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  1. Hi ive been away from sacred for a while. After messing around with getting sacred underworld to run in 1080p again. lol. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/447367629494054900/E386EC0530EBFAB4161D618D1DDE38A2B8D1C427/ Bugs with 1080p 5.4 ratio So after being stuck . I thought maybe its time to jump back onto sacred 2. So a few questions. Is the flix item modpack now integrated into cm patch. So is there no need to download both. I have been away for a while so are the any good mods I have missed out on. I noticed a great little unique mounts mods. So are there any others.
  2. grimwold

    A few question about the new cm patch

    Thank you Flix. Great as always. Good work on the diablo mod. I am saving that for a separate playthrough. Thank you again for the info.
  3. grimwold

    Diablo 2 Fallen Creatures Thread

    Awesome flix love your work. Thanxs for giving me a reason to fix my psu. Keep up the good work pal.
  4. Actually ive been having some really good results with this in 1080p. Especially in the latest beta. Sadly though once I got my resistance glow It all went a bit buggy. Saying that its coming along and its a nice wrapper. Soon. If anyone knows a workaround please give me a shout. http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/447367629494054900/E386EC0530EBFAB4161D618D1DDE38A2B8D1C427/ I need to dial the aa back 8x is to much.
  5. grimwold

    Eye candy - modding Sacred 2 ladies

    Wow there really really nice. Good work.
  6. grimwold

    Impressions on Sacred 3

    Hi I just wanted to know what are your impressions on sacred 3 here on dark matters. I have been on the steam forum to get a fair biased review and well, it become quite a hostile place . I didn't realize sacred had so many fans. So has anyone picked it up? What are your impressions so far? And what is in it for me. A cheap old loot addict? The biggest point people are making about the game is also the price. Many people are saying at best its a 15.00 title with little content or quality. Thank you ahead.
  7. grimwold

    Impressions on Sacred 3

    Well they need some where to put all that crap.lol
  8. grimwold

    Impressions on Sacred 3

    Its just all very sad. Very few games had the exploration elements of sacred. I loved finding the temple from dusk till dawn or the many other Easter eggs. Overall though talking about backlash sacred 3 has been totally wiped. Steam, meta critic user scores and many reviews call the game terrible and lazy. And all deep silver has done is bent over,smile and take it. Then again after what happened to rebirth I am not surprised they seem to like it.
  9. grimwold

    Impressions on Sacred 3

    Thank you all . I might pick it up when its £5.00 with all the dlc. I will wait for unsacred.
  10. grimwold

    Impressions on Sacred 3

    Yea there was a lot of text to read in sacred 2. And it did feel like a rpg. Not as immersive as a fully voiced rpg,but still a very good rpg. Often there was two much text. Overall though I loved the rpg aspects of sacred 2 . My favorite quest was the one featuring the aliens. A great little surprise.
  11. I always felt loot was one of the greatest aspects. Especially when something really nice drops. I know it was always hit and miss. But the pleasure of finding something really special makes sacred unique.
  12. grimwold

    Impressions on Sacred 3

    Thank you all. And thank you metraton you have cleared a lot of things up for me. Its a very very sad day. I loved sacred 1 and 2. Its such a shame. Maybe its time few minutes of silence to reflect on this terrible day. I agree silver fox its not the type of game I normally play. I am all about the stats and loot.
  13. grimwold

    Is Sacred Citadel any good

    Hi iam a big fan of the sacred series but when I first saw the video far sacred citadel, I thought mwahh. unintresting characters a bet them up not really my type of game. Sadily ive been burnt by a lot game rehashs. If any one has purchased it what are views on it. And are the characters really as one dimensional as they look. Maybe iam just being a mard, but I havent seen anything as intresting as a temple guardian or a demon in this game. And the graphics yawn are nothing that got me excited. Id love to be proven wrong but I no longer purchase games and hope for the best. Eardor is out tommorow so it a tough decision.
  14. grimwold

    Possible to mod Sacred 2 inventory?

    a shame really. I do think malachor might have been along the right lines. Sadly I have no experience of this.
  15. yea sacred gold was a nightmare. After playing many hack and slash games none with great storage . I have come to the conclusion path of exiles has the best storage with the tabs. For style I have really enjoyed dc online style system for collecting loot. Its great to know if I have picked up the loot and sold it I still have a blueprint of it. Also the hellgate fan patch storage is great. With armour ,weapons items, all, separated . Its the only game where I know I can keep lots and lots of loot and fashions. But they have practically reverse engineered the game and have taken it to a all new level. Although you guys are the dogs when it comes to content.
  16. grimwold

    Elite Mounts Project

    Awesome. you guys really surprise me with what you can do.
  17. Yea flix that was me.(: I never actually ever found the time to learn how to do it. I also sketched up a few temple guardians skins. The living flesh was terminator 2 style skin. With skin hanging of the temple guardian in a damaged way. And then there was the full flesh skin making the temple guardian into a full wolf type creature/cyborg. The temple guardian was very W.IP. I could never decide to go Egyptian or cyborg werewolf with it. There is a similar suit in dark souls but I didn't want to take it that far .
  18. Hey flix they all look great. Have you ever thought about giving this set a variation. I always felt the chest piece should be scales similar to the arms and legs. sorry I cant post the link but its the dragens legacy skin.
  19. Its a shame really all these new armours and no where to store them. Its a shame the storage is hardcoded . I remember having a similar problem collecting armour in hellgate London fan patch. Then finally some one sussed it out. And added tabs to the storage its a shame I don't know anything about modding a few more tabs in the sacred chest would be great.
  20. I just wanted to say thank you for the great work. I have just started playing again after hearing about unsacred. Keep up the great work. you guys are great. Dark mattera is a community that always has surprises in store for those that revisit. Keep up the great work
  21. grimwold

    Good Bye to Sacred as we used to love it.

    Ha ha I feel a lot calmer now I have had my loot fix. I might give sophias choice a read tonight wolfie it looks good, looks like you put a lot of time and effort into it. Better than being a male who thinks your a seraphim or a girl who thinks your a dwarf.
  22. grimwold

    Texture pack

    Hi ive just decided to reload up sacred 2 gold. I decided to secure a nice new copy on steam. To my HORROR ive scratched my HD Texture pack cd. Is anyone willing to put up a torrent for this or would this be illegal:) Ps Has anyone found a way to remove the glow from armours in sacred 1 gold yet.
  23. grimwold

    Good Bye to Sacred as we used to love it.

    hmm this isnt good news for a loot Addict to come back too. Damn. It looks like it all going a bit space seige. The problem is they try to make games like sacred(loot based games) more casual. When secretly we all know that loot based arpgs fans are actually quite OCD. Honestly I still play hellgate london with the community patch and the game is still alive and kicking thanks to OCD fans and its bettar now then it ever was. Mess this up deep silver and its simple I will not buy another product from you. If I manage not buy E.A games(Spore, lies) then I just will never buy a deep silver product again. Its simple and its easy. I did have a similar problem with ubisoft but they held there hands up and said sorry and it wont happen again. Its so easy to kill of a great game franchise and feel deep silver is in a good position to drive a stake through sacreds heart. Sorry for the rant, I have just had to many great rainy afternoon in ,in the world of arcania. And if CRATE can pull it out of the bag so can you. Sorry for the mini rant. You know you've played to much sacred when you think your a gladiator.
  24. grimwold

    Is Sacred Citadel any good

    Thanxs gogo