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  1. Community Patch

    Great to see you are still working on the Community Patch. Looking forward to version 1.6, anything to stop my Seraphim running in circles.
  2. This Game is my Pastime

    I'm not quite sure it qualifies as finding something new but if you mean you are looking for something new how about "Hardcore". It adds a whole new way of playing and perhaps new builds for survivability.
  3. Treasure Cave But Can't Collect Any Of It!

    I cannot remember which one but there is a quest. I think the quest giver says something like "do not touch the treasure".
  4. 48 here. I had a similar experience on Aion from time to time but it was just surprise rather than anything bad. I think of it this way, how many of us/you can remember text based adventure games, for example The Hobbit for the ZX81.
  5. Is there a mod to increase inventory space

    Holy Seraphims Malachor. It seems I left my Batspecs in the cupboard again. Oh well, they say you cannot have too much of a bad thing Thanks for the point out.
  6. If you decide to use this MOD read the notes at the bottom or risk losing Inventory Items! This post is intended to explain something of how GME can be used by you rather than to give you a wonderful MOD In this example I have reduced the size of the Seraphim's Spiked Defender when in the inventory so that it occupies only one inventory square rather than six to save myself inventory space. This works only when playing in Singleplayer or LAN! I have used the Generic MOD Enabler which can be downloaded here Download. This example involves adding one script file called "shield" and replaces the "autoexec.txt" file, nothing has been removed from any files so, unless you have another MOD which has changed "autoexec.txt" it can be used safely. Although I have spent time testing the MOD and had no problems use it at your own risk. When enabling a MOD using GME game files are overwritten so take care and backup those files you intend to overwrite before you begin! For this example backup autoexec.txt before you start, GME should keep a backup of that file but in my opinion it is always better to manually back it up yourself. The Spiked Defender is a common drop in the game. It uses a lot of space in your inventory, six squares, but is grey and useless so I decided it was time to find a way to stop filling my inventory with it. Back to the Generic MOD Enabler. When you first start using it GME will ask you to create a folder called "MODS" within the game's folder, I am assuming you followed its advice and did so. First you will need to duplicate the folder structure of the game for those folders in which your files should be copied. Give your first Folder a meaningful name, mine is called "Shrink Spiked Defender". My MOD changes autoexec.txt which is in the folder "C:\Program Files\Deep Silver\Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel\scripts\" and adds a file called shield.txt to the folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\Deep Silver\Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel\scripts\shared\" therefore the structure of my MOD folders is like this At this point the folder "Shrink Spiked Defender" existed only on my Desktop where it was easy to find and work with. I copied my autoexec.txt file into the "scripts" folder and the file shield.txt into the "shared" folder (within my MOD folders NOT the game folders). Lastly I copied the Folder I named "Shrink Spiked Defender" into the MODS folder of the game ("C:\Program Files\Deep Silver\Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel\MODS\). Upon opening GME I now see a new MOD using the folder name I gave it of "Shrink Spiked Defender" (now you understand the reason for the meaningful folder name). My example MOD and how it works. How to shrink the Spiked Defender to occupy only one square of the Inventory. First I had to find the item I wanted to shrink. I did that by looking through graphics05 in the pak folder using Granny Viewer Download until I found that used for the shield, c_ancientshield.GR2. Next I searched the file "C:\Program Files\Deep Silver\Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel\scripts\shared\itemtype.txt" for c_ancientshield.GR2 which found the entry Note the newItemType number, 1774. My search for c_ancientshield.GR2 was thorough, I needed to be sure I would only be MODing the Spiked Defender and no other items which were the same GR2 file, there are none. Next I found the entry for type=1774 in ItemInfo.txt, here it is unedited. The number for width is 2 and for height is 3. I copied that entry into my new shield.txt file as below and edited it. Note that I have changed the width to 1 and the height to 1. Yes, the file shield.txt really is that small! Lastly, I edited the "Client & Server shared scripts" section of autoexec.txt file to include shield.txt (only the important bit shown) Remember, there is an entry for the shield (item 1774) in ItemInfo.txt. I wanted to avoid editing that script because I have another MOD which overwrites that file so I did not want to edit it for my own MOD. The nice thing is that the item is only created once. Because the item has already been created by shield.txt the game ignores it within ItemInfo.txt when it finds it for the second time. That explains why shields.txt comes first within autoexec.txt. Here are two screenshots showing how the shield looks before and after applying the MOD. Original size Shrunken When I started writing I told you to read the note at the bottom, here it is! It is possible that if you do not use this MOD as I intended it to be used you will lose items from your Inventory when the MOD is disabled, here is how that could happen. If you disable this MOD with the shield in your Inventory it will return to its original size, 2 across and 3 down, anything occupying any part of the 2x3 grid after disabling the MOD is sometimes lost forever. Of the 2x3 grid the shrunken shield takes up the top left square so before you disable the MOD simply make sure there are enough empty squares in the grid to allow for the growth of the shield. The safest thing to do is make sure you have either sold all of the shields or your character is holding those you want to keep, ie keep them out of your inventory altogether. I either do not pick up the shield or sell them when I get them, I keep them only for as long as it takes to sell them so in theory I should never have any of those shields before disabling the MOD. The shield size also changes in the Chest so take care there too.
  7. Is there a mod to increase inventory space

