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  1. New Laptop?

    Well I personally don't like Macs. Never have and never will. I agree with Schot that PC's are a better solution. They are significantly cheaper and practically every program runs on them.
  2. My Stuff

    Umm, with that one I think it took between 30-60 minutes. Mostly because I did the shine and rain animations. With the original I think it was 30 minutes. I use Photoshop and Imageready lol. What did you do to make that one? I could probably add the shine to the rain one without increasing the size too much.
  3. LCD or CRT?

    I have a 17" LCD made by some company called, "Nits" I'm not complaining lol, it was free from my dad when he bought a 19". There is only one thing wrong with it, about the top quarter of the screen is significantly different from the rest. Its hard to describe, its like the pixels died and came back to life and are mutated from what they used to be. I'll take some screenies sometime...
  4. My Stuff

    Here's some I made today: First 3 are a bit basic, but they were just sig requests off another forum and I was trying some techniques out. The second and third were just two variations because the requester wanted a blue and black background but I thought the top one looked better so I left the choice up to them. The last 3 I was just trying some animations out. I think the last one is the best out of this bunch
  5. I've always hated forums where they treat you like crap and make it seem they know it all.
  6. Sacred

    Well I posted my GW character here to keep this thread clean lol. I guess I'll order Sacred today off amazon. Should get it sometime next week. Does anyone here use some sort of IM? I think I added Claire to MSN, but I was wondering how to reach the rest of you in case you wanna play GW or something...
  7. Well I thought I'd post my GW character here. I have had the game for over 6 months and I've only played a few times to get a level 7 character Amiryn Valaedar (Mesmer/Necromancer) I think thats his name lol. I'll have to check it sometime...
  8. Looks like a Awsome game.

    Tell me about it lol. I got my Destroyer before I got caught up in school I had 8 Batteries with 2 missile racks I think. It was beautiful when I tore ships apart ^_^
  9. Sacred

    I have the first Guild Wars. It pics up my interest and drops it. I wanted to play something different so I thought I'd give Sacred a go. I mean I've enjoyed the demo so far and I enjoyed playing Diablo on the PS1 at my cousin's lol XD
  10. Sacred

    Yes, it does, thanks! I think I'll buy it off amazon when I get home from school. Do you guys play HC or SC?
  11. Looks like a Awsome game.

    I played it and if you have the time, its TOTALLY worth the money to play! Its so much fun, I played the two week trial and the in-game tutorial took a 1/2-1 hour to complete lol. Its awesome, there's so many ways to earn money to buy new ships. And it takes LITERALLY, hours to days to weeks to travel from one side of the galaxy/universe to the other. Any questions I'd gladly answer. My time was limited when I played but I do remember what went on.
  12. Sacred

    So I'm seeing lots of slang lol, someone care to define them for me? I've picked up on a few... So whats the biggest difference in the regular game and the expansion? More classes/skills/items?
  13. Sacred

    Well as long as I won't be the only one playing it I'll buy it ^_^
  14. Sacred

    I checked out the demo and the other two vids, and it seems rather fun. So I'm thinking about buying it, should I get the gold version?
  15. Warhammer mark of chaose

    Wow, that game is totally on my wishlist