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  1. mmm... Lineage Eternal is MMO like PoE, so is not for me, but for people who don’t care about that seems a good option. And Van Helsing looks correct, apparently there is one more to the list along with Torchlight and Grim Dawn. I’ve been making a list of all the features that would be great (at least for me) in the successor of Sacred. -Deep character customization -Huge map -Open world -Rich environment -Crafting -Offline mode -Editor (today is probably the most important) At the moment Torchlight and Grim Dawn achieves all of these features in some way, I already liked Torchlight, and the more I know about Grim Dawn I like it even more, look at the environment, the music, the graphic style... I was fascinated at first sight.
  2. In reference to “Sacred 3 could be a great generic game” , I only want to add that there are plenty of generic pad games out there, but till today probably only few like Torchlight or Grim Dawn could replace Sacred 2. So if in some time I decide to play a generic pad game, there still better options to be considered before, like Skyrim with thousands of mods that will makes my time worth more, right? Thank you for this link, there are little information but all of it in the right way. I will follow this project closely.
  3. I came to know more about Sacred 3 but after read all complains and the background of the whole project I lost my hope, so I will not ask questions that are already evident... What no one yet explained is why Sacred 3 would have the same or worse graphics than Sacred 2. Zooming Sacred 2 looks a first person RPG with insane detail and even more with the HD texture pack; while the few screens and trailers from Sacred 3 seemed more like games previous to the year that Sacred 2 were released. I don’t understand... Another big question is what’s happening to all the great ARPGs? Diablo 3 was the major disappointment of the last years, Dungeon Siege 3 was a generic pad game, and Sacred 3 is in that way, is that impossible to make a modern game without having in mind the big market of casual masses? I read some opinions in the line of: “Sacred 3 will not be a Sacred game, but could be a good generic game”, probably yes, but how many generic games are out there? It was so necessary to add another to the list? Heroic exceptions were Path of Exile and Torchlight, but PoE is online and I want to have the property of my characters and deeply hack/mod my game, I can’t enjoy a game that I don’t own. Torchlight keeps all ARPG features intact; the only issue is that it looks a bit cartoon, I enjoyed it a lot but after Sacred 2 have my graphic expectations a little high. I also checked the ex-Sacred team’s project Unbended that promises to be all that Sacred 3 should have been, but today still distant and uncertain. At this moment only Grim Dawn seems to fit the best ARPG expectations in all aspects, from de developers of Titan Quest, one of the best ARPG of the world and repeatedly mentioned in this forum. Its graphics were updated, the playability keeps all RPG features, (especially skills and stats those that today many cheerfully forgot), it has turned Sandbox like Sacred and the best is its toolset which who allows deep mods. But he is alone with Torchlight, isn’t there another that could keep the high performance RPG legacy?
  4. Versatile Seraphim This is almost the only build I like and it goes better each time I replay it. Having seen videos of seraphims beating dragons in few BeeEffGee shots, burning hordes in pillars, or ultra-specialized in a single weapon, I think that no multirole build would be useful in multiplayer when the game is only a background of real people. But in single player the game is all, and I don’t want to play this rich game using the same type of weapon, armor, and attack, looking for a narrow selection of items. Anyway please tell me if you have observations because I am always improving it. The idea is to have a versatile heroine to challenge most situations, not a killing machine, just a lone wanderer capable to deal all threats, being not the best in any in particular but good enough in everything. She will fight with weapons, magic and technology, being free to fill the combos, using any gear, melee, ranged or shield at the same efficiency. This means that she would use almost all kind of objects she found over the vast world of Ancaria. Attributes The first priority of a multirole Seraphim is to survive, so ~50% Vitality increases hit points and regeneration rate, and ~25% Willpower increases spell resistance and efficiency. Also she need to be prepared to whatever, so ~25% Stamina aids to decreases all cooldowns. ~50% Vitality | hit points & health regeneration ~25% Willpower | non weapon resistance & effects ~25% Stamina | decrease all cooldowns Skills The multitask Seraphim could be mainly in melee close combat, for long range defense she can use her best weapon, and when she is surrounded, or while fighting bosses, she has spells and technology, so she will be trained in all three Aspect Focus and all three Aspect Lore. Then, Armor is essential to use of any gear and Toughness to survival. Combat Discipline reduces all cooldowns improving damage; never forget that a multi role seraphim could die in a blink so she must be prepared. And Ancient Magic guarantees max effectiveness of non-weapon skills. 