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  1. I'm up for it, just started playing Sacred 2, used to play the hell out of Sacred though. Add me: ShiftQuick
  2. I FINALLY got the game yesterday, everyone that's playing on 360 add me, ShiftQuick.
  3. The other two were... Medium: Mall Rats (The part where Brody meets Stan Lee) Hard: Martyrs
  4. It's been a while since anyone posted so I'll give this a try. Easy: Medium: ' Hard:
  5. Your intense thinking is no match for my...
  6. Well I'm in Iraq right now so it'll be about noonish here I think...I guess it'll all depend on how busy of a day it is. Sometimes I can play games all day and other times I can't, but we'll work something out.
  7. I'll be able to help in about 2 weeks. I'm up on the 360 as well as XBOX Live, just waiting on the game to get here in the mail! My computer ATM won't run Sacred 2 so I had the 360 version sent to me so give me about a week or 2 and I'll be up and running. ShiftQuick is my gamertag.
  8. Are the servers even up anymore on any of the versions of Sacred?
  9. I love the Drachenblut! I can't wait to get back to Germany to get some good Mead again! On the topic of good drinks...anyone here ever had Karhu III from Finland? I love it! And they have the greatest keg EVER!!
  10. I understand that in-game is a HUGE thing, and it wouldn't be an issue if Sacred (original) didn't lose all it's servers. I am actually PLAYING the game I'm applying for...just not online! xD I did actually read through everything as far as the application process and decided to try anyway...never hurts to try. Thanks for the heads up, and if I trusted the Army's mailing system, I would have sent my laptop back for repair already. I guess I'll just kinda hang out and keep posting for another 4 months til I can get up and running to apply again.
  11. I just wanted to give a little blurb as to why I'm applying, as well as the questionnaire. I can't play online with Sacred 2 yet, due to my computer being out, but I'm getting it fixed in April and should be up and running then. Currently, I'm just enjoying hanging out in the Forums and contributing and I'm hoping to become a member prior to getting the game, so when I get it set up I'll be good to go and should know some people from the forums when I finally get up and running! Oh, I'm applying for the Sacred Clan! * Favorite pizza topping Spicy Buffalo Chicken, with spicy buffal
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