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  1. Love to hear an update, I'm building my own version of this, except I'm running locally on my own machine. I used Tactics Lore so I could level Rousing Command and Demonic Blow as well as RE and AG. But if I'm not liking things later I might get MCF for the regen/level bonus to RE and pass on one of my defensive skills. I'm more defense and more passive so far, but it sounds like my minions won't be able to keep up once I hit platinum. I'm still finishing up silver after not liking a build I had to gold. I'm really curious if there are any gear bonuses that will affect NA. In particular the - opponent evasion/armor in my gear improving the hit rate/damage of my minions.
  2. Looking for Build Help and General Questions

    Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents. 1. I try to always start in silver hardcore..., but switch to silver like now... this guy is a rock and hard to take down. 2. Like someone said this is a good solid build and it's pretty standard so stick with it. 3. The runes you've eaten won't hurt in the long run. 4. Every rune for now should go to buffs, until your regen on your 2 weapon CAs is under the animation/attack completion time. 5. Buff suits are cool, but you don't really need them in this build, it's more of an advanced tactic IMHO when testing odd builds (like the Dryad weaponless build or the High Elf melee build. 6. Because you're in bronze defense isn't a big deal, but it will be so I'd pick up 2 of the 3 Constitution/Toughness/Combat Reflexes, if I did it over I'd probably pick Toughness/CR because Grim Resilience gives so much regen/hp buff. 7. Grim Resilience/Reflective Emanation are the two buffs, unless you have regen problems (which you won't if you have only eaten 1 rune for non-buff CAs) you don't put more points here. 8. Frenzied Rampage is your mob/champ killer. 9. Bosses keep Augmenting Guidon and Rousing Command up as often as possible and spam Demonic Blow. 10. Only eat runes for Demonic Blow/Frenzied Rampage after they seem to be available for use before they even finish casting. Mods (d = down, u = up) in the order I take them. (first 9 points in Tactics Lore I mod Grim Resilience and Frenzied Rampage like this) Grim Resilience (dud) high regen, big defense boost, high physical resistance, or (duu) increases evasion instead of physical resistance. Currently I think I'd recommend duu more because it works against all damage types. Frenzied Rampage (uud) double strike, double attack chance, life leech. love it. At this point I have both Death Warrior Focus and Malevolent Champ Focus and I am trying to triple up Tactics Lore/DW Focus and MC Focus on skill points and I mod the following two) Reflective Emanation (ddu) reflect close combat, magic, and ranged, and boosts the reflected damage (this is mitigation and DPS simultaneously) Demonic Blow - you choose, but don't pick vehemence, because this is being used as a single target massive damage attack. Personally I like uud, I get a DoT from Wounding, massive reduction in armor (subsequent attacks hit harder) and a chance at a severe wound (dont' know what that is, I just know that between regen, reflection, and mitigation I don't seem to need the life leech here. So skills should be : Tactics Lore(straight to 9) Armor Lore(1) Dual Wield(1) - Master after you get your mods setup Death Warrior Focus (5) Concentration (1) Malevolent Champion Focus(get 5, then balance with Tactics and DW till they are at C level) The other 4 are from rest are from : Toughness, Blacksmith, Constitution, Combat Reflexes, Spell Resistance, Damage Lore, I'd pick either Blacksmith or Damage Lore and 3 of the 4 defensive skills (not constitution ) My 2 cents in how I look at this ez button cookie cutter Shadow Warrior.
  3. So, I got it in my head to Shadow Veil and Nether Allegiance my way through Niobium. But can it be done, and what does the build look like. So the premise is, my guy buffs and watches... 1. Astral Lord skills always at CLvl (+all skills) 2. I'm always invisible. 3. Though I can if necessary, I don't use any combat arts other than 3 buffs(Nether Allegiance, Shadow Veil, and Reflective Emanation), and 2 CAs(Rousing Command and Augmenting Guidon). My goal is to not use any others if possible. With those assumptions, here are my questions. A. What other skills? 1. Tactics Lore will get me the mod points for Rousing Command, Augmenting Guidon and Reflective Emanation. 2. I can't be completely unhittable, so I need some defense thus Armor Lore, Shield Lore, Toughness? 3. Blacksmithing, duh... 4. Probably Ranged, so I can use the LL% shurikens in the event that I get "unveiled". 5. But what else? Combat Reflexes? Constitution? B. Are there any gear bonuses/attributes bonuses that will help my skeletons? If not then I want to optimize for defense, evade, damage mitigation, blocking and reflection + visibility. Of course my other option is once I get to 25 shadow veil runes, I can just switch off the skeletons and go with the invisible melee guy, kind of like a stunlock rogue in warcraft. But if it's possible I'd like to go the skeleton route. Love to hear some thoughts here, I've seen some discussion of the concept, but not an in depth focused one... The only other build I saw used the skeletal fortification and rallied souls CAs to boost damage, and I'd really rather it's more complicated than I'd like to manage. The nice thing about this build if it would work is hit your skeleton buffs for boss fights, and other than that just run where you want to go, and pick up loot. Nice and simple (probably boring after a bit), but hell the standard DW/MC build is too...
  4. Is the Inquisitor a good starting character