    SOLVED ! I have found the answer purely be accident while trying to completely remove the annoying grey seraphim shield from the game. The "NewItemtype" for that shield within itemtype.txt is 1774. Find 1774 in iteminfo.txt, the entry looks like this: newItemInfo = { type = 1774, material = "S_shield_leather_hardened", usability = 0, invbreite = 2, invhoehe = 3, } mgr.itemInfoCreate(newItemInfo); A quick German lesson. Höhe means Height and Breite means Width. Guess what inv might be! These two entries tell the game how much space the item occupies in the Inventory, Backpack, Vendor and Weapon Slot. By changing that entry to read newItemInfo = { type = 1774, material = "S_shield_leather_hardened", usability = 0, invbreite = 1, invhoehe = 1, } The result is a shield which occupies only one square of your Inventory instead of six ... Inventory space increased (sort of). I suppose this would work for any/all items. Of course you might need a magnifying glass to see what those things you are carrying but you did ask, not me. WARNING! I HAVE NOT TESTED THIS FOR MORE THAN A FEW MINUTES INGAME, I AM SIMPLY TOO BUSY RIGHT NOW TO TRY IT. IF IT KILLS YOUR GAME IT'S YOUR FAULT NOT MINE! BACKUPS ARE A WONDERFUL THING! Just did a bit of testing changing the size of everything to 1X1, here are my findings. Works only on SP/LAN. If you try it on Closednet you will get the message "check your internet connection etc". If you change the size then sort your Inventory and/or chest to free up that precious space then revert to an originak copy of itemtype.txt you will lose items, keeping just a few starting at the top left of Inventory etc. Therefore best done only if you intend to keep it that way and NOT if you want to go back to original sizes at a later date.
  8. Lich King Sets Complete ( Armor & Sword)

    Any chance of the file mentioned being available as a seperate download? I would love to try this set out and would probably keep using it but I don't use the CM-Patch.
  9. Why Is Everything Only In The Cm-Patch?

    Other comments have made me think a bit more about this, let's say clarify my thoughts a bit. There are different types of MODs. Some are major undertakings such as adding a new Quest, fixing bugs, etc which involve overwriting "core" files which could be spells.txt for example. Others, such as the Rainbow Health Bar and other GUI changes which are mostly cosmetic. Let's imagine a MOD which changes global.res, it is impossible to seperate those MODs so that they can be added selectively. However it is possible for a player to choose to apply only some MODs sometimes such as the Rainbow Health Bar, Log Book changes as used by CiSacred, repaints of Sets, etc which a player could do using a tool such as the Generic MOD Enabler. Unfortunately the second type is simply not generally available. There is one other type of MOD I have not yet mentioned such as this No undead respawning - SacredWiki which require a manual edit of script files. Not very hard to do and because the instructions are on that page the player can apply that MOD and then a second such as Disabling the debuff ability - SacredWiki, both well explained and I did use the no undead respawn thing for a while. Now check this one out Lich King Set, I for one could use those graphics to replace a set I don't like the look of but I cannot because it is only available as a part of the CM-Patch, I would love to have that option. Perhaps the answer is staring me in the face, SacredWiki. Perhaps if I decide to MOD something then instead of simply posting it here I can add it to SacredWiki as well. I know that if I send a PM to someone like galanvioreldan asking for the graphics of the Lich King Set I might get a reply and I can then MOD my own game to make the change myself. Lots of PMs for some MODs but possible. If files such as those were available on the SacredWiki with some explanation players don't have to sign up to DarkMatters (it was quite a while before I found DarkMatters but I found SacredWiki very quickly when I was stuck on a certain Quest). My wife is a good example, she is Spanish and says that is why she does not bother reading this part of DarkMatters (too complicated for her to understand in English) but maybe if she could download the Lich King graphics she could figure out how to apply that MOD (her English is good enough for that IMO). I am certainly not criticising anyone such as galanvioreldan so please don't think so, what those people do is great! I have mentioned the CiSacred collection, the Lich King Set and the CM-Patch. No criticism intended. I have great respect for the people involved. They have made MODs easily available to all Players, thanks and all that! I better stop writing for a while. I sometimes get told I ramble and write too much but I think you get the gist of my thoughts.
  10. Why Is Everything Only In The Cm-Patch?

