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  1. I have the option to change my signature, but I didn't actually try it to see if it works.
  2. Good question. I'm on mobile but hopefully PC is close enough. Expand the menu then Account and Account Settings. You should see a Signature option on the left.
  3. True, you get that benefit regardless of the execution speed bug.
  4. Combos use attack speed rather than casting speed, so keep that in mind.
  5. The RWBY thread...

    It was kind of a crazy thing, not something I would normally do. It was great though.
  6. The RWBY thread...

    This was an official RWBY promotion. I think it was thru a company that specializes in this kind of thing. The closest theater for me was an hour west in a little college town. I wasn't sure what kind of place to expect, but it was just like any other multplex.
  7. The RWBY thread...

    I went to the theater premier. They showed the last three episodes from season 4, with commentary after each, and then finally the premier. I'm hopeful that team RWBY will reunite. Ruby, Weiss and Yang all seem to be on a collision course. My big question is how Blake will get to Mistral.
  8. I just noticed some very small text running vertically up the right side of the forum. "ht 2007 Ascaron Entertainment GmbH" Anyone else seeing this?
  9. IIRC, the console version is based on an early Sacred 2:FA build, so it lacks many fixes from the base game, as well as everything in I&B plus CM. The silver lining is that it doesn't have some of the later Sacred 2:FA bugs, like when they broke RpH.
  10. Welcome aboard! It's been too long to remember that quest, and I no longer have my ps3. Maybe someone will come along with a better memory. In the meantime, have you checked the wiki? Here's the link to the Light version of the quest. http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Master_of_the_Hunt That is s chain quest, do you know which specific quest you're stuck on?
  11. Heya!

    Welcome aboard!
  12. Sacred 3 on wiki

    Unlikely. The wiki was built by volunteers who were very passionate about S1 and Sacred 2. I don't think you'll find people with that much passion for S3.
  13. Any new games for [D.a.r.k.]?

    I know, I know! Sacred 3!
  14. From the ads, it's supposed to be a full power console to play on your TV at home. Then you undock it and it becomes a handheld gaming device. Then you can extend the built-in stand, remove the two 1H controllers and play that way. With some games, you can give one of the 1H controllers to a second person and play two player. I've never actually used one, but it does sound innovative. IDK, many reviews compare Zelda with Skyrim which is bad IMO.