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  1. The long-lost son is back :)

    Hurray and welcome back, Dobri! Glad you got the laptop and can immerse yourself in the gorgeous world of Sacred 2. I still marvel at it all every time I play.
  2. What's up?

    Hello and welcome Nicholas! Glad to have you here. This is a most helpful bunch and a fun place to be as I'm sure you are finding out. (will try NOT to be late to the welcome parties again, will have to stop overdosing on apps on my new IPad 2....if only there was a Sacred app..lol)
  3. Ello!

    Hello and welcome MysteryNotes! Do not hesitate to ask if you have any questions at all. Everyone is most helpful and downright nice. Enjoy your stay!
  4. Hello and Welcome Mike! Late to the party again...lol...rats!
  5. Hello

    Hello and welcome, Darrel! You've landed in one of the most helpful, fun, and delicious places ever! Enjoy your stay and if you have any problems or questions ask away. Have a fun weekend, full of Sacred of course...lol I plan to spend some quality time with my toons.
  6. Hello

    Hello and welcome, Balraw! Sorry I'm late to the welcoming party. You are so right about the game being utterly addictive...lol Haven't pulled an all night session lately. I have to be careful when I play before work though, since Sacred time is a completely different animal than regular time..lol. Thankfully I've only been late a couple of times..lol Whew! Glad to have you aboard! Enjoy your stay.
  7. Dungeon Siege 3

    Got my copy yesterday and played co-op for several hours (console version) and I must say I am enjoying it so far. My husband is playing Lucas and I'm playing Anjali. Stubbie, I hear ya about the agony over skill choice...lol Took us more like 15 minutes each..lol I do enjoy the ease of transition from Anjali's fire form to her melee spear/staff form. Fireballs are great, fire jackal is helpful and in a crowd her Spinning Kick works wonders. I've seen numerous enemies launched into the air after Lucas's Blade Dash then Anjali running in with her kick...lol I do wish they had worked in the keyboard customization for PC players though. I like everyone to be able to be able to play in the way they like best.
  8. Hallo

    Oh darn, I'm late to the welcoming party again! Oh well, better late than never.. Hello and welcome, Julius! Glad you are here and hope you will enjoy your stay. This is a great bunch, always willing to lend a hand or answer any questions you might have. I haven't even ventured into MP myself yet open or closed. I'm still having fun messing around with the Community Patch goodies..heeeheee, that and poking around in Dungeon Siege III...lol Have fun!
  9. Yeah, I hear ya Syrzan. I know there are some good guys/gals out there but you sure gotta look hard to find 'em. @Dante, yeah that is really childish and stupid IMO. If someone has mad skillz you should take your lumps and respect the player that gave 'em to ya..dust yourself off and get back in the fray. (by the way Dante, if you don't mind my asking, what makes Wet your fave game and do you think a silver haired noob like me would enjoy it?...lol you can PM me if ya want. I'd like your opinion) My FPS skills are what I would call meh...lol I made it through Borderlands and a few others and being relatively new to the world of videogames, even though I'm a shall we say a mature...ahem..silver haired player...lol, I just wish there were more of an attitude of hey, let's help out the new guy/gal not hey, fresh meat let's see how many times we can kill 'em and maybe get an achievement or something to that effect. I wouldn't even venture into a competitive kill or be killed match because I don't feel my skills are up to snuff, which to me is as it should be, you practice and play until you can feel like you can hold your own, not get killed right outta the gate and not get others killed in the process(if your on a team). To me that is being respectful of other players, young or old.
  10. Sacred 3 is in the works

    Yep, I'm gonna have to take work off that day too...lol Will probably end up with both the console and PC versions...lol after all, you can never have too much Sacred! One of my wishes is dual wielding pistols! (yeah I know we've got the BFG and energy pistol and shield but I still think this would be pretty cool...lol What can I say I'm a fan of the old western dual wielding cowboys...lol
  11. Dungeon Siege 3

    Played the demo for console (have it pre-ordered, along with the Duke and Alice the Madness Returns..lol) This is another game where this will be the first of the series I've played and I liked it for the most part. Keep in mind that I do not have a basis for comparing it to the others in the series. Most definitely linear and I found myself wanting to go off the path and being mildly frustrated that I couldn't just run around where I wanted..lol and the doors in the town didn't open in the console demo either, stubbie and you don't seem to have any interaction with anyone besides the quest givers and some scripted NPCs. I do wish there was more customization of characters...lol definitely spoiled by Sacred..lol but I did find them kinda interesting. I messed around with the caster/fire/fighting chick using the summoned fire jackal that wasn't too bad. The co-op mechanics weren't too bad though it seemed that you needed to keep within a specific distance from your teammate to be able to move. If you get too far you can't move until your teammate comes closer which I guess is okay since you don't wanna go running willy nilly by yourself and promptly get killed...lol The enemies seemed more numerous and tougher with two players, which is as it should be. But it seemed to take awhile for some I thought should go down quicker...lol, but hey when you are low level you expect this right? Anyhow, it will be interesting to play nonetheless. I'm still wishing for another game like Sacred, though...lol I'm still enjoying the heck out of it though I suppose I should settle down and play one or two characters consistently instead of experimenting with so many different builds, but it's such fun.....lol I can't stop...lol
  12. I agree wholeheartedly! This is THE best place to be! As others have said I have never found a group of players so willing to share what they have and know to help a new player which is how I like to play. If I can help out a new player I'll gladly do so with gear, potions, weapons, and whatever other stuff they may need. Yeah that bad behavior is pretty much why I am extremely selective, or at least try to be anyway, about what games I venture into online. I play to have fun not to be subjected to bad behavior from gamers acting like schoolyard bullies.
  13. Seraphim & Staff Lore & Pelting Strikes

    Thanks for the help Scott! What I will probably do is add armor lore, constitution and either damage lore or toughness. I should probably do a test with a blank character, one with toughness and one with damage lore. If armor lore is mastered asap to give access to the damage mitigation mod on armor I might be able to get away with not taking toughness, not sure though. If you or anyone else has any other thoughts or suggestions they would be most welcome. Such as a favorite staff you prefer your toon using, etc. Hehe I kinda hate leaving EP out of the mix but I do have a few Seras running around to take up the slack...lol
  14. Seraphim & Staff Lore & Pelting Strikes

    I'm not sure if tapir is still around or if anyone else has done any extensive experimenting with a staff lore/dual wield seraphim? I was thinking of experimenting with one just to see if I could get it to work and have a build that would eventually make it to Niob. I would welcome any opinions, suggestions, comments, etc. Haven't really settled on a precise build as of yet. Wondering if I could get the damage output at an acceptable level, if Damage Lore would be worthwhile, would it be viable to have Concentration to run Battle Stance and Energy Shield buffs, that type of thing. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance for the help.
  15. How far are your parents?

    My Dad and Stepmother live about 8 hours away in my home state of North Carolina. Unfortunately my Mom is dead, 11 years now in fact (damn doctor! that is another story) and I still miss her. She was the glue that held the family together so needless to say I don't talk to my Dad or stepmother much since I moved away and my brother hasn't spoken to me in the entire four years I've been in Missouri. (Sorry for getting a bit off topic) After constantly making the effort to stay in contact, and being the only one doing so, I've pretty much stopped calling except on holidays and such. Maybe that seems a bit harsh..and I don't mean to sound maudlin or anything because that's just they way things are at the moment. So it pretty much feels like I'm on another planet, not just an 8hr. drive away.