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When it rains it pours I guess...  Heh!  We were informed just minutes ago about our Host Providers plans to move DarkMatters and SacredWiki to a new server.  Hopefully that will come with improvements!  And not headaches.  :oooo:


We will be performing a migration of the P1 server from our old storage platform to the new storage platform on September 23rd from 11 PM to 3 AM ET [GMT-4].

The expected downtime is not anticipated to exceed 45 minutes, however we are scheduling a longer maintenance window should we run into any unforeseen problems.  We have migrated numerous servers already successfully so we do not anticipate any delays or issues.

We will be posting updates to the this thread on our forums as we perform this maintenance: https://forums.mddhosting.com/topic/1474-p1-server-migration-saturday-september-23rd-11-pm-et-gmt-4/



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  1. Good place to farm for items?

    Thanks for all the info.
  2. Good place to farm for items?

    thank you
  3. Good place to farm for items?

    No I did not, could you perhaps link me?
  4. Good place to farm for items?

    I have tried that, not much luck honestly
  5. Hi I am currently on ps3 level 50 and I was wondering if any of you have a good spot to farm for amulets and uniques.
  6. hope u get it man I got my first legendary on here to goodluck
  7. What do you want from Sacred 3 ?

    allow us to have saved our items in the chest to the new sacred and alot of new rare items
  8. timetheus sorry but that is completely wrong lol I hope u wernt being serious
  9. Gamesave Corrupted

    regarding your officer saber.. I will give u a new one if u havnt gotten 1 yet also I think the issue is u wer in a game saved and not knowingly the host ended while u wer saving.. assuming you never noticed and bothered to trade before the ps3 issue after it was resolved you logged in only to find the corruption sorry for you're lose but currently I dont belive there is a solution you will have to make a new char add me in game if u have a mic - godlike32195 be on in week or so
  10. Shadow Warrior Concentration

    try creating a new one and see if it is the same result as of it being a better game on xbox... 2 much stuff to mention that went wrong with that ! ps3 always anyway gl fixing
  11. I am not positibe but I used to think you couldnt get legendaries on console.. I got a imp protector so I meen I gues anything is possible until someone (really) knows btw my friend said he found a pandamoniums pride SW set piece but he never showed me so idk if its true
  12. Fastest Boss Killer

    im soon gnna start a ranged driad apprently those and bfg seraphins are the fastest... if you're on ps3 and have a mic add me godlike32195 wel start 1
  13. Deactivating the battle music

    I never noticed this since I dont play with volume I listen to rap/dubstep anyway I think consoles can deactivate it in settings quit easily if im not mistaken
  14. Hell Hound Beats Mount + CM

    goodluck on quest if u find it its where gar collosus is I forgot name of city anyway goodluck mounts are def worth it