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  1. Swapping It was a good Idea. Thanks a lot.
  2. Thanks King Angel and nice to meet you all.
  3. This mod looks very promising. I was trying out a 200 level Barbarian and I found some Combat Art bugs. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level 53 Battle Orders(Buff): War Song: It should add +114% increase in Damage (Example: Weapons Damage: 224[without buff] -> 392[Activated Buff: Damage bonus] -> 224[Activate Buff: No damage bonus]) Implacable: It should add +25.2% to Chance Opponents Cannot Evade Attacks (Example: Enemy wolf Level 202: Player Chance to hit: 23%[without buff] -> 92%[Activated Buff: Attack ratting bonus + Cannot Evade attacks bonus] -> 67%[Active Buff: only attack ratting bonus]) These 2 bonuses show up only during casting then they simply disappear even though the buff is still active. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Level 53 Iron Skin(Buff): This buff should add Block Chance: Projectives: +39%. Tough: It should add +1752 points to Defense (Example: Defense value: 450[without buff] -> 2202[Activated Buff: Defense bonus] -> 450[Active Buff: No defense bonus]) These bonuses show up only during casting then It simply disappears even though the buff is still active. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It would be great If someone could check It out. Keep up the great work.
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