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  1. Pure mage - fire or ice?

    GT is so OP, ice all the way.
  2. I think Mother Nature finally looked at the calendar. Sitting at 19 degrees (-7 C) right now.
  3. Seraphim Sword and Shield Build

    I seem to recall the Blood Forest was popular. Run the first half of the chain quest, rinse and repeat.
  4. Seraphim Sword and Shield Build

    I always played HC, so it was always VIT (or WIL for shield builds). I wouldn't think DEX would be a good damage boost for a sword build, but honestly I've never really looked.
  5. Seraphim Sword and Shield Build

    Why DEX?
  6. No Amazon, huh? Is it a "damn the Man" kind of thing, or what? I probably order from Amazon once a month or so. Usually stuff that's not easily obtained locally.
  7. Sacred 2 co-op

    Welcome aboard!
  8. I'll prob just get the RCA converter and continue pondering.
  9. Heya!

    Then welcome home!
  10. Hi

    Welcome aboard!
  11. I guess if the new TV could output audio to my receiver, I'd be set for my PS4 and Blu Ray player. I wonder if they make an RCA-HDMI cable? Hmm...
  12. gogo In my mind, Black Friday shopping means: Loonies sleeping on the sidewalk in front of Best Buy in near freezing temperatures hoping to get one of the while supplies last, limited quantity, no raincheck, first-come first-served deals. Idiots getting in fist fights over the last Tickle-Me Elmo, or whatever fad it is this year. I was thinking about trying to get a bigger TV this holiday season, but it seems like too big a hassle. My current receiver doesn't do 4k. A new TV would prob need an external tuner. My VCR only supports RCA. I did order a classic computer science book online on Friday.
  13. I hate to rub it in, but... Sunny and 62 (16.6 C). Yesterday places were setting record highs in the 70's. The nightly news was at a golf course, and the guy there said it was one of the busiest Black Fridays ever.
  14. Some buns, a few cans of beans and a block of cheese. The grocery store is the only store I'll go to on Black Friday.