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  1. Hammerhorde

    Weapon Mastery Questions.

    Not sure what to do. I tried adding the lores like this for example. spez offhand lore spez2 polearm lore spez 3 sword lore Then I added the numbers like you had in your first reply to the bonusgroups but the weapons ca attackspeed didn`t increase. Now I found the attack speed modifiers for the lore skills in the file but I have no idea what the numbers represent, the difficulty value ranges. I`m sure there has to be a way to do it. maybe someone who has done it before might see the thread and have answers. Would be so much easier if the ca skills used raw attack speed from items instead of relying on lore and focus skills.
  2. Hammerhorde

    Weapon Mastery Questions.

    Here is what I did and so far no luck. Perhaps I did something wrong and maybe you might notice the mistake. First I put the skills in the dual weild skill like this. Well I was going to just copy and paste my changes but for some reason I pasting it in here doesn`t work.
  3. Hammerhorde

    Weapon Mastery Questions.

    I just tried adding polearm and sword lore to dual wield and it doesn`t increase the attack speed of polearms. I just added the numbers like you had shown. Wonder why it won`t work. Maybe the mastery has to have the skill definition in it too.
  4. Hammerhorde

    Weapon Mastery Questions.

    I am curious where the file is that contains info for the weapon masteries and what the attack speed cap is for them. I am looking to combine the masteries into one skill that increases the speed of all weapons and applies dual wield. I also want to increase the speed so I can attack with a polearm faster like the seraphim in S1 could do. I looked through the spells text but I`m not sure where the mastery info is. If anyone knows or has some pointers for it pleas elet me know.
  5. Have you been able to get the seraphim to use the shadow warrior 2h hammers and axes?
  6. Hammerhorde

    Whats the status on Granny Viewer 3D?

    If you guys are still looking for for a granny viewer, I found one in my mods folders for Sacred 2 on my external storage drive. This is version and I`ve had this tool since 2011 and I used it today and still works like it did before. If you guys are still interested I can put it up the download section for tools and utilities.
  7. I never really played multi much with Sacred 2. Does anyone play it anymore? I might be able to play for an hour or so here and there. What is tunngle btw?
  8. Ok it`s working now. thanks for the help guys.
  9. No the download from dlgamer came with both fallen angel install file and an ice and blood install file. You gotta install fa first then run 2 patches before you can install ice and blood. I forgot about that. I thought just running fa would install the updated game with the expansion.
  10. You gotta be freaking FECAL MATTER!ting me! Yeah it`s there. Strange thing is that it does not make a desktop icon and when you look for it by hitting the start and selecting the deep silver folder , it`s empty. So I pretty much uninstalled and reinstalled like 4x for nothing. Well that is good news at least. Ice and blood just finished installing and am going to patch it to 2.65 so I can add the cm patch to it again like I had it setup years ago. Here is hoping it works now.
  11. It`s not present at all. The game installs just don`t have an option to activate it and no exe to launch the game. I just finished installing fallen angel and ran the 1 gig patch. going to run the other patch and install ice and blood again to see if anything changed. I am also pretty sure that yesterday when I installed fallen angel, after the game installed it had a launch game option when you hit finish. I am not getting that option now.
  12. I bought the game through this website back in 2011. It was handled by dlgamer and cost 25 bucks. I saved the original download from dlgamer to an external storage drive so I wouldn`t have to download it again waiting hours and hours at 300kps. I have uninstalled the game and tried installing it again like 4 times today and every time it finishes installation but there is no launcher for the game. Yesterday I installed fallen angel from the saved download and I entered the from my recipt email I got when I bought it and it worked. But I didn`t install ice and blood because I forgot I had to patch the game before installing that. So today I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it and patched it and installed ice and blood and when it was done there was no launcher button in the deep silver folder and no option to activate the installation. So I have browsing some of the bug forums and I uninstalled it again and deleted the user data for securerom and the userdate from the securerom registry and am going to attempt this again. This is getting old! I bought the original sacred2 game when it was new and I have the discs sitting right next to me. But the original game installs the game under an ascaron entertainment folder and the gold edition with ice and blood ships with a game that installs under the deep silver folder. So I have to install ice and blood with the version that comes with the download because it won`t update the ascaron version of sacred2. I am hoping this attempt will let me activate and install a launcher.
  13. I just reinstalled Sacred 2 Gold+Ice and Blood. But now there is no exe to run the game in the deep silver folder. Only an updater and it tells me my version is up to date. Took a pretty long time to install this and set everything up wirth the patches and I`m a little annoyed. Here are the steps I did. I installed Fallen angel that came with the download I installed patch 2.40 I installed patch 2.43 I installed Ice and Blood Now I have no way to run the game. I installed only fallen angel yesterday and used my code to activate only that because it`s been a few years since I had the game on my system and I forgot the patching process to update it to ice and blood. I uninstalled that installation and started fresh doing the steps above but I never had the chance to use my activate code or launch the game. How can I launch the game now with no exe? Do I honestly have to reinstall this all over again?
  14. Hammerhorde

    Seraphim Set Retex

    You can put them wherever I guess. These are just replacers and just a standalone file. they won`t effect the niokaste set.
  15. Hammerhorde

    Seraphim Set Retex

    Ok here are the textures less helmet and legs. You really won`t notice detail missing from those models since they are so small. Just drop this into you pak folder and it will give you the enhanced textures for the variant 2 niokaste model set. http://www.gamefront.com/files/20436012/Variant+Textures.rar