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  1. It seems to me that the Community Patch adds Bargaining and Blacksmithing to all classes, however I have much interest in playing it the "fair" way and doing it on a class which has it without the patch. I have already played Shadow Warrior to death years ago, it's always going to be my favorite class. But now I want to ride around on a spider. To this effect I have a few questions. Please only answer if you have taken a character to Niobium, as they are questions about endgame viability. 1. If I prioritize Bargaining/Blacksmithing/Tactics Lore/Constitution, will this build be strong enough in Niobium? I plan to use a 2handed lightsaber to avoid needing Dual Wield, which helps me to take both Bargaining and Blacksmithing. My understanding is you really get up to 4 skills to focus on for the majority of the game. 2. If I dump all stat points into Vitality, will I still be able to hit things? 3. If I dump all stat points into Willpower (for Lightsaber to-hit and damage), will I die insanely fast? 4. If I split my stat points 50/50 between Vitality/Willpower, would I be strong at both, or weak at both? 5. Who is the best god to take? Any other tips appreciated. Thanks!
  2. I don't have the answers to your questions Rickety, but I'd like to ask another question about the Dragon Mage! Not about what it does, but are people happy with the change? Personally I never use Alchemy and I think it's a bit annoying to use. I'd prefer a change which makes the form just scale better, like increase the life leech per level, or turn it into % life leech. I don't have a high level DM, but I made one to try it out, cast Ker's spell at level one, and killed the demon. At level one (level 1 Dragon Berserk, no other items other than what you start with). It was INSANE. Yet I hear people saying Dragon Berserk isn't as good later. I don't think weird things should be done like give it Alchemy, I think that the form should just scale better. Nerf the numbers at level 1, improve them as it goes. Dragon Berserk is definitely one of the coolest spells in the game, but I'm not gonna bother to level that DM up if he'll just suck later unless I hunt for trophies. Edit: Another idea is to turn one of the duration-increasing modifications into a damage mitigation, evade, or reflect mod. From what I've read, he has trouble surviving, and these are important things that most melee chars would get that he currently can't. Straight mitigation makes the most sense, as "Hardened Scales" or something. Combined with the recent armor buff, that should help. Maybe I should actually level up that DM so I can know what I'm talking about, and find out what he's missing at high levels
  3. I wouldn't mind if they changed one or two of the Inquisitor CAs in the CM patch, similar to what they did for Dragon Mage. Though their change for him are largely unsatisfying.. but that's another matter. The number one thing that really wants changing is SR. Making that useful during boss fights somehow would be great. Area of Effect stealing of attributes sounds perfect to me. If not, Area of Effect stealing of attack and defense, which persists after the creature dies for 20 seconds or so (duration is not renewed, no need to make this buff OP), to stay as close as possible to the original mechanics. This would allow you to steal attack and defense from a boss while it's alive, too. Removing Paralyzing Dread for a monk-like CA in the NN tree would also give another reason to focus in it over AS, and it makes TOTAL sense, since the Inquisitor's flavor text talks all about his unarmed combat, and strange ability to morph his weapons. I'm sure the CM patch people could think up something appropriate, and yeah, maybe similar to the High Elf. Grave Touch or something, not so tough. For the morphing aspect, give several mods which change the damage type. With these two changes, the Inquisitor would be more balanced, and more true to flavor text, and they aren't even that big of changes.
  4. Well, I have given up on this build for now. I'm going to build a more standard Astute Supremacy hybrid before I try to do anything more fancy. I don't have the experience yet to pull it off.
  5. Hi, there is a change I would like to see introduced with the CM patch. Currently, if you have a quest in a cave, it shows you exactly where that quest takes place. If you are above ground, it will show you the underground location, making you walk to a place in the middle of grass, and finding nothing there. After some deducing, you then start to look for the nearby cave. If the point of the grey circle is to make questing life easier, then please adjust them so that they go over the CAVE ENTRANCE instead. If you want to complete a quest in this cave, you will be directed to the cave entrance. That would save me (and probably others) so much headache. If possible, you could then put the grey circle over the exact quest location ONCE YOU ARE UNDERGROUND. If not possible, it would still be much better if it stayed over the cave entrance than the current setup. This behavior also causes certain bugs, such as opening a dialogue menu when you walk over the pirate's cannon above the Pirate Cave (on the Golden Coast, south of Sloeford). This text is clearly only supposed to go off when you stand next to the actual cannon, but the lack of discrepancy between aboveground and belowground causes an issue.
  6. Focus skills are good beyond the mastery if you plan on putting a lot of runes into your skills. Other than that, I'm pretty sure mastery level makes everything scale better, so it's just a matter of what matters most to your character. In the builds I've been making, there hasn't been room to take more than 1 or 2 skills beyond mastery anyway, with the amount of points you're given. If you master 9 skills, and put 200 in one, you only have 36 points left.
