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  1. Ok I'm running Sacred 2 Gold on windows 10. The game runs smoothly for the most part. I'm playing an Inquisitor and whenever I use my clustering maelstrom with raving thrust combo on any enemy that is mounted (goblin boar riders, desert spider riders, etc) they explode. It's pretty awesome really, except the fact that after about 3 or 4 groups of explosions and the game crashes. Not the entire game mind you, just the game server. It freezes for a couple seconds then returns me to the start menu with the message "connection error (10). check your internet connection" This is odd because I'm playing single player. I've tried every crash fix I can google: messing with memory settings, all the compatibility modes, different graphics settings, uninstalling and re-installing the game (I copied my characters and chest of course), even with and without the cm patch. Nothing seems to work. Its really a pain in the ass, the whole reason I love the inquisitor is because he kills groups so fast, but I cant use my CM RT combo on any mounted enemies. For testing I teleport to Ruka and go just north, there are plenty of boar riding goblins. I just group 3 or 4 together, use my combo, they explode. After a few groups the game kicks me back out to the main menu. Any thoughts:)
  2. Getting back to Sacred

    Awesome, thanks for all of the replies! It's crazy that after so much time this game is still so awesome
  3. Howdy y'all! So I played this game and loved it so many years ago. I remember the awesome people from closed hardcore, like gogo and knuckles and r00ster. Gladiator was my favorite character and I was lucky enough to pick r00ster'a brain in-game a few times. Anyway, I've been wanting to play it very badly lately and have questions. I now run windows 10 but I've noticed people have made it work so no big deal there. Mainly though, before I go to all the trouble I'm concerned about leveling. I seem to recall experience gain was a total pain unless in a full multiplayer game because enemies were worth so much more. How do y'all level high in single player? Is there a mod to simulate difficulty and experience in multiplayer:)
  4. What's the fastest way to level a Shadow Warrior?

    So I just discovered a few things that I'm sure all of you Sacred 2 veterans already know. I just realized how awesome the '-% chance for enemy to evade' bonus is. I realized that my level 33 melee SW only had a 65% chance to hit the White Griffon on silver difficulty. I also just realized that he had 12 free sockets in his gear. I also realized that the White Griffon has no poison or fire resistance. I socketed about '-40% chance for enemy to evade', '0.9s RpH', 'oponent level for deathblow +40%', and a few other things as well. Plus I put a 38% conversion to poison damage on my 2 handed axe. Killed that stupid Griffon in like 25 seconds! My chance to hit him is now 103%, just from filling out my sockets and only using a level 25 bargainer (he is in gold difficulty). Is it useful at all to use sockets on the '% to resist stun affects' I hate getting stunned by bosses but I'm not sure how many sockets I'd need to use up to make a noticable difference. Plus I now realize how important a bargainer is just to get decent jewels to socket...kinda bums me out because now I'll have to level another bargainer up to like 50 or so.
  5. Mine is being all funky too. I have windows 7 64bit and am using current patch with ice and blood. Just got the game a few weeks ago and had no problems other than a few random crashes. In trying to fix the random crashes (sometimes when opening map, sometimes at login, sometimes while game is first starting up) I edited my sacred.exe shortcut to be set for administrator as was suggested in some other poasts I read. Well that made things worse and so I reverted it back to the way I had it but now it crashes about 75% of the time when I try to join a multiplayer server on closed net. I only play closed net so I could care less if the single player mode works or not. Anyone have a clue what to do or how to fix this? All of the "fixes" I read are from over a year ago and they don't seem to work for me.
  6. What's the fastest way to level a Shadow Warrior?

    Both very interesting ideas. I already have a melee SW using death warrior and malevolent champion. He can take some heavy hits and I've done a lot of orc cave runs with him, but it just seems like there should be a faster way. At mid to high 20s he has to do like 30 orc cave runs just for 1 level....seems like that wouldn't be so fast but I could definately be wrong! I'll have to do some time trials or something. How long does it take you guys to do a guardian run and what element damage/resist should I use? Capt.Smack I got my shadow veil warrior to lvl25 and it was grueling to just sit there and watch my minions and towers do the killing, plus it's so very hard to kite mobs when I'm invisible and they don't chase me. I really like your idea of just using the minion part of astral lord and jumping in there and helping them kill stuff. So with that build you like using demonic blow over frenzied rampage? How did you mod rallied souls and NA? I dunno if more damage from NA is better or if 2 extra skeletons are better. So do you plan on using reflective emanation at level 75 along with your other 2 buffs? If not do you plan on taking combat reflexes? I like the sound of that build, I'm going to make one of those and see how he does compared to doing orc cave runs with my melee SW. I'll have to get your build idea up to his mid 20s before I can actually see which one levels faster as my melee is already in his mid 20s. One more thing, when you hit swamp at level 12 are you in silver mode? I like the ideas guys, thank you! Anyone else have another take on what they think would be faster:)
  7. What's the fastest way to level a Shadow Warrior?

