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  1. Bonus Liste.xls

    Anyone still got the Bonus liste xls (Excel) file from czevak ? Would be nice if someone could share it
  2. Stat potions

    Just throwing in the idea here, why not add potions to the game that permanently increase one of your stats? And make them super rare to find. Right now im looking into it. So far I found out that potions (healing ones) have the bonus group 85 newBlueprint = { id = 2951, name = "potion_heal_big2", palettebits = "1111111111111111", dmgvariation = 0, minconstraints = {80,0,3}, lvljump = 0, usability = 0, allotment_pmfpi = {1000,0,0,0,0}, uniquename = "", specialuseonly = 0, bonusgroup0 = {85,1000,1,1,0}, itemtypes = {2917,}, wearergroups = {'WEARGROUP_DEFAULT',}, } mgr.createBlueprint(2951, newBlueprint); newBonusgroup = { id = 85, name = "SB_power_canheal_s ", bonuslist = { 71,}, } mgr.createBonusgroup(85, newBonusgroup); s o all we need to do now is find a way for the potions to give a stat bonus instead of a heal, and so far thats where im stuck.
  3. Dual wielding one handed range weapons

    Oh well, it wouldve been very cool...
  4. So, as the title suggests, how hard would it be to make? So far it seems to me you cant dual wield them with the skill dual wield and ranged weapons. Would be cool to dual wield two of these energy weapons for instance
  5. Overhaul of shadow veil

    So yeah, ever noticed that its pointless to skill shadow veil past level 50/25(with skill modification)? Once you have 100% chance to not be detected while casting spells there is no reason to invest any more runes into shadow veil. So I was thinking the skill should have an innate bonus Something along the lines of +crit chance while stealthed, +melee damage, -opponent's chance to dodge/evade. Something that supports stealthy melee play. So im open for good suggestions. they will be incorporated into the new Update of my challenge Mod. Since the old thread is gone im not sure which changes were included in my last version. I remember I made ALL items 1x1 in the inventory and all two handed weapons were one handed except bows and other two handed range weapons
  6. Im not sure if this was mentioned yet but wouldnt it be fun to have a unique throwing weapon with the model of the kobold's stones that they throw? You could name it "David's *generic adjective* Stone". Would be a reference to the fairytale "David and Goliath"
  7. Almost never lose progress again to crashes

    I tried that out yesterday when I was playing with my shadow warrior for an hour or two, found an awesome rare ring with life leech 50 and regen on hit 0.9, later it crashed and I hadnt saved once >.>
  8. Go to the options.txt in C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Local\Ascaron Entertainment\Sacred 2 for example Look for binding_autocollect = 16, copy the value behind the "=" look for binding_savegame = 16, and change it to the same value as binding_autocollect No need to thank me, but thanks are welcome Now itll save every time you auto collect items, which should be often.
  9. New Model Content for Shadow Warrior

    Can we get a seperate, independant download for this pls?
  10. Any chance youll share with us how to add sets? the most difficult part would be editing the global.res without proper tools...
  11. Any chance of getting a guide on how to add new uniques/legendaries and how to name them? Also how do you add sets to the game? I know most of it is done in the blueprint.txt but how do you set the names of sets/uniques/legendaries?
  12. Any chance we will see your work as a seperate download? Its always such a hassle to update my mod with the latest CM patch, if any new CM patch will ever come out. Plus it would go well with my new project. Now that im a better programmer than I was back then when I made the editor for the spawn.txt, I wanna create an item editor. Simple put, it will allow you to change item properties with a gui and edit the bonusgroups too. And maybe I even can get it to create set items, though that might be a whole new thing all together, I think you need to edit the global.res for the set item names and such. Ill ask around
  13. for me he always stays spawned forever until you 'use' him once
  14. what do you wanna change?