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  1. BLaaR

    Sacred 3 - Official Announcement Trailer

    So Cyrax is in Sacred 3 ?
  2. BLaaR

    Good Bye to Sacred as we used to love it.

    I hope it is the case that they are rethinking and "fixing" the game, and not DS got tired of the complains and started to hold back information about S3. To date there are only 3 titles competing in the iso-ARPG type of game in my opinion : Diablo, Sacred and Torchlight. (not including Titan Quest since the title died with Titan Quest and even though there was an expansion, there never was a Titan Quest II) Diablo III turned out to be a huge miss and many turned their backs on it. Torchlight on the other hand went from strength to strength. I sure hope Sacred can follow what Torchlight did and go on to something better.
  3. BLaaR

    Good Bye to Sacred as we used to love it.

    I just don't get it. Why change someting that is a working formula. The only thing that got Sacred 2 was the bugs. Many could not get past the bugs. Other than that it is a great ARPG. Only whish they had gambling and something like a transmorg cube. Just something more to spend all the hard earned loot instead off having millions rot in the chest.
  4. BLaaR

    Ice & Blood Shopping Seraphim CA question

    Finally hit level 75 in platinum and she is surviving pretty damn good. %LL is a life saver. When ever Warding Energy runs out, I can rely on LL to heal me up. Only problem is when dashing runs out, then I have too kite for about 5 s, recast, and start hacking away. I did attempt to go to the forest (Ice & Blood) but things get ugly pretty soon there. I will avoid it for a few more levels before going there again. Those green homing blobs are what ever they are, does a ton of damage and it is the only time that healing up does not help since they expliode. Guess I should just buy a shuriken and range attack them. Any tips on dealing with them ?
  5. BLaaR

    Good Bye to Sacred as we used to love it.

    Well, I am moving towards Grim Dawn now. ttp://www.kickstarter.com/projects/crateentertainment/grim-dawn
  6. Well after reading some user posted comments posted here : http://www.trueachievements.com/n10479/sacred-3-details-and-screens.htm And the users quoting where they read and saw what they are saying, I think I can safely say we will not get the same experience that we had in S1 and Sacred 2. That is : 1. No loot. You will only get XP and gold from monsters which you can spend at town hubs. 2. No open world but instead relatively linear. 3. Quests. No more traveling up and down on the map to complete quests. The list goes on, but the above is a real deal breaker for me. I do not want another Dark Siders type of game. We sure will miss Ascaron no doubt !!
  7. BLaaR

    Ice & Blood Shopping Seraphim CA question

    I finally have my bargaining skill at char level (excluding gear) and I am now able to buy some "opponents level for death blow" jewelry. I remember from the past that these are good mods to have. Jut how many of these should I socket ? Thanks again for all your input. Also I am doing some quests now and believe it or not, I missed a good one right at the beginning. Ended up getting a bone slicer. Never did this quest before.
  8. BLaaR

    Ice & Blood Shopping Seraphim CA question

    I am now level 63 and entering platinum. Am I rushing it a bit ?
  9. BLaaR

    Ice & Blood Shopping Seraphim CA question

    I put some 10 points into stamina just to see if it would have an effect on the timers. It did not go done one bit. I suppose you will have to invest heavily into stamina to make it worthwhile. Yes, That was the one. Get some spell resistance for higher levels. Currently I am now at level 55 and just finished the dessert area and are now on the next island. Some of my boss fights were a bit tight and I had to rely on spamming health pots to survive. Not exactly pretty but it god the job done. I found that the dashing CA has a habit to run out on me during crucial stages and then I have to run around for ~10s so that I can cast again to get my attack speed up. I am not starting to wonder if I should just pump my pole arm skill to help me out a bit. I learned the hard way the attack speed is everything. Something odd happened. I was duelling the second Swirling Mist when suddenly my char speed dropped to 50% and my CA timers was up by 10s. After I managed to kill the mist after 10 gruelling minutes and waiting another 2 minutes the stats did not reset to normal. Was it a spell that was casted on me or did the game mechanics break ? After logging in and out all was fixed again.
  10. BLaaR

