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  1. PresidentProdigy

    Selling Artmark's Star Lv50

    ill hit u up
  2. looking for lost fusion set:Technical Modules would also like the chest piece from XTM-2174:Prototype Ll189 Any set pieces are greatly appreciated and thank you for your time. I have items to trade, and mentors. I play a lot add me, if u have a mic: PSN: PresidentProdigy(no space) http://www.sacredwiki.org/images/Sacred_2/sets/TG/xtmarmor.gif http://www.sacredwiki.org/images/Sacred_2/sets/TG/technical.gif
  3. PresidentProdigy

    Weapon Trade. 2011

    what are you looking for?, I have set peices and other weapons and shields, my highest level character is a 55 btw.
  4. PresidentProdigy

    Weapon Trade. 2011

    no I dont really have anything over 100 I think the highest level item I have is a level 70 stalworth safeguard
  5. PresidentProdigy

    Weapon Trade. 2011

    was wondering if anyone had any 3 star swords for levels any level below 100. swords such as: Serpents Tongue, Flame Smitter, Ice Flash, Desert Saber, Officer Saber, Lord Wayne's Painkiller Khandar's Slicer, Romuil's Tears, Sword of the Blood Dryads, Ysandrifa's Law Also I would really like: Orc Shock(level 10) Also bows such as: Dragons Nemesis, Dragonbone Swiftbow Also any legendary weapons. k thanks add me if u want to play: PresidentProdigy