  7. After taking your thoughts into consideration, my new skill build is: Dual Wield: 1 Sword Lore: 75 Tactics Lore: 75 Combat Discipline: 75 Nefarious Underworld Focus: 200 Armor Lore: 75 Constitution: 75 Toughness: 75 Nefarious Underworld Lore: 75 Ancient Magic: 75 600 + 200 + 1 = 801, 110 left for whatever I want. Took out Concentration for Ancient Magic, as you said IS and SR don't mesh. Still thinking about the build, but your thoughts have helped. I'm taking everything else you said into account when building his CAs as well, thanks for the input!
  8. That is one of the most delicious looking things I've ever seen! The flags are a nice touch! Some day, I must try to make this.
  9. Hello all, I am new to the forums as you can see by my post count, and I also have just installed the game a day or two ago. I currently have a level 18 or so Shadow Warrior, but that's in single player, and I'm thinking of making another character for a LAN game. The look of the Inquisitor and his spider is what made me want to play Sacred in the first place, the only reason I made a SW is because it was said to be good for beginners. I've tried searching around for a hybrid build involving Nefarious Netherworld, but could only find Astute Supremacy hybrids. The reason I want this particular build is because I love the look of the Sakari's (Netherworld) set armor, and I love the playstyle of melee + summons. It's sort of the direction I took my SW in as well, but this one will be cooler! The build involves mostly single-target attacks (until the first target dies, that is), but I feel that should be okay because it is for multiplayer. We should take down groups relatively quickly anyway. My character will be the tough enemy/boss killer, tank, and overall badass. Now onto my ideas: Combat Arts: Callous Execution - Bleed, Startle, and Judgement. This should give me high damage, as well as being able to stun boss monsters for long periods of time. Does it work this way, actually? Purifying Chastisement - Mystic, Merciless, and Inure. I'm going to try to tank with Inure + Toughness for insane damage reduction. Mystic will increase the damage of my spells and god ability (the magic damage one). If you think I can switch out Inure for Hallow and still survive on the max difficulty level, please let me know! Dislodged Spirit - Gelidity, Torture, Wildfire. This won't be as good a debuff as in most builds, but it still works, and it will be a source of Area of Effect damage. (Should I just cut it out and make this into a debuffer instead?) Inexorable Subjugation - Effort, Fanatic, Probation. To increase the DPS in the best ways. Soul Reaver - Deathmagic, Recreation, Zealot. Some more Area of Effect damage, and healing to increase my tankiness once I get a few souls. Skills: Dual Wield: 75 Sword Lore: 75 Tactics Lore: 200 Concentration: 1 Combat Discipline: 75 Nefarious Underworld Focus: 70 Nefarious Underworld Lore: 190 Armor Lore: 75 Constitution: 75 Toughness: 75 =911 Do these look good? Other than that, I have a few questions. 1. I noticed on my SW that certain skills share a cooldown, making it impossible to use my Belligerent Vault and Frenzied Rampage one after another, for example. Can someone explain why this occurs, with what skills, and so on? Can I actually use DS and IS in the same combo? (Got it) 2. Will my damage be high enough if I sink all my points into Vitality instead of Strength or Intelligence? I want to be the main single-target DPSer of my group, remember. I figure cherrypicking the top two single-target CAs from their tree would do this, but I don't know if I'm spread too thin. 3. How feasible is it to sink runes into IS after I go past my limit? My Underworld Focus is only 70, so my cap won't be too high. Is it safe to keep sinking them into this CA up to 200 points? Or will that cripple my ability to use Callous Execution? Should I put more into Underworld Focus? 4. Can I cut out any of my skills while still dealing enough damage and being tanky enough, to throw Blacksmith and/or Bartering in there? I would LOVE if I could do that. But I want this guy to be viable in all difficulty levels as well. (Got it) 5. Tactics Lore will allow me to do modifications for CE and PC, correct? I hope so, or I need to fit another skill in. (Got it) 6. I read somewhere that they changed the maximum CA level in the expansion pack (which I am using) to 200, but the source seemed skeptical. Is this true? 7. Can you get mastery in a skill without hard points in the skill? If so I might lower some of them a little to bring Underworld Lore to max. (Got it) I checked the wiki on all of these things, and searched around, but couldn't find the answers. I might think of more, but thanks for your help in advance!
  10. I read a bit of french and that website seems to say that you socket the runes into items to spell out words, just like rune words from Diablo 2. It appears they were implemented in the community patch so that's why they aren't in the wiki. All of the words appear to spell out "easter egg" type things as well: BerDaiPayn - "bear the pain" SinIthTer - "sinister" KilthEmAl - "kill them all" YerLuvVun - "your lovin'" DisTrukXion - "destruction" ImMorTel - "immortal" TomMarWolOryDel "Tom Marvolo Riddle" (from Harry Potter) KlaAtuVerAtaNikTuh - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Klaatu_barada_nikto check out the cultural references. I've never seen this movie either.
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