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  1. When you think about life in terms of summers. It's not a lot of time, I am 38 years old and I wasted the last 15 summers. If I am lucky I might see another 26+ summers.Some times in life you get so wrapped up in things that you ignore the things around you.If its one thing that this divorce has taught me. Is to slow down and appreciate the things around you. I can tell you guys my next 20+ summers are going to be the best summers of my life. I am going to make every minute count.

  2. It amazes me how my mom can go to the grocery store with $100 and come home with a full shopping cart. And then I get to eat like a king for a week!

  3. All of my pictures are now uploaded. Please remember you can send bio's and pictures to admin(at)thelynnfamily(dot)org

  4. All of my websites have been moved off my server to a Stable Host reseller account. First it started out as 5 hack attempts and then over the last few days its been getting worse and worse. Today was a all time high of 1789 hack attempts. I am not a Linux wiz and I know when I am beat. If I didn't move my websites it was just a matter of time before they go in and hacked the server. I would rather not loose my websites so I am going to leave webhosting up to the pros.

  5. 1789 hacking attempts against my server today. I am so piffed right now! It"s getting worse and worse its just a matter of time before they get in.

  6. I posted more pictures tonight and tomorrow I will finish the last of my pictures. And then its going to be up to members of the Lynn family to send me your pictures. My mom finalized the logo tonight we are going to have it Thursday.

  7. My mom had my graphics designer make some changes to the banner for The Lynn Family website. We should have it in the next day or two.P.S. the banner is a generation banner. It looks really cool.

  8. Heading to the park after I eat. I can't wait to get there.

  9. I am very tired tonight, I will work on scanning the rest of the pictures tomorrow.

  10. Dark by 8 pm sucks, I missed out on a lot this summer. But make no mistake I am going to be ready for next summer. I am starting a summer fund for next summer so I will have enough money to be outside soaking up the sun all summer long!

  11. I went to the park today and omg was it packed. There were so many cars that people were parking sideways instead of parallel. So I just went back home, I will go again tomorrow when there are less people.

  12. I just sent the pictures off to my designer for the logo for The Lynn Family website. She is really creative, so I just told her what I want it to say and I am going to see what she comes up with. P.S. I am going to charge it and pay it off when I get paid at the end of the month. I want everyone to be able to see my grand vision for the website. It will look 1000x better with a logo.

  13. I was told that its $40 for two weeks for looking up your family tree. That's going to have to wait until the end of the month. It's also $30 for the header graphic and that's going to have to wait too. I hope to have The Lynn Family website finished by October.

  14. I have set up a email so anyone in the Lynn family can send me pictures for the website. The email is admin(at)thelynnfamily(dot)org. Please label the pictures that you send me.

  15. I managed to get 63 pictures scanned tonight, I am giving the printer a break until tomorrow because I do not want to burn it out. I still have lots of pictures to scan.