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  1. Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers:
  2. The RWBY thread...

    Did not see it in theatres, but saw the premier online anyways. Pretty good episode, given the storiesbeing set up for the rest of the season. I am particularly looking forward to seeing Raven again for the messed up family reunion to follow. I would also like to think this will be the season team RWBY will reunite as well. Of course, to tide me over before that was RWBY Chibi, and while I think last season's batch of skits were overall better, this season was still pretty funny.
  3. First, that's not a she, that's a cross dressing man. If people are fooled without me saying anything, I've done my job. Second, he is no demon. Them claws he actually wears on each finger like jewellery, though obviously they also serve as weapons.
  4. Thanks as always, gogo. Don't blink too much or you might get that claw in your eye.
  5. I'm using the forum's facelift as an excuse to post new stuff. ;P Despite things like Revelation of the Seraphim, High Elf 'adjusting' her top, or certain Dryad outfits (playable and enemies), it took a certain pic of a topless witch to finally show this: And since I like girls alot, here's another: Though probably not as much as this next guy, where he dresses up like a girl (with claws): And finally, a drawing I did for a friend, namely a bit of Guilty Gear fanart with herself (sort of) inserted:
  6. Currently Watching...

    Yeah... Danny was annoying, and I have no idea why he was written that way. And I still ask myself why a series of a character who is the 'master of kung fu' can have so little kung fu in it, and what little we get is so bad. Hopefully having a new showrunner for the second season will make things better. It took a cross over series to make him more tolerable... wait, not quite. More that the series does the bashing for us.
  7. Currently Watching...

    Not too long ago, binged watched Marvel's The Defenders. Considering Iron Fist was a big letdown, Defenders was needed to get things back on track.
  8. For the first few moments, I thought I was on the wrong site. Good job, guys.
  9. Seems like some of the anime adaptations these days have 'meh' stories. Ah well... Temporarily going back on topic, a mean, mean villain: Now you can derail the topic again.
  10. Indeed. Thanks to a 'screw up', The City is an ever expanding mess, continuously built without rhyme or reason, and with no end in sight. Hence the overall plot of Killy essentially finding someone who possesses the genes to stop this. Just that thought alone makes the setting so messed up. And given the size and scope of The City, who knows how long it has gone on. With anime/manga like Akira, Gantz, Blame!, or Berserk (all of them good, but at times should be read in small doses), makes me really appreciate something like One Punch Man all the more.
  11. As long as you keep your eye on the prize, I suppose.
  12. Heh... So we go from a messed up world where life is practically a game in Gantz to another mesed up... uh... don't know if I can classify The City as a 'world'... in Blame!. I agree the animation looks top notch.
  13. Pardon the mushiness of this one:
  14. Thanks. Glad you like. Only managed to watch one more, but have more to watch this long weekend...and ... me and friends got sucked in by this anime on netflix... GantzO? LOVE the creatures... so menacing looking and ugly,... story was meh...just loved looking at each moster clash and their great weapons! gogo I've never watched any of the anime, be it Gantz:O, or the previous Gantz anime. I have, however, read the original manga. It is one messed up story filled with a messed up cast. Also, definitely nsfw.
  15. Thanks. I personally think the movement on the robes of the first one was the best of the three myself. By the by, you managed to watch One Punch Man?