    maybe I just don't level in the right area or something. I tried the completely astral lord build and after 4 1/2 hours was at level 24. The minions kill so slowly that it takes forever for me. My mellee SW kills faster, but I was hoping for some strategy to gain levels the fastest. I saw on a post someone said they farm guardians. Is that viable for a melee only SW? I've only fought guardians once on my Seraphim while in a party, they seemed weak but I don't know all their strengths. So for your melee/astral lord hybrid which melee aspect are you using, death warrior or malevolent champion? Where specifically did you train to get to 50 in 4 1/2hours? Oh btw, I don't have a niob character for smithing and my bargainer is level 25 so he won't help until that level.
  8. Well, just what the topic says, what is the fastest way to level a shadow warrior:) Regardless of playstyle, I'm looking for what build to use and what leveling strategy result in gaining levels the absolute fastest as a shadow warrior, keeping in mind that he should still be viable in niobium. I've tried out most of the builds on here they have varying killing speeds which is also dependant on level. So, do I want to go shadow veil or do I want melee? I don't care, whichever levels faster is what I'm looking for. I checked out the 'Mr. I unlock platinum fast' build and his killing speed seems very slow......took me much much longer to get to level 20 than it did with my melee SW. So basically I'd like to hear from someone that's tried quite a few SW builds and get info on how to make him level the fastest way possible. What should the build be? What area should he train in depending on his level? Do I kill groups with him or is farming the guardians faster? Basically the play style is of no consequence, I just want his levels to soar.
  9. Forgot to select hardcore

    I decided to just keep her, if she dies I'll delete her believe me. I remember Sacred 1 didn't mix hardcore with non-hardcore that was my concern. Thx Stubbie but I beat you to it, I bought the game off this site with Ice and Blood and am currently playing the closed servers. Love it too. Not as many people on as I hoped but the game isn't new. I have only been playing for a week or so and have already ran into 3 or 4 very awesome people that helped me with my special mount and also to easily grab some portals. Thx everyone!
  10. Hmmmm, ok so I guess I'm not quite sure what stats are more important than others. This will be mainly focused for a melee SW and a melee seraphim. I don't know if I want super high resistances or if I should prioritize defense. I've read about RpH and Deathblow but have no clue what COCE is. You said you shore up the weaknesses from your gear. That's the part I don't understand. I look at a piece of gear and have no idea what it's weaknesses are. Basically when I choose one helm over the other all I understand is that helm 'x' has an armor value of 20 and +2 to hafted weapons, and helm 'y' has an armor value of 40 and +2 to swords. If I have hafted weapons skill do I want helm 'x' for that bonus or do I want helm 'y' for it's greater armor? I know it may not be that important at lower levels but I want to understand how it works so I don't suck at higher levels. The only way I know to compare gear is to compare the values of exact bonuses from one to another. If it has a whole different bonus I don't know which is better and I don't know what to check to see what I'm lacking. I gues what I'm getting at is I don't know what sort of things I want higher than others, when I look at my gear I really don't know what works best with whst. All I'm going on at this point is what has a higher value of the same thing, and I basically just use whatever gear gives me a bonus to a skill I have taken. I had the same confusion in Sacred 1 and I think that's why my toons started to diminish in effect around level 100. Except my Wood Elf, thorn bush was OP. Thats a diff topic though BTW I have spent a lot of time in the builds section and believe I have full comprehension on what relevence the skills have for what character I'm trying to build so I feel confident that far.
  11. Forgot to select hardcore

