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    It has been awhile since I was here and have recently gotten back into Sacred 2. This time on PC!
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  1. Quick question, I have installed the GME, the above mod, activated said mod but am at a loss as to what position the sliders need to be in to get the silver color. Most likely it is noob operator error but any help would be appreciated. UPDATE Well the first problem was I had the GME in the wrong place ugh. Fixed that and put it in the root folder (where the .exe is) at least I hope that is it lol. I feel really dumb right now with this mod stuff lol. Got the mod into GME, activated it, started a new character, placed sliders where it looked to be the right color, looked good on character preview but in game it was black. So I have no idea what to do now lol
  2. Mod for more subtle hair and skin colors

    Very kind of you. Very much appreciated.
  3. Mod for more subtle hair and skin colors

    That would be fantastic Hooyaah!!! Thank you so very much! You rock! As far as the skin colors go, does your Nude mod have any more skin texture/color choices than normally available?
  4. Does anyone know of anything I could use? I mainly would like to be able to have a Seraphim with white/platinum blone hair and be able to change the color of the head scarf on one of the Dryad hairstyles. I was also trying to get a pale blue for my Mystic Stormite HE hair lol but no luck. A small thing but darn it I want it and have wanted it forever lol Any help would be appreciated. Thank you all in advance.
  5. Sacred 2 - No more beans...I promise

    What in the world is that CA? Have not yet played the original Sacred. Man I wish I had been around in those early glory days lol.
  6. Steam - name and friendships?

    It is probably just my old brain lol. I thought that the log in name was the same as the account but I do not think it is. I log in with LadyCorvidae but my profile says sebollinger. It is probably something simple that I missed. Oh by the way, I did send invites to everyone Hope I did not cause too much confusion.
  7. Steam - name and friendships?

    I would love to add more friends on Steam! I tend to play mostly SP but it would be so fun to play with you all too! Feel free to add me LadyCorvidae (if that does not work, cause sometimes it does not ugh, use sebollinger it is the same account, but Steam decides on a whim what it wants to use sometimes lol ) Hurray for Sacred friends!
  8. Hi Everyone :]

    Hello and Welcome! I played Sacred 2 a number of years ago also and recently started playing again. I am having so much fun! Lots of great people and resources here so I hope you enjoy your stay!
  9. Hello and Welcome! So glad you are enjoying yourself! I love the game so much and everyone here is super helpful. So many resources and builds and stuff Hope you enjoy your stay!
  10. Installation of CmPatch with Steam?

    Hooyaah, sorry for the delay have been playing lots ! Things are going swimmingly! Will keep the 4K set up in mind though. Sounds awesome! Thank you so very much again! You rock!!!
  11. Hello - New here!

    Hello and welcome! Glad you are here Hope you enjoy your stay. Such a great place to be.
  12. Installation of CmPatch with Steam?

    Reporting in So far Arial Bold is working quite well! Having so much fun playing now that I can actually see the text lol! Will also try the Arial Black to see how it works. Between the 2 I will be good to go and play my heart out. Thanks bunches again Hooyaah for the help. You have made the game even more enjoyable for me. Thank you!!!
  13. Installation of CmPatch with Steam?

    The Tahoma is much better, though I think I am going to go for the bold in this font. Having astigmatism just complicates matters lol. I am going to play with it some more and am going to try out the Arial Bold as well. Will keep you posted Thanks again for the suggestions Hooyaah, very much appreciated. Who knows, it might even help someone else too.
  14. Installation of CmPatch with Steam?

    Thank you bunches Hooyaah!
  15. Installation of CmPatch with Steam?

    Thought you all would like to know that I got the CM patch installed and it is running perfectly! I am so happy!! Thank you all again for your help Made everything much easier. Now if I can get the fonts to my liking that will be even better lol. Darn my old eyes. I changed the fonts but have not hit the sweet spot for the small text. If anyone can suggest a font (windows 10) to try that would be great! I forgot to thank whoever fixed the title to be more informative so thank you bunches!