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  1. These pics are all so awesome! I am constantly amazed by the amount of detail that was put into creating the world of Sacred. Makes me wish there was a free cam mode.
  2. First is a pic of an armor I found, which I unfortunately couldn't use. I thought the name was good. Second is a pic of the random text when you start the game. Had to use a camera to capture it.
  3. junkcollector

    DreD's Skull enhancing quotes for UnBended

    "I, too, chose to join the ranks of Morte and Murray." "And now I know why the Armor skill is important."
  4. I remember the first time I played Sacred (bought the Gold version) and being absolutely wowed by the graphics. I played much more of that game than I did Diablo 2. At that time, I also purchased Titan Quest. Even now, Titan Quest remains unplayed. I still have Sacred and Sacred 2 in my computer. Edit: But back on topic. I mostly play single player, so how loot is divied up doesn't affect me. But I would think, hope even, that players who game together can divy up their loot without causing enmity.
  5. Nudity will affect how the game is marketed, in the US at least. Back when Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion was released, I believe it was rated Teen. But then a nude mod was released, the ratings board (ESRB in the states) freaked out, and backrated it to Mature. Fortunately it wasn't Adults Only; if a game is given an Adults Only rating, it's pretty much impossible to sell in the states, as far as I know, since retailers don't want to carry it. Of course, the whole ratings board is in my opinion a big sham. But I digress...
  6. It's a difficult rope to walk. In the US, nudity in games is frowned upon more than violence. In other countries, it's the reverse. Personally, I'm fine with or without nudity, since I don't play games for that particular aspect.
  7. I wish I was more creative...but alas, I am not. So it's a rather humdrum statement, I'm afraid. :-)
  8. Just sent a donation and corresponding email for one of these skull. Hopefully I didn't screwup...
  9. Is there a time frame for this? I'm still working up funds to make a donation.
  10. Watched some videos for Sacred 3 the other day, and wow. Looks like something to pick up once it hits bargain price, and not before then.
  11. "What's in a name? that which we call a roseBy any other name would smell as sweet;" Well said, well said!
  12. junkcollector

    Sacred 2 modding Nskins issues

    Forum's not dead; people probably just aren't as interested in newd skins. Especially with all the fantastic armor found in the community patch items mod.
  13. junkcollector

    Range Array - new 'Matrix' style set for the High Elve

    I think it'd be appropriate to quote Neo here: "Whoa."