NN lore nor intelligence which would boost its damage, so is it still good to take Dislodged spirit? I am still waiting for "Soul Reaver" usefulness (mods would be: Zealot/Sourche/Zealot) What other CAs are good to take from "AS" and/or "NN" aspects for my melee inquisitor and how to mod them? As for "Purifiyng Chastisement" I am still thinking on the bronze mod (I have not taken it yet). I will use "Kaldurs Legacy", "Flashing Galive of Altheron" and "Crimson Vengeanc" and they do not have magic damage built in (at least I can not see that) so would it be better to take "Purge" ? Does it mean that I do have fill bot of my weapons with 2 lava chunk (Purge mod) or with 2 magic pieces (Mystic)?