    Cool, thanks gogo. Heck yeah, I loved Sacred 1 and Sacred 2 is pretty awesome so far. I love that I can eat as many runes as I want without drops getting less. I only played closed hardcore in Sacred 1 and want to do the same here....if a character doesn't truly die it just isn't as exciting for me. I remember playing with you a few times in Sacred 1, there were so many great people playing that game. I wish I would have gotten to Sacred 2 sooner when people were playing more often. I'll probably try out each class to about level 30 before I get anyone to 100, that's what I did in Sacred 1. I have too much fun trying out new classes/builds.
  12. So I decided to start a Seraphim as a set/unique item finder. Got her to level 15 and realized I didn't select hardcore mode =( Is she gimped? Does hardcore offer any inherent bonus? If she dies I'll delete her anyway, I can't have a toon without survival bonus. Should I remake her now or will it not affect anything? BTW I love playing this character so far! Using the Queen of Blades build except I won't take bargaining, already have my inquisitor for that. Lots of fun to play so far!
  13. I've tried to do some research on socketing here and in the wiki but all I'm coming up with is instructions on how to socket. I'm looking for a general guidline as to what I should socket to get the maximum effect out of my slots so that they also stack with bonuses on an item. Should I always use the blacksmith 'whet' ability on weapons? For my armor if I don't need any LL or CA bonuses what sort of rings or amulets should I look for to use? Should I go with resistances to damage types or look for +defense or what? If you could explain what sort of things you guys try to stack I would really appreciate it. I'm having a lot of trouble shopping for amulets, I have a level 20 bargainer with bargaining at his level and +14 from gear and rarely see amulets. I'm honestly not impressed with any of the bonuses from rings or amulets so I end up just socketing blacksmith arts and it seems like I'm missing something, maybe I'm just too low of a level.
  14. I like using hybrid inquisitor too. I started a bargainer and have been levelling him by riding spider and using whatever polearm I can buy. Use a combo with Cluster Maelstrom, Levin Array, Ruthless Mutilation. It rocks. I tried using Raving Thrust in there but just wasn't effective at all for me. He kills with no problems whatsoever, groups of any size. Modify CM with both extra range modifiers and it pulls everything. Keep in mind this is a bargainer, so his bargaining skill is getting all the points, with only 4 or 5 each in armor, astute focus, concentration, combat discipline, and tactics. He's level 18 and just now took polearms. I haven't focused at all on his offensive skills and he totally rocks. He's surprisingly destructive for only being a bargainer and having his offensive skills sorely neglected.
  15. New to Sacred 2 lots of questions!

    Awesome thank you all for the great info! Little Faith, yes that's exactly what I meant, thank you! I checked out those links gogo, what is meant by modifiable bonuses on weapon? Can you alter the bonus the weapon gives you somehow? I remember in Sacred 1 my trader would buy armor with high +% of something on it and socket it with a ring or whatnot to increase the value of what the bonus % increased....is this what it means? Also lifeleech was best done by socketing vamp iirc. I notice some inquisitor runes have LL on them, are there items that add LL as well or should I just keep those runes handy to re-socket like we did in sacred 1? On that note what is a good value of LL to have? Runes: awesome, I always hated that the more you ate the less they drop. good to know that I can eat as many as my regens will allow for, this way I can play with abilities to see which ones are more fun for me. Item quality: I'm still confused on this. If it was answered I misunderstand so I apologize. In sacred 1 I farmed set items in the swamp on silver difficulty because the bonus values on them were higher than on the same level item found in bronze difficulty. Is this still true for sacred 2? Should my level 2 trader only spend time buying in silver and should my shadow warrior only spend time levelling in silver rather than bronze (just for better drops, plus the xp of course) due to the fact that it certainly doesn't seem to hard for me. Bargaining: So if I understand properly my level 2 char can even buy in niobium difficulty if I unlock it with a high enough character? Basically I want the forging from a niob level smith yes? Basically I'm trying to determine if I should spend a lot of time building a trade suit for my level 2 trader so he can outfit my level 10 shadow warrior and at what point will the level 2 trader be useless to my shadow warrior down the road? Obviously I'll start new characters which he will defeinately help but for now I'm just trying to get the feel of how long level 2 bargaining has usefulness. As a sidenote the shadow warrior seems tough enough that I don't mind using a skill slot for bargaining on him eventually. Sorry if these questions sound dumb, I'm used to how Sacred 1 worked and it's been a while since I played it so some of the mechanics are fuzzy in my head. I remember Thain's Axe of Flames was great for a good while, my level 2 dwarf trader totally supplied my characters for a long time, LL is from vamp runes, my vamp easily farmed set items of whatever quality I needed, I spent hours and hours reading builds and had badass characters but could never seem to have as high level CAs with such low regens as everyone else for some reason. I find myself trying to apply these principles to this game and just wanna make sure I fully understand the little tips and tricks of this one. Builds: There seems to be a ton, for any one that says take "x" skill there's one that says "no don't take that skill!". Can you direct me to a general build for melee Shadow Warrior? Gladiator was my bread and butter, I love melee, so I'm focusing on shadow warrior here. Basically I have a general idea but my main concerns are CA regen times and where to put attribute points to not waste them. Armor: So armor in this one seems to add regen time rather than make you walk slow is this correct? Is the skill 'speed' worth having? Mounts: Where do I get that super cool looking hellhound mount!? Again thank you all so much for your replies and all the help. I remember the Sacred 1 community being very helpful and Sacred 2 seems to be much of the same and I see some familiar names here so that's always cool. I feel kinda dumb that I loved Sacred 1 so much and am only now getting Sacred 2 but my comp wouldn't handle it and I just recently got a new one. *EDIT* OK so I did a bit further research and found some great consistant info in guides, I feel foolish for even asking to be pointed to them. It seems that regen times aren't much issue once you get items with "reduce regen time per hit" or whatever it was. so regen times don't freak me out anymore lol