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  1. Dimhilion

    Sacred 2 Loading Crash

    Hmm.... Maybe something is corrupt in the installation...? Have you considered reinstalling Sacred 2..? Ill give re-install a try today, see if that works, if not im just gonna have to face facts, Im not holy, and thats Sacred
  2. Dimhilion

    Sacred 2 Loading Crash

    Hey thanks for the answer. Yerh I dont have the expansion Fire and Ice (or whatever its called) and yerh I know its not to Win7 freindly, but ive never had problems before with sacred 2, EVER.. So atm im running 2.43 (running and running !) and ive tried all the compatibility modules windows 7 offers, from 98, to vista SP1/2 and none of them worked. Tried the lot again with admin rights as you said in the shortcut, but nothing. So if I have to get the expansion I wont get to play it for a while. atm no job so very limited cash income If you have any other suggestions besides trying the expansion, im all for it. But thank you for replying m8. Dim out.
  3. About a month ago I did a format, clean install of windows 7, and ive just installed the game again, but when I launch it, comes up with the screen where it shows your hardware, and makes a joke, like Loading T-Energy, stand by, or whatever. (pre to actual character selection/creation) and then just crasges and goes to desktop again. Its just basic sacred 2, no updates installed atm, so im not sure what the problem could be, and if I need any updates, someone point me in the right direction pls. Im from denmark, game bought here (thats europe) so id guess it would be UK thats closest, and the game still has to be in english language. Here is my error code: (the one from windows) Problem signature: Problem Event Name: APPCRASH Application Name: sacred2.exe Application Version: Application Timestamp: 48c19ef9 Fault Module Name: MMDevAPI.DLL Fault Module Version: 6.1.7601.17514 Fault Module Timestamp: 4ce7b892 Exception Code: c0000005 Exception Offset: 00018d99 OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1030 Additional Information 1: a7aa Additional Information 2: a7aa91f17ea749d42a4de3b390fa5b3d Additional Information 3: a7aa Additional Information 4: a7aa91f17ea749d42a4de3b390fa5b3d EDIT: Just updated game to 2.40 and still get excatly the same crash. (It was UK updates I needed, patching was smooth as silk) But funny as it is, to see all the initial game quotes all the time when you launch the game from windows, id like to get as far as character creation. Im running Windows 7, fully updated (ive played on Win7 before with no issues) And rest of my system specs is more than enough to handle the game.
  4. Dimhilion

    Will there be any modding support of toolset for Sacred 3?

    Correct me if im wrong, but wouldnt mob tools also allow ppl to "create" overpowered weapons, armor with altered stats, and plus 999 to all stat rings like we saw in Sacred 1, and specially on the open servers? Just be annoying, cause it will only be a matter of time before someone manages to get it to a closed server, and then hell is loose. If im wrong, and I hope so, it will be a nice addition to the game. Dimhilion Out
  5. Dimhilion

    Would you buy a Sacred 3 Collector's Edition?

    Lotro has had the option of CE (ofc I have them) where you got with the first expansion nice nice physical items to play around with, and some minor ingame stuff. Next expansion was download only, but still had CE, with gave you some ingame items and other stuff, but no physical disc or items to sit and fiddle around with. So the answer is yes, some games have done that. Anyway if it turns out to be a good game, ill 100% go for CE, but no matter what, ill buy the game anyhow.
  6. Dimhilion

    Are you going to get sucked in to Sacred 3?

    Well ofc I liked both games, and im looking forward to Sacred 3, when it finally comes. As an fulltime MMO player ill have to balance my playtime abit/alot, cause yerh I think I will get sucked in as I got with both S1 & Sacred 2. Sacred 1 I started playing single player, completed the game as Vampiress, then went online and played ALOT there, had armor sets, and soloed dragons for fun Sacred 2, I liked the new game, the graphics were awesome, models very detailed, glows on weapons and armor pieces, and the huge world and the new skill system. It was alot more advanced than Sacred 1, but I liked it. Something that is still strong in my mind is all the easter eggs in both games, I loved the graveyard toomb stones, and that many of them were made with dev names, and spoofs of something they might have done. Thats humor when its best and it fits perfectly into sacred. In Sacred 2, they took it just a step further, id actually say a HUGE leap, namely the concert by Blind Guardian. First of all, it was a really good song, really nice instrumental, and I still listen to it now and again. and that they rendered with monsters and ingame as a quest line, and you got the "weapons" afterwards was a really nice feat. And the guy standing in the marked singing and playing parts of the song. And the hidden questline to get the special mount, rly nice as well (that did bug for me so I couldnt get the quest until I updated to a certain version) But it was nice still. Sadly I never really got to the online part of the game, mainly because I started LOTRO around the time, but we did play MP co-op in LAN.. sadly the game didnt deliver the challenges we needed, but we enjoyed it none the less. So will I get sucked into Sacred 3, if its as good as number 1 was for me, has some nice features, graphics, and at least as good as sacred 2, or better, im 100% sure I will spend more time online, than I would otherwise. Now lets wait and see hwat they do, im kinda hoping there will be a beta, ill deffo sign for that. Dimhilion Out
  7. Dimhilion

    Would Sacred 3 be an awesome Mmorpg?

