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  1. My addiction has to be the internet because I'm on it 24/7 nearly, I love books too, can never walk past Waterstones in town without looking in it, I need more books to read and yay! for Harry Potter . I also have an addiction of owning things from my favourite bands, I would buy all their cds (even the behind the scenes edition ones with live performances), would try to get t-shirts and I would get posters too, Evanescence is my favourite and to be honest I think it always will be, been a true fan since the very first album Fallen, I love every one of their songs (even the rare songs and EP's
  2. Thanks everyone yeh when I lived in Scotland I went to clubs and pubs and it's true, most guys my age don't know how to treat a girl right really, I try to go for guys 3 - 5 years older than me to see if I can find a mature guy but I don't think guys start maturing until 28 - 30, that's what I've found anyway. I've always been more mature than most people my age, was the same in high school, I'm 20 years old so yep college age lol, I never really ever fit in with people my age, I've been hanging out with older people lately because to me people my age are a bore with all the drinking, drugs a
  3. Wow! don't you have jaffa cakes there? they are like biscuite/cake snacks, says it's only sold in UK and Ireland though so probably why you haven't heard of them. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jaffa_Cakes
  4. Awesome I have never chopped wood in my life or even gone camping, one day I will and do it the old fashioned way, learn to chop wood and make my own camp fire looks awesome to do.
  5. So sorry to hear about the floods, I hope there hasn't been any more people hurt or killed and that they are just fine, so sorry about their homes too but I guess material items don't matter if it means your life, hope things get better soon xx.
  6. Wow! nice, even though I don't like these bands tickets to a concert with your favourite band is definatly hard to top, id wish they played every year near my birthday then lol.
  7. I'm currently working on the Underworld quests for Sacred 1, already done Intruges, Messenger of Evil, Cookies for the Marquis and The demon called Merkon. Working on the screen shots for the log book field.
  8. Read the links love the tips, really does make them look more tidy. Just found a software that takes snap shots of games called Fraps, think it was the same one I had actually, print screen doesn't work so well. I will fill in all the quests for underworld, might do missing ones for Ancarnia too with a new character but to be honest I think they are easy enough to figgure out on your own. I've not got Sacred 2, I don't think I like how much it's been changed really, I love it how it is in Sacred 1.
  9. I reccomend swimming, it's a lot better than the gym, I tried going but the machines are just too much, swimming works everywhere and you can go for a lot longer, I would do that for cardio first for an hour and 15 mins (if you can manage it) and if you want, go into the gym to work on toning your arms with the dum bells (I reccomend the 2kg weight) 1kg I just think it's too light to put any pressure on the arms at all, the trainers say 1kg but they just don't but enough pressure on the arms to make them tone. Then sit-ups and crunches if you want too but id just swim if you don't take it that
  10. Oooh! I like that now I want that lol but wish I had more space in my room though, my monitor is just on top of my book shelf with my speakers, don't think it would fit I love the 2 screen duo.
  11. Yayy! are ypu going to get one of those snow blowers? they look awesome, would be so fun just driving along and you can shower your family with snow lol.
  12. Haha I mean it's a cake that tastes a bit like a jaffa cake, chocolate on the top with orange under it on the cake and he added some tangerine pieces
  13. I dunno what to do with myself, feel like I'm doomed forever to be used and looked at as nothing but a sexual object by guys, I cant even trust them no more and I feel like why should I bother any more to try to get to know guys when they don't even make the effort for me? and only turn around and want to use me? soon as I say no they just don't talk to me any more, I'm tired of it and now it's come to the point I just cant even open myself up that much to a guy now because I'm that afraid of being used again. Guys my age it's jsut all about clubs and alcohol and I don't like it when 30 year o
  14. Aww I love days like those, not only does it make the person feel good but also yourself too, such happy moments, not had one of them in a while, need to go help people.
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