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  1. Prelate Revan

    [ERROR] Connection Lost (10)

    Yes separate, and thanks. And will try the Trimmed. This one is new for me. Will check it out. Thank you very much
  2. Prelate Revan

    [ERROR] Connection Lost (10)

    Retail. Disk. Old.
  3. Prelate Revan

    [ERROR] Connection Lost (10)

    Hello friends, I have that problem too. I am with latest community patch, with 4gb patch for memory, administrator and xp sp3 compatability on both executables s2gs.exe and the main sacred2.exe (made hours of tests in different combinations) Server exe is also patched with the 4gb patch. Regardless the fact that I play SP and how much I flush memory CTRL+F1 it says Connection lost after a time - sometimes it is 2 minutes sometimes it is hours. Overriden from nVidia Control panel the antialiasing and filtering (the movies and loading screens now show - before they where black). also the files LaptopGaming_xp.dll and LaptopGaming_vista.dll - I had renamed with .BAK, also I installed that mss32.dll file (already was with "g" one but nevermind). That covers all on the game, this "configuration" gives me the longest play for now (no windowed mode - didn't affected the error 10 issue). Physics (latest version) and Elite texture packs are both actve, also V-Sync, the executable is with options -nocpubinding -skipopenal. I am using Win7 x 64 bit, nVidia GTX1060 6GB, Core i5 4x3.40gHz, 8GB RAM I am at the region in the north "Crystal Region" with my Inquisitor, and I'm struggling with the sad quest. Usurer was bugged, but latest community patch fixed that and I have finished it successfully. This is one of the most beautiful games I have ever played, actually the most beautiful and finished world I have ever seen (I love and play both sacreds and for me they are the best in this genre). Honor to you for the continued support. You have done miracles so far. If there is any fix, I would participate also in testing of it. Strange for me, after this error 10 - in my brain-box got shape the idea that there is actually problem with server - main exe connectivity, maybe response time? (all is allowed application in my antivirus firewall blah-blah software and I even disabled it for the tests). Nevertheless I am starting to think, that it freezes, because it tries to connect, to the server-side of the game (that exe is active in memory also - had not crashed). Before it stuck like that for infinite time, now it times-out and gives this error (amazing job with the community patches). P.S. Am I right for the s2gs.exe to be the server-side? Best Regards and happy hunting! P.P.S. Before when it freezes and the audio and world continues, the Inquisior starts talking in the background Did anybody notice that, when the game is on pause "P", the menus cannot be opened. Are they on pouse too? is it like that for you too?
  4. Prelate Revan

    How do I build Vampiress

    I think, I got it - it is not how much runes you have invested in the skill, or if there is some dependence, I still cannot catch it - it is the levels difference between your character and theirs - if you are level 61 the bite works from far below to level 64, 66 are not affected anymore. Got the spell at level 7 , the Vampiress herself is level 61 now with maxed out bloodlust and vampirism, high ph. regeneration and general weapon lore, parrying and armor. Still nothing is really big challenge, except the dead heroes in the volcano island (in the 1st cave with medallion fragment). So she is a fighter I guess. My awaken dead just kill their victims, they do not make from them another "subjects to my will" why so I do not know...
  5. Prelate Revan

    How do I build Vampiress

    To the lower level monsters it works - like for example level 5-6 (spell is level 6) but I do not really know the relation spell/monster level - now I am level 56 and monsters are in between 50-70 most often, and she does not even try to cast it. Not that it is always necessary but I like combining the spells to get more effective defeating the big bunches of monsters.
  6. Prelate Revan

    How do I build Vampiress

    I have decided to ask my question here, because it is about a vamp... Do you know what are the conditions that one can use "Master Bite" in the game? I mean (last official patch version) that the vampiress isn't really acting at all when I want from her to cast it. Do it need to be a high level then something or (yes she is in her vampire form)... Someone got the answer already?
  7. Prelate Revan

    Return old Sacred 2 interface and logo?

    Thank you. Many thanks to all Job is done.
  8. Prelate Revan

    Local network Sacred Underworld

    Hello to everybody, or good evening (here it is 23:15) I had severe problems like being unable to see my own game (set up dedicated game server on the same PC, then try to start game, enter multyplayer and voila - no games...) let alone for other games on other PC, on local or outside network... then I realized that the problem is (again) in win7 and the way it is accessing the files. In short you need: First compatibility options as follows: 1. Administrator 2. Win XP Compatibility (Right click on executable file or shortcut and go properties then go compatibility tab then click those, then go OK, I do at least admin for all my games) Second: You must go in your sacred game folder - for example C:\Program Files (x86)\Ascaron Entertainment\Sacred Underworld this is the root folder of the game, now find the "Settings.cfg" file and open it - with wordpad or notepad or whatever, now find inside it the row that says NETWORK_IP_ADDRESS : (it is below your cd key and 2 other rows and looks like: NETWORK_CDKEY : cd key one can be found here NETWORK_CDKEY2 : cd key two can be found here NETWORK_CDKEY_HIDE : 1 NETWORK_CHARACTER : 7 NETWORK_IP_ADDRESS : ) and change it to the ip address of your network that you want to play - your tunngle address or your LAN Network address - remember that in this way you will detect games only in the respectively selected network. So if you want later to play on tunngle instead of just LAN, you have to come here and change the address to your tunngle address. This also solved for me the issue when I create server from the game (not dedicated) and it freezes at the message "Server is up and running" - looks like the game actually cannot change the network address value in the config file... but never mind - I had it tested plenty of times and had not any error. Also had need to change the connection to modem. I am not very good to explain, so if anyone need some additional help - PM me I'll do whatever I can. I will never stop to play this game. Never will forget it - I find it wonderful
  9. Hello, I would like to ask if someone knows, how to return the old game interface and logo. - the blue ones (interface and logo)... which files should I return to normal. Thank you in advance, and I am sorry if this is not the correct place to ask.