    Hehe many thanks Rommel.. And pls just call me Dim. Btw what did people think of the "improved" co-op player part I suggested? am I alone in the search for a really good co-op hack n slash/RPG? OFC the main part is single player, but I do like that you can play LAN with freinds and have some fun with that. Let me know your thoughts on that. Dimhilion Out
  8. Dimhilion

    Character customization

    Simple answer is YES id like that. PLS Note that this is only for cosmetic, so you can choose armor for the stats, bonuses, and all the nice stuff, but as a LOTRO player I like to have the opertunity to use armor pieces I find, and place them into a cosmetic slot, so you appear as a dark evil devil, but you might have a healing class wich is really very gentle and soft. Or simply you find for best stats, your breastplate just looks stupid, have the wrong glow, or what else it might be, you cna slot an armor piece into a chest cosmetic to finish of the look. Ive read the entire topic and I understand some ppl are against it, but I think if you make it like that, it is completely up to the individual player if he/she wants to do it, if you dont like it, dont use it, and if you like me, like a bit of looks, we can do that as well. This provided the characters have a decent size when wieved ingame, AND selection screen. If the graphics are as good, or better than Sacred 2 yerh sure im all for it. But I do think these things have to fit together.
  9. Dimhilion

    Different look for masteries in Sacred 3

    There are many ways of doing it on, either you get new skills at certain lvls (class depending ofc). Or you choose some basic skills wich you level up and get better at the more you use them (miss chance, skill dmg, crit chance/multiplier ect.) Sword/axe/spear ect. lore that makes you better at using certain weapons, or similar system for spells. That can be backed up by stat points, like constitution, and so on. So you use stat points depending on if you wanna be ranged, melee, caster, or hybrid. But I liked both S1 and Sacred 2 way of doing it, so ill keep an open mind.
  10. Dimhilion

    Are you going to get sucked in to Sacred 3?

    If it is as good as Sacred 1, yes. But if it is only as good as sacred 2, no. Sacred 1 was my first RPG game, some freinds talked me into playing it, it was awesome, we played together in co-op, and that game sucked me in. Ive played many RPGs since then, but Sacred 1 rly got me hooked. But what would get me hooked would be the return of the "Vampiress" class hehe. AND some good co-op.
  11. Dimhilion

    Would you buy a Sacred 3 Collector's Edition?

    YES I WOULD.. IF, it came in a box set, NOT as a download. A few nice ekstras, some ingame rewards, a special mount, something like that. Posters, maps, artwork ect..
  12. Dimhilion

    Would Sacred 3 be an awesome Mmorpg?

    Heya everyone. As for sacred as an MMORPG id say no for the folloing reasons: 1: There are simply to many MMOs out there atm, and the contest would be REALLY high. 2: It wouldnt fit the story of the 2 previous games. 3: As many of you guys, I like to go solo in sacred, completing the single player part. 4: Personally I am playing LOTRO on EU Server Evernight, and I dont have time for 2 MMOs, nor cash. My YES reasons: 1: IF they somehow would manage it, I think we would have a mature playerbase, a good gaming experience. 2: The Idea of a Sacred MMO could be cool, roaming around, hacking, slashing, and grouping up for the really hard stuff (instances/raids), and generally it would be a multiplayer freindly game. In the end I would say no TBH. I would rather see them make an exellent single player game, wich has Co-op options, because some of us still hold LAN parties, enjoying a weekend with freinds, and some hardcore gaming. For this when we are 3-6 ppl we do miss some good co-op games, and I think if they make it better than Sacred 2, it would rly be worth it. It could work such as, when you start the game, its in a lobby (pls make this LAN, not online) ppl join the lobby and the host starts it as a intended co-op game. This would require that the game difficulty had to be adjusted automatically as to how many players are in the game, and not just how hard they hit you, but also visa versa.. that part we found REALLY boring and stupid in Sacred 2. we played 4 guys together, I decided to roll some kinda healing class to support my teammates, but they absolutely didnt need it, and 1 of them could more or less kill all the mobs solo. So the answer to MMO is NO. Dimhilion Out