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  1. New and final release(for now) is finished.


    -increased region loading performance

    -Sorted the selectable regions and/or Monsters.(Included a version where the regions arent sorted, for your convenience) you need to reset your knowSpawnpath.txt file if you used a previous version (resetted file included)

    -Made the panel bigger ((You can add a lot more spawns now before youd have to scroll down))

    -Enabled proper Tab-stopping ((zapping through the editable fields via tab))

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  2. Hey, does anyone know if it is possible to set a minimum skill increase per rune for a skill when youre way over the "cap" ? I want to set the minimum increase to 0.5 per rune read rather than letting it fall down further and further. If you read too many runes the bonus to skill per rune quickly drops to 0.2 or so

  3. File Name: Moonpaw's Spawn.txt Editor with GUI

    File Submitter: Moonpaw

    File Submitted: 08 Dec 2011

    File Category: Fallen Angel


    This is a tool which should allow the user to easily edit the tremendously large spawn.txt file and gives additional information. For example the monster name from the ID, loaded from the creatures.txt file, a picture of selected monster (in future releases) and a quicklink for the regions on the ancaria map (if Schot allows it and helps me out a bit)


    Click here to download this file

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  4. UPDATE: Im ready to publish a first alpha version of the tool so people can get a feel of it. Sadly, since its still an alpha version of it, I havent implemented a save method yet. Also the pics are still missing and so is the implementation of Schot's map API (if he allows it to be implemented, havent heard from him yet)


    Also I didnt make it crash safe yet. So only do what the program wants you to do :3 Be nice to it and it wont crash.



    I made a thread about it on the downloads forum and I uploaded it to the download section. On request ill also mail the source code to people IMing me or even better I ask gogoblender if he wants to look over my source code to confirm it doesnt contain malicious code. But you can trust me on this one. Im a good girl ;P

  5. UPDATE: Finished the logic to display the gui for all regions and the Add spawn button works as well.



    To-do List:

    Add pics for all monster types and add a functionality to use Schot's ancaria map API to look at the regions on the worldmap, IF he allows the usage of his code/project.


    Enable the program to create a spawn.txt with the user's changes.


    Code the "Make backup" button, the save button and the "Run sacred" button.

  6. Update: Step 1 of 3 is complete. My programm now sucessfully reads the entire spawn.txt and generates 4785 "Region" objects containing the coords, name, layer ID, total density and all spawn entries, which are seperate objects of a "Spawn" class. Step 2 is building the GUI from my list of regions and step 3 is making a list with the modified regions from the gui and writing the new spawn.txt file. So you could say I have 33% finished

  7. and whats that internal sector-spawn editor? never heard of it


    Its just our CM-Patch internal tool for dealing with the spawns handled in persector.zip. We do not plan to release it to masses. ;)


    and what does it do? whats its function? Just explain it a bit^^ no need to share code or an executeable

  8. So I made a basic layout of how the finished program might look. of course I added everything per editor so far but the programm itself will later load the spawn.txt file you selected and render the panels according to the spawn.txt and also itll have a save button of course. The Pic button will display a monster pic or screenshot and clicking on the region thumbnail will display a full sized pic of that region.




  9. Heya folks, after a long break from enhancing my challenge mod (downloadable from the DL menu on this site) I decided to make a programm via visual studio 2010 and c# code to edit the spawn.txt. Its main functionality will be browsing the regions for the monster spawns and editing the different values. Itll also display monster screenshots in a popup window if you click a button next to the monster name. But for this large project I need YOUR help. What I need is screenshots of the regions, either from the worldmap and marked or highlightened or minimap screenshots (minimap transparency 0% and fullly removed fog of war pls). You can either mail them to me via zip or rar to moonpaw_fayray@hotmail.com or upload them somewhere and send a link on this thread. it helps A LOT if you name the screenshots properly (like crystallregion V.jpg or Kobold_Hunter.jpg or Boss_dragon_Undead.jpg or even better just write the ID of the monster from the creatures.txt in the screenshot filename, if its a creature screenshot. that would help a lot identifying which screenshot belongs to what. Would also help to see the monster name in the screenshot)

    I want the region entries to be displayed in either a datagrid or similar control structures so its visually appealing and easy to use. next to a region thumbnail the spawned creatures are displayed and the max density and the like.


    Ill share the source-code regularly as I make progress. Of course im also open for suggestions and ideas and code snippets to add into the programm.

  10. File Name: Moony's challenge Mod

    File Submitter: Moonpaw

    File Submitted: 18 Jul 2011

    File Updated: 24 Dec 2011

    File Category: Ice & Blood Patches and Mods


    This is a mod that should add a lot more difficulty to the game by letting the player face hordes of super aggressive monsters. It'll be like fighting stoned pro-athlets on dope in a 100 meter dash with only 1 leg. ((Pretty tough))

    It also adds many random boss encounters to all over ancaria (once this mod is complete) and they do respawn.



    Newest update is CM patch 130 compatible/dependant


    Click here to download this file

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