    A good point. Knowing how to MOD something and knowing how to make it available as something which could be added and removed from Sacred 2 by anyone else are two seperate things. Not only that but maybe a lot more work. Maybe if someone could post a guide re how to do just that it would help. I have been trying to figure out how to make my MOD add/remove safely, if I figure it our perhaps I could post here more or less what I did. CiSacred is the MOD I used to use, the history of that one is also pulling together a number of MODs into one package I think.
  11. I have been thinking this for a while but decided not to post until I saw this new thread from wolfie My christmas present to The Community. Firstly I do not use the CM-Patch and doubt that I ever will. I like MODs but it seems that if I want to use one MOD alone it is impossible because, in general, I read that the MOD will not be realeased yet because it must wait for the next CM-Patch! I think it is a shame (not getting at anyone, esp wolfie) that I don't get any choice, I install the CM-Patch or get nothing. Yes, there are a couple of MODs out there but hard to find, the two I have I don't bother using because they wouldn't help me. I used the rainbow health bar for a while and another that escapes my memory for a while but since a reinstall I haven't bothered to add them back in. Please do not think that I am criticising the CM-Patch in any way. I am working on a MOD now which is taking so long I am having to take a short break. Basically I don't like the Temple Guardian so I am replacing him with a new character of my own design. She keeps the name Temple Guardian, uses the graphics from the High Elf but has it's own skill-set and Combat Arts brought in from other characters. A warrior, weaker and harder (IMHO) than a Shadow Warrior with a bit of magic thrown in. I will probably make it available when done, it won't mess up existing TGs if used with JSME MOD Enabler and of course wouldn't be appropriate for the CM-Patch anyway. There, that's my bit of advance publicity done So, where are all these MODs I keep reading about? People are obviously working very hard but surely I am not the only one who would like to be able to selectively add a few MODs which simply are not available to me but am very frustrated because it never seems to be offered.
  12. Nice. Sounds like a lot of work so I'm not surprised it took you a long time. Thanks, shame I don't use the CM-Patch! Maybe you could make it available now as a standalone MOD?
  13. I have been trying to sort this thing out all morning (more than 4 hours). Here is what I achieved ... no I don't have the answer. I was looking for a different way to change who can use what to make it possible for a Seraphim to use a weapon normally reserved for the Shadow Warrior, your character to use a gun and so on. I was able to make everything normally used by the SW available to all chracters but they still cannot use the SW weapons. Changing itemtypes.txt to to WEARGROUP_DEFAULT removes the words "Shadow Warrior" from the weapon so there is either something in another file to change or it is hard-coded. There are entries for wearergroups=char class in BLUEPRINT.TXT as I said, for example newBlueprint = { id = 619, name = "axe_2h_normal", palettebits = "1111111111111111", dmgvariation = 170, minconstraints = {1,0,0}, lvljump = 1, usability = 0, allotment_pmfpi = {1000,0,0,0,0}, uniquename = "", specialuseonly = 0, bonusgroup0 = {283,1350,1,9,0}, bonusgroup1 = {282,1350,1,5,0}, bonusgroup2 = {281,1350,1,2,0}, itemtypes = {2467,2468,2471,2472,}, wearergroups = {'WEARGROUP_CENTURIO',}, } mgr.createBlueprint(619, newBlueprint); and looking at 2467 in ITEMTYPES.TXT you will see the user= thing with the SW named again newItemType = { -- standard info renderfamily = "RENDERFAM_WEAPON", family = "FAMILY_WEAPON", subfamily = "SUBFAM_PRI_2H_AXE", classification = "CLF_2H_AXE", flags = "FLAG_HASPREVIEWIMAGE", weargroup = "WEARGROUP_INVALID", -- 3d model + animation info model0Data = { name = "models/weapons/2h/n_2haxe-02.GR2", user = "WEARGROUP_CENTURIO", }, -- logic bounding box logicBox = { minx=-9.331, miny=-28.072, minz=-1.625, maxx=9.331, maxy=28.072, maxz=1.625, }, dangerclass = 0, } mgr.typeCreate(2467, newItemType); So, next it was back to what you did, subfamily. I could find nothing to help you despite spending so many hours chugging through many script files. I am not giving up quite yet but just in case someone else knows .... BTW can't remember if I tried changing classification, I'll go do that now. Better twice than never. Didn't work
