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  1. Controller for pc

    I think that's the wireless equivalent to my F310. I have one, but didn't like the extra weight from the batteries.
  2. Controller for pc

    My current F310 is a serviceable controller, but IMO doesn't have any extraordinary traits (good or bad). In the Steam Controller, they moved the face buttons down. Rather then being right under my thumb, I had to reach down for them. In the place where the buttons should be was a touch pad that replaced the right thing stick. I had trouble with using that in lieu of the thumb stick. Overall, console games are my thing and years of muscle memory rebelled against these changes.
  3. Controller for pc

    I have a Logitech Gamepad F310. I had a Steam Controller. It was innovative, but I found it weird and didn't like it.
  4. FWIW, my copy of Sacred 2 Gold from GOG cost me $4 on sale. I still have my commercial copy, but that was too cheap to pass up for a DRM- free copy.
  5. So last night, I was getting incredibly slow speeds for large portions of the internet. Netflix was unusable, but YouTube was fine. Reddit was a no go, but CNN worked. And darkmatters was banging like a champ! +1
  6. Steam - name and friendships?

    I have Steam, same user name. I'm seldom on there, because I much prefer playing on console.
  7. Steam - name and friendships?

    I hope you're right, but I fear the universally loved Sacred 2 was an "alignment of the planets" that might never come again.
  8. Hi Everyone :]

    Welcome aboard!
  9. When the mob circles start changing from yellow to green, time to move on.
  10. There have been times recently when I can't even get darkmatters to load. I give up and move on to other sites I frequent. Different devices and networks.
  11. There's just so much to do. If you don't skip stuff in the lower difficulties, you'll over level that content.
  12. Xbox huh? When they do an offline ps4 version, I'd be all over that.
  13. Altered Carbon? Anyone?

    No. What's it about?