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    It has been awhile since I was here and have recently gotten back into Sacred 2. This time on PC!
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  1. Happy Christmas to one and all of you dear people!!! Hope you all get to enjoy good food, fun and cheer with your loved ones and friends! You all hold a very special place in my heart β™₯️
  2. crowgrrrl


    Hello and welcome Arkael! Excellent to have you here! 😊 I’ve only played a small bit of Sacred 1 and a ton of Sacred 2 lol 😝 Hope you enjoy your stay with us! 😊
  3. Many congratulations on your daughter’s wedding from me too chattius! May they have many long and happy years together.
  4. crowgrrrl

    Thank You For This Forum

    Want to add my thanks to you all as well. DM is such a treasure trove of information and has the kindest, most patient, helpful and friendliest bunch I have ever seen. πŸ˜ƒ An old noob like me feels right at home. So thank you all with all my heart for being here all these years and working your hearts out for the love of the game.
  5. crowgrrrl

    Hello There, Temple Guardians!

    Hello and welcome! Ooh would love to see another TG guide. We are glad to have you here. Enjoy your stay stiefelolm! 😊
  6. crowgrrrl

    Hello all

    Hello and welcome! Glad to have you here Pilliam! Enjoy your stay! πŸ˜ƒ
  7. An extremely late congratulations Androdion! You deserve it! 😊
  8. Wow, what a scare! So glad you are back! I do not check in as often as I would like but you all are never far from my mind. 😊
  9. crowgrrrl


    Hello! Glad you slipped out of the shadows to join us! We are glad to have you here.😊 Will slip back into my own shadowy corner now lol πŸ˜‚
  10. crowgrrrl


    Hello and welcome! Awesome to have you here! Yum chocolate! I find it hard to resist too lol.
  11. crowgrrrl


    Hello and welcome aboard! 😊 Glad to have you here!
  12. Awesome stuff yet again! I love these videos! Such fun to watch her kick ass all around Ancaria! πŸ˜ƒ
  13. crowgrrrl

    Niobium Tier High Elf vs The Desert Dragon

    Amazing how quickly he melted before the mighty ice shards WOW! I imagine he was so shocked he had no idea what to do lol 😝.
  14. Oh no! I am so sorry this happened to you all. Very glad you both are okay 😊.
  15. Ooh that looks awesome! Thank you for unearthing this gem. It will be most useful!