  14. Hi. If I am wrong then I need to know so here is what I think to be true. Who/What can or cannot use any item, irrespective of item type (armour, weapon, etc), is defined in "WEARGROUP_SERAPHIM" or whatever the weargroup is for your character. If you look though blueprint.txt (server folder) you will see four possible wearergroups = ? This file sets the properties for the item such as number of sockets, +3 all skills, blah blah blah wearergroups = "WEARGROUP_INVALID" -- noone wears it wearergroups = "WEARGROUP_TEMPLEGUARDIAN" -- name of any single class can go there of course wearergroups = 'WEARGROUP_DEFAULT' -- everyone can wear it wearergroups = 'WEARGROUP_SERAPHIM','WEARGROUP_CENTURIO','WEARGROUP_TEMPLEGUARDIAN','WEARGROUP_DRAGONMAGE' -- ie Seraphim, Shadow Warrior, Templeguardian, Dragon Mage but noone else. There is a bit more, this time in the shared folder, contained in itemtype.txt. There you will find that every item has one Wearergroup, never more, but the names stay the same of course. This file sets out what the things looks like, which animations to use, what it is (leg armour, sword, silly hat, etc). user = "WEARGROUP_INVALID" -- noone wears it user = "WEARGROUP_TEMPLEGUARDIAN" -- name of any single class can go there of course user = 'WEARGROUP_DEFAULT' -- everyone can wear it Re equipset_id, yup and as far as I have been able to tell while messing about those files and therefore identifiers are used just once, when you make a new character, but I think you know that. EDIT: Look below. This is from autoexec.txt and show which file is run in what order, as you can see the game gets ready to make gear using itemtype.txt but only after that does it use iteminfo.txt, material.txt and blueprint.txt. That's set up what it looks like and who wears it but only after that set properties, etc. --------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Client & Server shared scripts --------------------------------------------------------------------- for index,script in { "shared/defines.txt", -- skripting helper "shared/itemtype.txt", -- add itemtypes "shared/creatureInfo.txt", -- add creature info "shared/itemInfo.txt", -- add item info "shared/staticInfo.txt", -- add static info "shared/spells.txt", -- initialize spells/moves system "shared/material.txt", -- initialize item system "shared/typification.txt", "server/blueprint.txt", -- item generating stuff "server/balance.txt", -- set balance values "server/creatures.txt", -- creaturemanager must exist on both server and client "server/portals.txt", -- associate portals with worldobjects "shared/books.txt", -- book definitions } do sys.execScript( script ) end I will be working lots on blueprint.txt myself very soon so it would be nice to have confirmation before I start changing things and wasting time getting it wrong. I'm too tired to try it myself today. I have been editing armour but so only in itemtype.txt so that one chracter wears another chracters clothes (no, it's nothing weird) and I can tell you that file has nothing to do with item properties but only what it looks like. Hmmm, so much writing has given me an idea for the perfect christmas pressie for everyone here. I know exactly what I will be doing tomorrow ... mwhaha mwhaha mwhaha
  15. I am bitten by the modding bug and trying to make a major mod to Ice and Blood. I would like to be able to load/unload the mod with Generic Mod Enabler (JSGME). I think I know what to do but would appreciate a bit of help. For example, assume I mod spells.txt and blueprint.txt. I think I make a folder for my mod then within that folder I create a folder structure the same as Ice and Blood for where those files are located and put my two files in those folders. When I use JSGME it would overwrite spells.txt and blueprint.txt with my own modified files when I click on the > button and when I click on the < button it restores the previous copies of those .txt files with whatever was there before I activated my mod. Is that correct?