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  1. Luke

    Any news from E3?

    Hello, I was just curious if anyone had stumbled across anything about Sacred3, of even if the developers may be attending E3?
  2. Luke

    What is "erutraiean"?

    Artemis Entreri (I think that's the correct spelling).
  3. Not the same category, but I'll drop it in here anyways: I picked up a Two handed sword - 2-star with a long name of "Elite something-or-other sword of the Gods" yesterday. It was approx level 112 (Just got to Niob! wahoo) and though I don't use 2HND with that character the sword struck me as awesome. I don;t recall the slots exactly and have no photo or capture options, so my failing memeory is the best I can provide It's damage was in the 400 range with a portion poison. Whatever the actual factor, it was near the top end for a 2Hnd weapon. Certainly more then the level 90 Seyr's Kinge I have rotting in my loot monkey. The sword had the same appearance as the Klinge. It reminded me of this thread due to the 2.1% life leech on a 2hander. 51.3% Deathblow, +33.3% Run speed and +14 (maybe +18) to All skills. I hung onto it for an hour or so, looking at it, thinking "When I am ever going to use this?" I deduced never... so I scrapped it. [Another unreleated story] I also found a (medicore) maul with a level 30 guy that in my hundreds of hours of playing have never seen that type of skin before. It was the one with the little 'spikey mohawk of t-engery spikes'. I thought it was very neat that there are still things like that in the game that I still have to discover.
  4. Luke

    Different look for masteries in Sacred 3

    Yah. Especially on the first character or two when you are still trying to figure out how to play and what you actually like. It's quite odd that the most important decisions you make in the game come very early and you have no real idea what to expect, thus making your decision completely blind... Certainly people like us have logged 100s of hours and made many characters, but the majority of players are more casual and probably made one or two and played for 10s of hours. Maybe finishing the campaign on one mode or the other, probably not both. I know purists of the RPG hate re-specs (why I don't know) but , if done correctly (cost or some sacrifice) they are nothing but beneficial. I've grown bored with my sword/shield level 68 SW. I'd like to go swing a maul for a bit. Re-spec to allow that = renewed interest. I'm not logging another 50 hours just to build a similar guy with a new weapon. I took Blacksmith/alchemy etc and they don't work? The thing is: This is a product you want to make money off of, a misbuilt 20 hour character certainly doesn't help people enjoy the game to its fullest. When they don;t enjoy, they don't buy sequels and they don't recommend to friends. There is nothing wrong with Re-specs. I;'m not sure why someone would be opposed aside from a "live with your choices" attitude, to which I say: 1) it's not real life. We are supposed to enjoy the game not suffer through the experience. (that goes for real life too... try to enjoy it, don't suffer through it) 2) YOU don't have to respec if you don't want to. Why do you care if I do? Anyways... sorry for the rant. S3? Re-specs please.
  5. Semi-related. I have never lost a mount due to combat, but I have murdered one. With my Level 55 Shadow Warrior (& his scything sweep + hurl boost) I exited a cave summoned my hell hound immediately. As he came happily bouncing up the path a pack of horrible rat arttacked me. I Scythed them, and sent them hurling in all directions. One hit my poor, unsuspecting Hell Hound. He staggered left, he staggered right, he fell down dead.
  6. Thanks, Never even thought of the over view page...
  7. For example: I have a bow that has ~+8% chance to find valuables. It is slotted, not just in my 'pack'. When I kill something with my sword (in this case) does my bow's CtFV effect the drop or is only for things I kill specifically with my bow? Same with +xp weapon. If it is equipped (but not used for the killing blow) does it have an effect? Thanks! LN
  8. Had 3 in a game last night. No issues, but we are all in the same town in Ontario. It's when we add the guy from BC things get messy. Sometimes we'll have trouble getting into a game, something about 'not finding the server' or something like that, but once we were in it was fine. (Except waiting for users to goof around with inventory, take a phone call, go get a drink and any of the other endless stream of distractions that pop up as soon as you join a MP game...)
  9. Thanks! We'll try these out and see how it goes.
  10. Nope. No Modded stuff for me or my friends. Honestly, don't know how to mod & don't see the point of it anyways. So, you are very wrong to assume...
  11. I'm not sure why I picked it up, but someone on a Borderlands site mentioned it because of the random loot. I grabbed it about a month ago as a cheap throw-away, thinking it'd take two weeks to finish and I'd forget about it. Just something I could play over the holidays that was different from what I had... Well, my friends and I used to play Dungeons and Dragons back in the day, and quite often we mention missing the "vibe" of it but with no real desire to start playing it again. Sacred hits that "vibe" pretty well. It's a Co-op medieval-y random loot based sword and sorcery "rpg". I had it for about 15 minutes before I realized I would be hooked. Within two days 5 of my friends had gone to buy it and a few others dusted off their old copies... Kind of Crazy. If I pop online now, I see almost as many of my friends playing Sacred 2 and I see playing CoD... Heck, my buddy, literally, just texted me about his Half-elf...
  12. Luke

    The Queen of Blades

    Thanks for the clarification. So it's using my Dual Weapons skill to boost my attack speed and rating, while the Sword Weapons skill is simply unlocking the attributes of certain weapons. That's good to know... too bad I didn't ask a week and a half ago! Oh well, SW stays where it is (for now) and DW gets boosted.
  13. Luke

    The Queen of Blades

    I'm sure this has been covered, but I was unsuccessful in my search... BUT... Am I to understand that Dual Wield trumps Sword Weapons if you are using two weapons? Sword only applies when you have a single sword equipped (or Hafted if you only have a single mace etc equipped?) I currently have a lev 50 Seraphim with a 50 sword and 30 DW who has a Captain's Sabre (? I think that's the name) and a Ker's (something, memory fails... getting older... but it's a mace) equipped. Thanks for any clarification! LN
  14. Luke

    XBOX and PS3 manuals

    Awesome. Much appreciated!
  15. Hello, Is anyone experiencing exceptional lag while playing on-line? I play with a group of 6-8ish people, all local (Southern Ontario [Canada] & New Jersey [uSA]) except for one guy who is in BC. When we play a multiplayer session with him (Be it 2 people or 4) we get huge amounts of lag. At times it'll take 30seconds or so for the game to catch up. We'll be walking in place, or swinging repeatedly for that time. He believes it is something to do with the Multiplayer programming code (?), Xbox service/servers or the distance between us (Southern Ontario & BC). I'm not sure, I am not particluarly Compu-inclined. I've suggested he plug the xbox direct into the modem and remove the router and all the other junk from the equation. I think its a settings/NAT/port/Firewall issue... I also told him I'd ask on here if you guys/gals have had any experience with mega-lag, since (I assume) some of you play in game lobbies that have intenational participants/connections. Appreciate any input or suggestions! Thanks, LN