75+ Exalted Warrior Focus | fast regeneration, + runes & + modifications 75 Tactics Lore | all weapons effectiveness 75+ Armor Lore | all armor effectiveness & higher armor with no penalty 75 Toughness | resistance and damage mitigation complements the defense 75 Combat Discipline | fast regeneration, more damage & better harnessing of combos 75+ Revered Technology Focus | fast regeneration, + runes & + modifications 75 Revered Technology Lore | effectiveness & speed casting 75+ Celestial Magic Focus | fast regeneration, + runes & + modifications 75 Celestial Magic Lore | effectiveness & speed casting 75 Ancient Magic | best performance of all non-weapon attacks Combat Arts Reading ~200 runes in each one at level 150 with the Niokaste set I managed to maintain less than 6 seconds the tech-magic combo, and less than 4 seconds the conventional attacks combo, the other most used arts has fixed cooldown. I do not use the Expert Touch option who shares the cooldowns of different aspects, so I maximize combos of different aspects to interject their cooldowns enough to use one after another continuously. Capacity Boost Reflection or Mirror (which you prefer) Divine Protection is a lifesaver when she is surrounded, once shielded she can interject area and melee combos until every enemy die around. Elite creatures dies at first attack but she isn’t a killing machine, so named bosses takes more to die and she must fight them using her force field constantly, so I improve duration (Capacity) and cooldown (Boost) instead effectiveness. This is the MAIN skill that should be monitored during toughest fights. Bloodlust Delay Impatience Dashing Alacrity is the most enjoyable skill in most situations, improving duration (Delay) and cooldown (Impatience) she could be running at maximum game speed (150) by casting overtime without the necessity of mounts. Seraphims are so fast and she also could spend a modification to attack speed (Bloodlust) because with Armor Lore she don’t need more run speed (even for items), and still being the fastest creature of Ancaria... + + Spurt Aim Thrust Brawn Battering Enfeeble Concussion Incision Indentation This may be the best combo attack, the seraphim will suddenly jumps over elites and finishing them, then, weapons will fly around her to kill every minion around! Assailing Somersault with increased range (Spurt), damage (Brawn) and chance to stun (Concussion) will catapult her to the best enemy, then Soul Hammer could inflicts critical hits (Aim), damaging his armor (Battering) with chances to deep wounds (Incision). Finally Pelting Strikes will start multiple attacks with more damage (Thrust) and reduction of armor value (Enfeeble) and class (Indentation), for most packs it will be impossible to survive after that... + Expand Delude Stun Brightness Laggard Magnify This combo is my favorite to crowds control and also is useful because their combined effects, stunning and paralyzing most attackers around. Attackers will only see a flash of light of the Flaring Nova with extended range (Expand), chance to paralyze (Stun) and slow effects (Laggard), then a light from skies of the Radiant Pillar will reduce their will to fight (Delude) with increased range (Brightness) and damage (Magnify). The last that a possible unfortunate survivor probably sees will be a rain of swords around. <- or -> <- or -> Recuperation Strong Voice Laggard Prevention Sinner Confuse Antidote Fanatic Electrocute I usually lead the last slot to utilitarian skills. I want to modify the potion drop rate to turn this game more challenging, so Restoration will be much useful using that kind of “hardcore tweaks”; in normal games restoration still be useful on NPCs (which are annoyingly likely to die) in escort missions, or for its effects increasing regeneration (Recuperation), protecting for damage over time (Prevention), or dispelling of negative effects (Antidote). Instill Belief is a funny spell when I turn an enemy to a temporary ally, I use with increased range (Strong Voice), making other to attack (Sinner) the poor accelerated target (Fanatic), by this way I manage to divide dangerous groups. Having 5 slots for gear and being able to use all kind of weapons, this versatile seraphim will be probably more comfortable using ranged weapons at the same efficiency than melee, but she can use spells as the Baneful Smite for its side effects, slowing (Laggard) and reducing the attack (Confuse), with damage over time (Electrocute); but if she obtains an incredibly good weapon Archangel's Wrath will be a better choice for medium ranges. Buffs Most time I don’t use buffs because they consume regeneration (also I hate persistent FXs). But Battle Stance is useful when I have the certainty that I will finish the elite in the first strike and don’t care about regeneration. I use it with increased attack value (premonition), chances to evade (Flexibility) and in single player you will only feel benefits from the chance of reflect damage (Retaliation). Although I use Cleansing Brilliance to illuminate dark dungeons slowing enemies. Premonition Flexibility Retaliation Mods Besides aesthetic changes, I made this build considering the defaults game difficulty (actual gameplay is enough good to a multirole character), so even at higher levels she could manage all kind of threats reasonably well. But she depends on gear, and if she is your only character to shared cool stuff by the stash (like I play), she will suffer the lack of Perception and/or Bargaining. So if you will play in single player and with no other “searcher” character, it will be good to adjust the drop ratio to fully enjoyment. (Personally I always dislike those “magic find” kind of skills or items that make me play in a way that I don’t want). Locate the file balance.txt in “\scripts\server”, and open it with a text editor (Notepad++ is the best). To fix the lack of Bargaining find this line and change 6 to 12 for reasonably good stuff and 15 for the best stuff available in shops. TraderOfferUpperRareBase = 15 And to fix the lack of Perception, find these three lines which increase the drop rate of rare, unique and set pieces. I maintain the value of the last item type which is 16 (that means 1.6% chances, being 1000 the 100%). ZRareExpectation15 = 16, ZRareExpectation14 = 16, ZRareExpectation13 = 16, Well, that is how I play this great game and I wanted to share to other Sacred fans.
