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  1. Ginnosaji

    Temporary buffs not stacking?

    yeah, not sure if the AS tooltip is wrong but I don't think so. thanks.
  2. Hi, I just made a Shadow warrior and noticed something weird. I wanted to stack the attack speed bonus of Augmenting Guidon - leadership and Rousing Command - Impulse but it seems like it does not work. If I cast Augmenting Guidon I have 115,8% AS. If I cast rousing command, I have 115,7% AS. If I cast both, I have 115,8% AS. Is this a feature? This is the first time I've noticed this. Does this thing happen with all stats? Like if I mod Killing Spree for Attack Rating and/or attack speed. I'm using CM patch 1.60 and Enhanced edition (with spells) if that changes anything.
  3. Ginnosaji

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Hi, I've already posted this on the nexus but I figured I'd post this here: Hi. Thanks for the awesome mod! But I think I found a bug. I'm not sure if the mod introduced the bug or if it was like this before, but Inquisitor's Frenetic fervor run speed mod doesn't work (No Escape). The animation is faster, but the actual speed is the same... I timed myself running from one place to another with 120% run speed and it took the same time as with Frenetic Fervor (158% run speed). I removed my moved speed gear and there is a difference between 100 and 120. What's strange is that when removing my run speed gear and casting Frenetic Fervor, there is a difference (137% run speed). BUT even weirder is that it took the exact same time as when I had my 120% run speed gear?
  4. Ginnosaji

    Purifying Chastisement bronze mod does increase damage

    yeah -_- but many people told me this, not only the wiki... strange. EDIT: forgot to mention I also aways wear % damage conversion to magic gloves!
  5. Hi guys After some testing, I found that the bronze modification for Purifying Chastisment DOES increase magic pearl's damage when socketed, even though many people told me otherwise. This made me create a magic damage inquisitor (it would work with fire damage too!) It is possible have 70%+ magic damage proportion on my melee weapons. So I made this melee inquisitor build. Skills: 1. Negociation (keep at char level) 2. Dual wield (75) master at 75 3. Gruesome Inquisition Focus (100) master at 75 4. Armor lore(100) 5. Tactics lore (99) 6. Constitution(200) 7. Nefarious netherworld focus (14) 8. Astute Supremacy focus (31) 9. Concentration (1) 10. Toughness (100) CA mods In order of priority Gruesome Inquisition Purifying Chastisment Purge/Mystic (depends if you want fire or magic) > Eradicate > Hallow Callous Execution Bleed > Lacerate > Judgment Ruthless Mutilation Ire>Dolor>Frenzy Frenetic Fervor Fanaticism>Resolve>Relentless Mortifying Pillory Disgrace > Proclamation> Mortify Astute Supremacy Reverse Polarity Rebound>Counterblow>Exploit Zealous Doppelganger Incentive>Equal>Determination Nefarious Netherworld Dislodged Spirit Gelidity>Deprivation Paralyzing Dread Panic>Decrepit equip 2 weapons with magic pearls in them, and a few others weapons with another element in case you have to kill an opponent resistent to magic EDIT: forgot to mention I also aways wear % damage conversion to magic gloves! thoughts?
  6. Ginnosaji

    New class ideas for Sacred 3

    I would also love if there was a "berserk" orc class: hits hard and fast, but doesn't have a strong defense. He could have a cool CA like frenzied rampage, but instead of standing still, the Orc fly around hitting enemies like a boss kinda like the juggernaut's "omnislash" if anyone played DotA. or Yi's Alpha strike if anyone played League of Legends.
  7. Ginnosaji

    Some new Sacred 2 player questions

    1) Socketing CAs is still useful, it boosts your damage a lot. But not in Silver IMO, because it only gives you +1 to the CA (in Niob, it's +6) 2)I don't think they do more damage. But I usually kill ranged mobs first, since they are the weakest to damage. AS buff can help you with them though, it reflect ranged damage (and every damage with the right mods) 3) You can socket amulets in a gold socket. If you have the skill "Blacksmith" you can socket them in silver sockets, and rings can be socketed in bronze sockets. 4)No, It scales with the difficulty level (or with the level of your blacksmith skill) BUT silver sockets give +5% bonus to effects you socket in them, and +15% for gold sockets 5)hmm. It might be a bug. Happened to me before that someone was still following me after a quest. But are you sure there is no other objective? Try to read the quest logs about this quest. 6) At higher level, you will need a lot of attack and a lot of defense. these amulets can be useful if you're having a hard time hitting/surviving. There are better amulets/rings though. like +X to all skills. Regarding that. If you keep Bargaining to your character level, you will often find nice rings/amulets at merchants. 7) AT higher difficulties, light potions will become less efficient, and you will find better ones. 8) Sometimes, you can see that an item has an effet but you do not get it because you need the skill. the required skill is shown in red and between parenthesis a) Most inquisitor take Dual wield, because it does has much damage as other weapons but you can have more sockets. There are also a lot of one handed weapons. b) strength won't be a waste I you fight melee a lot. I like putting my points in Vitality though, because the Inquisitor is weak. c) Most of the time I gather a large group and kill them with Clustering Maelstrom+ Levin array in a combo. I finish the others with Callous Execution. It keep its cooldown really low so I can spam it. edit: didn't see the topic was this old lol, I hope it still helps.
  8. Ginnosaji

    Zealous Doppleganger

    1. I think so. From what I've seen, the doppleganger does has much damage has you do. So since Dex increses your damage, it will increase his damage. 2. It's a bug :/ 3. Tough question. I would recommend Constitution, but since you're range, I'm not sure you need it, even though it helps a lot. Do you use Astute supremacy a lot? you can take Ancient Magic/combat. You can also take Nefarious Netherworld focus, for the debuffs (nice against bosses in Niob) EDIT: oh, you're on Xbox right? so no AM. so Combat discipline (relly useful for CM+LA+RT combo)/constitution/nefarious netherworld focus
  9. Ginnosaji

    New class ideas for Sacred 3

    I don't think there will be an Inquisitor, but I would love a character that is similar: melee/mage hybrid, and a guy that isn't necessarly really evil. Well the inquisitor is evil, but his personnality isn't only about murdering people like shadow path SW... And I would really like epic skills like Clustering Maelstrom
  10. Ginnosaji

    New class ideas for Sacred 3

    I would love a dwarf. I would also be very happy if there still was the Inquisitor, but I doubt it
  11. Hi I'm having a hard time finding 2-handed hafted weapons for my SW with my Inquisitor, because it looks like merchants will rarely sell items your character can't use. I have to look for hafted weapons for 30 minutes before finding one, and it often sucks... Is there a way to mod the game to change this? Is there alrady a mod out there that does this, and is compatible with CM-patch? thanks!
  12. Ginnosaji

    Random FPS drop

    no, only like once or twice a day, but it's still annoying when you just killed a tough boss and you wnat to teleport and boom crash, try again I installed Advanced system care and gamebooster. Now that I think about it, I didn't activate the "turbo mode" of Advanced system care today and nothing strange happened so far.
  13. Ginnosaji

    Random FPS drop

    yes they are. But I didn't have these problems before... :/
  14. Ginnosaji

    Random FPS drop

    I have american fallen angel with Ice and Blood reg edited I have every patchs installed, but how do I reinstall them? when I run a patch installation it says "your game is already patched to this version(2.65.2)" or something
  15. Ginnosaji

    Random FPS drop

    I have less problems since I lowered the resolution, but it's still there.