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  1. Lithocardia

    Jack Karrow Adventure Tours Quest

    Would you really bother calling that an easter egg? It's definitely meant to be a take off of Jack Sparrow but to me it's just another half assed joke like the ones on the statues and graves such as 'athlete with bad shoes suffer pain of de feet'. I'm not sure what to make of all that humour. Normally you'd expect a tombstone to have a joke that relates to how the person died or whatever. My favorite is a real life example. It's not an internet hoax and you can visit the grave. It says something like a poem that goes "Fold out your arms, Unfurl your wings etc.". If you look at it from top to bottom instead of across it says frak Y O U ! John. The story goes that the wife and mistress of this dead guy went to buy the tombstone together. The stone mason only realised what it said after he'd finished carving it. Haha. That's what you get for crossing two women! EDIT: Wow, looks like the text editor is working, I even put a space between each letter, but I guess I'm not allowed to tell you what it really spelled. We'll just go with frak, whatever that means.
  2. Lithocardia

    Treasure Cave But Can't Collect Any Of It!

    I don't know why but that reply makes me feel a bit let down. I guess it's like the MQ escorts are all immortal.
  3. Lithocardia


    Yep Elwin. I think I read that's the dark campaign version of this quest. Do I have to update the game to 2.65 to install the CM? Isn't there an old version? Given some quests are removed I'm worried it might wreck my save games this late into the game.
  4. Lithocardia

    Why Aren't The Bosses In Their Places?

    LOL @ the comment about my character saying she needs a change of underwear. She did make a few comments asking Lumen to help her and that the enemies were too difficult, when I first got to the desert. I stumbled into that area from the cave at the south of the first area, so I jumped from level 1-7!! I levelled up every few minutes for a while but topped out in the high 30s and I haven't really levelled since. I wish I'd played on silver. I think it's possible to change the difficulties from looking at the menu screen. Would it be worth it at this stage of the game?
  5. Lithocardia

    Where Do I Get The Hydra Tongues?

    Okay, I went to the North exit and turned left like you said. The Hydras were right there, not far out of the gate. Thanks heaps. I probably wouldn't have looked so close to town for ages and I would have had to spam loads of potions to keep the escort alive. This was a great help.
  6. Lithocardia

    Where Do I Get The Hydra Tongues?

    Hi there. I did that quest, just recently. I walked out of the town and turned left. Within a few step, the hydra's were around and I killed them pretty easy. I know that the marker is bugged, but if you just hunt around the outskirts of the main gate of the town, you should bump into some hydra's and the quest will end, no problem. Good luck, Steve. THANKS! (This is a stupid question if there is only one, I'll have to go see, but if there is more than one exit out of town, which one did you use?
  7. I'm experiencing that stupid error where the quest marker goes over the person your escorting and not the destination. I've tried reloading and all that jazz. The quest is (I think) called Hydra Tongues or The Hydra Tongues. I have to take an NPC to somewhere and beat them to collect 3. I don't know where to go and this person is NOT immortal. I did manage to do the escort quest with the negotiators and kept ALL of them alive (just having a brag). I did it the way I do all non immortal escort quests. Just run like crap on your horse or unique mount and spam the health potions when necessary. I didn't succeed with 'new books' in the desert and I disagree that the swamp one is the hardest. New Book is harder because you have to go in and out of a cave, which means if the author dies just before going in you have no way to alt tab out and restart (little cheat there I know).
  8. Lithocardia

    Why Aren't The Bosses In Their Places?

    Thanks, makes sense. Also how come I'm almost done (except for expansion... and the main quest as I do sides first) and I'm only level 42? I do everything and explore every corner of every area. Is this because I'm playing Bronze? I've heard others describe themselves as well over level 100. Do you level faster on the tougher challenges?
  9. Lithocardia


    It's possible that they removed the guy in a future update, which is why you can't find him (at least the light campaign version). It's on version 2.64. What do you mean by CM patch? Is that like a community patch? I didn't know there was one. How cool! Where can I get it?
  10. The first giant icon I ever saw on the map was a big red icon of a dragon after I killed in east of the desert (Bangaresh). The next giant icon was the scorpion at the south of that desert, however although I found a huge arena inside the temple, there was no big scorpion in it that I recall (not a boss anyway). Now I'm back up in the orc country I think, I'm near the "Nor Plat Border/Wall" that comes up with it's name when you mouse over the wall on the map. Right near there is a town where some people talk about a golem. I found this ramp that goes down in a spiral to a big pit like an arena. I looked all around it but there was nothing down there except a treasure chest. When I look at the map there's a giant golem picture on it now. Is this because I haven't been doing the main quest yet? Or is it side quest related? Or is it bugged?
  11. Lithocardia

    Where's The Darn Harpy Queen In Bangaresh?

    That map was awesome. I found it. Thanks so much!
  12. Lithocardia


    I found this page online. This seems to be my problem (btw when I mouse over this guy, the quest name doesn't replace his on the red bar. instead it's blank) http://forum.sacred2.com/showthread.php?t=63287 The quest is the Travelling Salesman I think, or the Salesman of Death. Oh well at least he's immortal and might distract enemies away from my future escorts. I think if you play the dark campaign you have to lure this guy out and kill him.
  13. Lithocardia


    I found a couple of things on Google (German and French, so Google translate makes the meaning confusing). It might be a bit buggy as the first thing I found was this: Lathor Act 7 Info: Rival salesman. Bring him outside to assassinate him. Dark side only Invincibility: Yes Hits: No, he draws aggro though, which is annoying Location: Badawi outskirts The second thing I found was 2-3 other people who were playing seraphim and didn't know where to take Lathor.
  14. Lithocardia

    Where's The Darn Harpy Queen In Bangaresh?

    I didn't try with ctrl held down as well LOL. I'll give that a go if all else fails here. Will try MP then for sure, but not now. I have to log off for a while today. I'll have a go later tonight as it's lunch time here.
  15. Lithocardia

    Where's The Darn Harpy Queen In Bangaresh?

    WAIT YES!! I said no before because I thought you meant the Temple of the Gods that is surrounded by water further north (in the high elf area). I can see on the map of arcania that the one I need is actually a Temple, but it's on the Bangersh side, south of the other one. I have walked all around the border there and I can't get in. The pic with an arrow would be a great help!