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  1. I have been playing Sacred consistently since it's release in SP, but I just now got into trying the Wood Elf and was playing around with Spider Arrow out of curiosity and after a short while I was not only laughing my head off watching the effects of the spiders and their prey, I started crying from all the laughter. It was toxically hilarious and I found myself literally ROTFLMAO, worried my character would die because I couldn't stop laughing so hard. It's so fun to even now find something so entertaining in this wonderful game.
  2. I have been a member of this forum for years, but never really felt the need to comment until I found this. I have been playing a battle mage currently, and I was recently reading some of the unique weapon characteristics in the Wolf's Lair Website, and found that Fadalmars Counsel when all three rings are socketed, gives you the following percent in Fireball, Bronze 15% Silver 20% Gold 25% Platinum 30% Niobium 35%. Pretty good on Niobium, except for the stupid fact that the only person who can benefit from the fireball skill is a freaking Battle Mage, who is not allowed to have Axe L
  3. I was totally blown away by the animation for getting on and off a horse with a seraphim. So far this blast from the past has been a hoot to play although it has been a challenge getting enough gold to buy anything of real value yet, although I am only at silver creek. In the video demo for Armalion, I really dig that chick who fights the skeleton with her fists and later does a complete back flip up onto a wall. If I remember right she is the same female character who does the dragon quest with Loromir near Drakenden.
  4. Well all I gotta say, is that if they are not going to have a Sacred 3 that lives up to the reputation and quality of game play that it's two predecessors have had, with all of the fun, excitement of exploration and adventure that the first two had. I think I'll just go out into the desert of Khorad Nur and let the dragon eat me because I have no will to live now.
  5. Deep Silvers Twitter feed states there is a Sacred World which includes Scared 3.
  6. One thing I would enjoy seeing in Sacred 3 is the ability to purchase a complete unique armor set for my avatar. I always end up with tons of gold and nothing good to spend it on. So, for example if my Seraphim had found at least one or more pieces of a unique armor set like Niokaste's Blade Dance, she would then have the option of going to one of several well hidden special merchants (you would have to discover) who for an enormous sum of gold (say 10 million gold) could sell you the rest of the pieces to your specific armor set. I hate only finding certain pieces of any particular
  7. Scleameth, based on your Jan 19th comment, you took the words right out of mouth. I couldn't agree more with your statements on game play. I have found myself frustrated with the exact same things you mentioned. Well put. Thanks
  8. Just wanted to say THANK YOU. This is possibly the best guide I have ever followed, for any type of character. I just finished killing all four guardians in record time with out even breaking a sweat. My HE is at level 48 right now, partly because I wasted some time finishing the office quest for a weapon she doesn't even really need. It was great not having to really worry about wether or not my character was up to par with killing the guardians or not. Now I can go on to gold feeling confident about the future.
  9. I figured out the rest of what to do. After fighting off the attack go back to Griffinbrough and you will find Commander Kandorys, Then go back to the same area where you fought the first time and you will find Tybosso, fight him and his minions and defeat them. You should get a blue circle in the Orc region. After that, you can find the rest of the quests for this character at SacredWiki. Hopes this helps.
  10. Here is a map for the ATTACK...AGAIN part of this quest I just found it today. Now I need to find the next part. Finding Tybosso.
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