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  1. Umbra

    Hoping for the best on this one. I want to back this.
  2. UNBENDED will be Developed!

    Yes got me to thinking along those lines too. Reading up more over there atm.
  3. Saw this over at rpgwatch http://www.rpgwatch.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1061315890 http://www.unbended.zone/neuigkeiten-zum-stand-der-entwicklung/?lang=en#more-7676 Wow we will get this soon one day!
  4. Ah well. I was curious about this. Well glad other rpg's will keep me busy till this comes out.
  5. Hi all!

  6. Sacred 2 on GOG.com!

    After picking it up from a online gaming store in Europe 4 year ago and also Amazon I decided it was so much easier and better to own it from GOG. Also installed the patch from here which was very simple to install.
  7. Sacred 3 Current Scheduelled Release Date for 2013

    glad to hear the news on Sacred 3!
  8. Sacred 3?

    Got my hopes up high when I saw new post in the thread
  9. Dungeon Siege 3

    Hey! Thanks for the welcome. I'm more of a lurker than poster. Just taking in all the cool stuff on this site.
  10. Dungeon Siege 3

    Aye I jumped on it over at greenmangaming. great price on it too.
  11. Hello

    Just wanted to drop in and introduce myself. I first found out about this great game from gamersgate. I then started a little research on it and found a link from a person at steam talking about this site. I was happy to find out that I could buy Sacred 2 Gold also via a store in Europe. The process went well and there server was fast for downloading. I sort of always been a fan of rpg games from the very first time I played King's Quest back in the early 80's as a child. I looking forward to learning more here about the game and other things as well. Take care.