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  1. Not all women look good in risque cloths, that doesn't stop some of them from wearing them. Of course, the same can be said for some of the atrocious things men wear as well. Being a female gamer I rarely have issue with female attire in video games, where else can you have a perfect body that can wear any outfit and look good 100% of the time (without working at it). I must admit tho, I would never regularly dress that way in real life
  2. Hope you have a great Birthday Schot. *hugs* Kiy
  3. Hmmm very interesting information. I definitely prefer the GS for my Mes, as most of you know I don't particularly like direct melee combat. I happy to see that it is in second place for damage.
  4. My Goodness Max, what a lot of work you put in to this. Nice reading
  5. Great write up Dobri. As my guardian gets higher up in levels I'm definitely going to take some of your experiences into account/
  6. Yes Max was the star of this run... Way to Go Max!!! you really stepped up and saved the day.
  7. imho Ranged professions without pets would def help. tbh in the end fight I was much too buzy to even pay attention to it, what with the jumping, dodging and constantly moving or your dead stuff going on... I think my Necro pet was dead the entire time. I would bring my Mes but she only has yellow gear, and I think we need all the fire power we can get, so for the good of the guild run I will bring umm.... WHAT? Suggestions?
  8. OMG, that was really awful then wonderful lol
  9. Sykess wants to come too. He has registered for DM but his application has not been approved yet so asked me to post for him.
  10. Oh yes, please come find us and have some fun
  11. Sweet maybe I will stop avoiding my thief in PvE now. Can't wait to see how my pet reacts now.
  12. Agreed, Lujate is a much better player then he gives himself credit for. he has made me a much much better player simply by hanging out with him.
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