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  1. The 'blood temperature' isn't actually about the real temperature, it's more about the ... spirit of the horse. Hot blooded h. are more agile and speedy, used for races for example. Cold blooded horses on the other hand are more enduring, they tow plows all day long or beer barrels and such. Wikipedia has some information and I'm sure chattius can explain some more.
  2. Continue with 3 words only

    and defend their
  3. Continue with 3 words only

    and make sure
  4. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    the moon -> the dark side
  5. The Related Song Game

    Shirley Bassey -> Diamonds are Forever Joan Baez - diamonds and rust
  6. For what it's worth, I try not to label decisions good or bad, since most of the time you only see that when it's too late. At the time, there's this and that piece of information available, and I presume people do the best they can. Deciding whether you get a blue or black pen doesn't have that much impact, but it gets rather complicated really fast. So no one can have all the necessary information, and then even consider all the possible angles. I certainly can't. Then there's also the point that it's good to make mistakes, since that's a great way to learn something. That said, I fully agree that this "connecting stuff" maybe should not be driven to the extent it is now. I certainly do see the value in having that ability, but it should be optional in my opinion.
  7. Yep, it's definitely faster now. I like. And I would agree that being stuck in "wait and see" mode is a good reason to think about moving on, but then they did see and did react to it. That's also worth something. However, since I'm neither qualified nor informed enough, I'll leave that to you guys. You did a great job as far as I can see, so I'm happy to read stories and get information. Thank you!
  8. Having some issues here, too. However, a forum isn't really time critical so I'm fine with it. Considering that on any recent website, the server does things (php, db, whatever), the client also (js, css), and then there's social stuff, advertising, cross site media, maybe the host has some defensive measures, net neutrality issues on so many levels... all in all I sometimes wonder how things don't fall apart alltogether. However, as Knuckles mentioned donations... I'm going to talk to my accounting department (again). Seems they aren't sending out all the little $€£¥ they should. Wonder what they're doing all day long. Maybe cut their water privileges again?
  9. Continue with 3 words only

    also quickly attracted
  10. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    morgue -> CSI
  11. Continue with 3 words only

    they slowly crept
  12. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    ambulance -> right of way Is this the right term? I'm thinking of the rule that ambulance, police, fire fighters etc. should always come first.
  13. Continue with 3 words only

    zips around erratically
  14. The Related Word Game - 2017!

    library -> index card
  15. Continue with 3 words only

    hiding and seeking