  5. Yes! It works perfect, there are many clips with other class’s armors but it works perfect with some High Elf pieces that I always wanted to use. Thank you for your advices! The only problem is with weapons, or at least the ones I’ve tested like the Extremely Mighty Bat of Devastation of the Shadow Warrior that still red in inventory and the Seraphim can’t use it. Is not a downloaded item, just a simple drop level 205 and my testing Seraphim is level 200 so it might work like the armor pieces. But this is not a real problem because I don’t know if I will like to use it anyway, for the rest, I’ve already modified all to fit my desires and I can’t wait to start a new fresh game properly modded when I get a quiet free moment to fully enjoy again this great adventure.
  6. Yes, I am planning to use it only with the seraphim so there not might be problems with any shield nor weapon. I’ve already read the examples you propose before, that was what encouraged me in first place. But only for testing I replaced in itemtype.txt ALL the entries "WEARGROUP-CENTURIO" with "WEARGROUP_DEFAULT" a first test; and with "WEARGROUP-SERAPHIM" a second test. Then I have in inventory various weapons for the Shadow Warrior but they still in red and when I tried to equip she says “we seraphims do not use such things”.
  7. I have been searched the forum, and testing changes like WEARGROUP in files like itemtype.txt but it is a bit more complicated. What I want to do is to make all class-weapons and class-shields usable by the rest of the classes, or at least by the seraphim (she can wear all kind of gear so she already has all the animations). I think armors will clip the models but perhaps that is also possible. Maybe already exists something for that.
  8. Yes! Thank you! It was complicated isolate few possible candidates but it works perfect and now my shield has even the right shape =]
  9. I have changed some objects with models that I like but I noticed that they don’t adjust their shapes when differ on sizes. Replacing the Stalworth Safeguard (2x3 blocks), with the model and icon of Nikotaste's Aegis (2x2 blocks), the icon adjust very well and also seems to be rotated, it is not a real problem but it would be nice to know how to solve. I have found this Mod for minimum size of items at 2x3 but I don’t want to change all the items, just adjust the ones I swapped with different sizes.
  10. Thank you, this helps a lot. This game really needs an editor; that would be by far its best addition, but at least is encoded in intuitive ways so it is greatly compensated.
  11. I want to decrease the amount of potions dropped to increase the usefulness of the restoration spell. Correct me if I wrong, I noticed that these values ​​alter the amount of falling objects, even potions: NORMAL_STANDARD = 350, NORMAL_RUNE = 15, CHAMP_STANDARD = 700, CHAMP_RUNE = 45, BOSS_STANDARD = 1000, BOSS_RUNE = 600, And these values alters the chance to drop: ZRareExpectation15 = 2, ZRareExpectation14 = 6, ZRareExpectation13 = 14, ZRareExpectation12 = 16, ZRareExpectation11 = 24, ZRareExpectation10 = 34, ZRareExpectation09 = 46, ZRareExpectation08 = 58, ZRareExpectation07 = 72, ZRareExpectation06 = 88, ZRareExpectation05 = 106, ZRareExpectation04 = 124, ZRareExpectation03 = 144, ZRareExpectation02 = 166, ZRareExpectation01 = 456, ZRareExpectation00 = 1000, I want to reduce only the potions chance & rate, but preserving the normal drop of the rest of the items... Would it be possible to discriminate in this way?
  12. By moving the cursor to the left, and accidentally waiting a few moments, two panels will slides to the right, they are for server and chat but in single player are useless and quite annoying. Is that possible disable them by options or modding?
  13. Thanks for all the advices about Concentration and Combat Discipline, finally I was able renew my build and after some tests these are my results: Seconds of a combo (Nova + Pillar) / damage from a non-weapon combat art (Lightning) Constitution & Ancient Magic: 10s / 18.000 damage Combat Discipline & Ancient Magic: 8,7s / 23.000 damage Concentration & Ancient Magic: 7,9s / 18.000 damage Combat Discipline & Concentration: 6,3s / 19.000 damage Replacing Constitution guarantees damage will not be affected. The problem starts when I need to replace a damage booster skill. The best choice for a change is Combat Discipline, it makes good cooldown reduction and damage to combos, plus in some way it adds more damage even to al single combat arts (I don’t know if this is a bug). On the contrary, Concentration improves slightly the cooldown but it does not improve combos or combat arts. And both of them together improves the cooldown almost a half and slightly the damage. In few worlds, Combat Discipline for more damage and both Concentration + Combat Discipline for near half of the time, I have much to think about. And a report of problems on the wiki, I found a mistake that it could be easy to solve, the Technology Lore and Lost Fusion icons are exchanged as follows: http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Seraphim Revered Technology Lore (I think this is the Temple Guardian’s icon) http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Temple_Guardian Lost Fusion Lore (I know that this is the Seraphim’s icon)
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