    Ice & Blood Shopping Seraphim CA question

    Thanks for the replies. I tried to play a bit this week end but ended up with more crashes and reboots than loot. I just could not get I&B to run for more than 30minutes without a crash. Sometimes it would crash upon entering the game. That said I found another tip where the laptop*.dll files are removed from the Sacred folder and that seemed to help a lot. Last night I actually played for 2 hours without a single crash. So I am keeping my fingers crossed this fix will holdup. Moving on. My shopper seraphim is now level 42 in gold and doing really well. The mobs are level 61 and usually poses no problem, except when there are 2 or more elites then my shield goes down very quickly. I do find playing melee a bit annoying at times. My problems with melee is : 1. When executing a combo you have to wait for the combo to finish. Now with soul hammer and pelting strikes the attacks can take a few seconds to complete. I actually died once with a boss fight because I wanted to move and could not. Suppose I will have to learn the bosses better to know when it is safe to execute combos. 2. When attacking mobs, the toon wold sometimes run around in circles around the target not hitting it, just chasing. Really annoying sometimes. I dumped all my attrib points in vit thus far but I will do stamina too for the next few levels. I was also thinking on do will for some spell resistance later on ? Thus far my pelting strikes / soul hammer are still only at 1 rune read but they are level 10 with my gear equipped. Battle stance and warding energy are at level 20 with gear when casting but only 6 runes read. Should I read more rune for battle stance and warding energy ? My regen on soul hammer / pelting strikes combo is 3.7s.
  11. BLaaR

    Ice & Blood Shopping Seraphim CA question

    Thanks for the reply. Playing my previous 2 characters I got a general feeling of how to use CA. I think I got spoilled with the Elf since I found it relatively easy to balance the timers. The Seraphim I am currently trying to play is making me scratch my head. I am now level 20 and all my arts are still at level 1. I am using gear with +battle stance to cast my buff. Pelting strikes is still at ~4 seconds and if I activate Warding Energy this jumps up even higher. ~5s or so. I assume I must just keep on balancing all the skills. I found it odd that another topic stated I should go mad and eat all the Battle Stance runes that I can untill I have eaten 200. I do not understand how the pelting strikes and other CA's regen will go down if I eat 200 runes during my run in silver. I ended up dumping all my attrib points in vitality. This is good yes ? Thanks again for replying. It is nice to see some activity for such an old game. I still think Sacred 1 and 2 is my fav even aboe all the other ARPG's. Just wish I can it to run longer without crashing !!!!
  12. Finally good Sacred 2 Ice and Blood to run for about an hour before crashing on my Windows 7 64 bit PC. Tried all the tweaks and patches etc but none of them really seems to help. I also refuse to buy Diablo III due to having constant internet connection and since I am using 3G it is any way not such a good idea due to high latency. anyway. n my limited experience as a Sacred 2 player, I only played two toons, one the Dryad and the other the Ice elf. Both ranged. I found this guide by good old r00ster : http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/16846-seraphim-shopper-for-ice-blood/ Playing Ice and Blood v2651. I even saw a previous post of mine which was never answered but I think I have those covered. Just to be sure, could any one answer those for me. Then last question. Not too sure about how many runes to eat in CA as I go. Should I go all out with Battle Stance and leave pelting strikes and soul hammer at only 1rune, or must I balance them all ? I am also assuming I must make use of Battle Stance and Warding Energy in r00sters guide. If someone can point me a direction how to manage the runes I will be most great full. Thanks. Also, played SAcred Citadel and can't wait for Sacred 3 when / if it is done.
  13. Those are great, I enjoyed looking through all the sets and items, now it would be nice to have similar "blanks" at say level 50 and 100 too. But I can see a lat of work went into creating those, and thank you so much.
  14. Thank you thank you .......... Going to shop till I drop tonight
  15. BLaaR

    High Damage Ice Elf Build

    I tested with my level 72 and Shadow step was at level 38 and choosing the second mod vanish I could hardly see that the toon was invisible at the end of the teleport. Or perhaps the vanish doesn't work quite the same as the Shadow Warriors shadow veil.