    Can you post some type of rundown of the build you're describing? I've been looking at weird builds to try to put together and was thinking of this, not sure how to do it. Duel Wield, Magic Staffs, Tactics Lore, Gruesome Inquisition, Astute Supremacy (Both), Concentration, Armor Lore, Constitution (with support from others), then for the 10th... But I'm not sure which way to do it, drop staves and use duel wield only? I want a staff wielding Sith Lord... It seems to me that this could be the best of both worlds, with massive damage spell powers (from Int) and still high melee damage with the int buff to duel staves. Like to be able to add Doppleganger or the Soul one for a third buff later on... wow cool. I want everything...
  5. Thanks for doing that Dragon Brother, to anyone who finds this thread, ask questions if my hints aren't enough. I might be able to help you figure it out.
  6. Yes, I wish I could mod the Topic, I'd like to add (Windows 7: FIXED)
  7. Ok, what I was missing, and I need to figure this out, is that my version of the file, wasn't the one being executed by the server. When I started using emacs, it was able to write there, but it didn't actually write there.... So I switched to running emacs in Administrator mode and I see the last version I changed with Notepad. What makes me irate is that windows 7 is lying to me. It's telling me that I have a different version of the file. I don't mind being told NO, I can fix NO! But don't say, ok nice job, looks good, and then ignore my change when I run the application. That makes me mad as hell! So of course now I'm running emacs in Administrator mode and I'm using AutoHotKey to remap capslock to ctrl and emacs in administrator mode can't see it... Nor for that matter does Sacred 2, which means that the change I made to run as Windows XP Service Pack 2, is forcing Sacred to Administrator mode, even though I'm not asking it to... Again, screw you windows 7, tell me what you're doing and be obvious about it.
  8. Ok, I was using x2 on MP_experience, just to speed up the grind, I don't have thousands of hours to build all of my characters up, but when I tried to up the droprate, nothing happened. I made the rune drop change to make them all match the hero. But I've replaced the balance.txt file with the original, and still I'm getting all runes dropped on any character match the current hero. My current balance.txt has the following line changes from the original, and that's it. MP_experience = {8000,9200,10600,12400,14600}, so basically that's a x8 change. I then created a brand new inquisitor and killed the two guys outside the tavern. 26xp each! Holy Hannah!? What more basic could I do? I am seriously missing something. But WHAT am I missing? Is it possible that my balance.txt file is corrupt and it's falling back on a default one that's not obvious? If that was true, wouldn't it mean that the rune drop rate would default to 40% for my hero? All characters are defaulting to 100% of runes are for the hero. Is there a copy in temp storage somewhere? What I just did removes the idea that there's something to do with an existing save file, this is a brand new character. I'm on Windows 7, I'm using emacs to edit, the only oddity is that the new "Owner" of the files is my user, not the Administrator user which it was installed under. Even so, how is it getting the change to rune drop rates (from old state, even on new characters)?
  9. Has this been discussed elsewhere? I'm on Windows 7, I'm an experienced developer, I know I'm changing balance.txt, I've compared it with the original, and I'm not seeing any effect anymore of changes that I make to balance.txt, since I upgraded to 2.43. Changing MP_experience. pfftt... nothing... Let alone increasing drop rates. Made the changes and nothing happens. Is there something about savefiles that prevents the values from the server/balance.txt from taking precedence? Oh and if it hasn't been done, I'll do the troubleshooting necessary to figure this out, but I don't want to spin my wheels identifying and solving a problem that's been solved.
  10. Has this been discussed elsewhere? I'm on Windows 7, I'm an experienced developer, I know I'm changing balance.txt, I've compared it with the original, and I'm not seeing any effect anymore of changes that I make to balance.txt, since I upgraded to 2.43. Changing MP_experience. pfftt... nothing... Let alone increasing drop rates. Made the changes and nothing happens. Is there something about savefiles that prevents the values from the server/balance.txt from taking precedence?
  11. How do I use my Level 2 shopper?

    ok, thanks, that sounds doable and quicker. I've continued to reload while I was waiting for response to my question, and in the mean time I've got 3 seraphim pieces, a couple of dryad and high elf pieces, and a full shadow warrior set, but nothing for the damn temple guardian. I'm trying to make him into my level 35 shopper, as suggested in a guide.
  12. First off, I'm on a PC. Ok, so I've got my level 2 shopper, an inquisitor and he's getting good gear. But many guides list using him to equip starting characters. How? All I seem to be able to do is login over and over again hoping I'll get armor pieces I can use for the new character I'm starting up. (for example, currently I've logged in 5 times and found 0 items for my temple guardian). What am I missing? I did try using a LAN server, and I logged into it with two running instances of sacred 2, started with 1 character, then connected with shopper, it didn't work, and I somehow managed to overwrite my shopper. Thanks ahead of time, if the only thing it can actually do is buy rings, amulets and weapons (and the occasional other class specific gear pieces), then that's ok, just let me know that I'm wasting my time trying to figure it out. Then a low level shopper (level 2 or level 6) for each class I want to start up. That will take more time, but it's probably worth it.