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  1. Daemon Chronicles, Part 4 (Into the Desert) Syanna is venturing to the arid wastes of Khorad-Nur and the Plains of Urkuk. You know, I never noticed that you had the very RPG-ish choice of helping the Orcs by fighting the Undead Dragon, but it's totally optional. You can reject helping them and carry out the main quest that way. I chose to fight the Undead, naturally. At this point I've got all five CA slots open on the interface, and I stuck Dread in the fifth slot, though I don't use it all that often. Dread creates a static pentagram shape on the ground. Any enemies standing within its influence have drastically reduced attack and defense. I haven't really needed it, but sometimes if I'm really swarmed I'll use Dread to keep from getting hit too much. Fighting D'Cay, Lady of the Orcus (AKA the Undead Dragon) was my first real challenge in Sacred Reborn, and also my first death - though I just reloaded the save so as not to lose that sweet Survival Bonus. So why was it so challenging, when my Daemon can clean up regular mobs and even elites with no trouble? Well, Dragons got a big boost in Sacred Reborn. Here's the relevant part of the change log: "Greatly increased physical resistance, experience gained, health, movement speed and meteor storm damage. Now each dragon has one weak resistance, one middle, and one extremely high, for example: The D’Cay is vulnerable to fire, medium protected from magic and extremely resistant to poison." So fortunately this Dragon is very vulnerable to fire, my strongest damage type. Unfortunately, I don't have very good Poison resistance, and Dragons are now FAST. I remembered Dragons being big lumbering things that slowly plodded after you. Now, the Undead Dragon was so fast I literally couldn't run away from her when I ran out of health potions. So while I was licking my wounds, I took a second to reflect on how I'd built my Daemon thus far: Sets: I'm still at the point where I'm not picky, I'm just grateful for whatever set items drop. Luck has given me lots of pieces of Pandora's Box. I also have all the rings from Aarnum's Regalia. I'm hoping madly for the sword to drop so I can get that full set bonus! Attributes: I split my attribute points equally between Strength and Physical Regeneration. The Daemon already has really good Mental Regeneration without even investing any points. I may want to invest in more Endurance in the future to boost elemental resistances. Skills: I've added Armor Lore to the lineup to increase overall resistances and also to boost my movement speed while wearing heavy armor. I've only got 1 skill slot left, and I'm planning to learn Agility when I hit level 50. It think it's also providing that Physical Resistance +15% in my set bonus list (see Armor Glow on the Wiki, another really cool feature that was lost in Sacred 2). So, after reloading, here was my strategy against the Undead Dragon: Use Fire Daemon instead of Battle Daemon - no way am I able to face tank her or even use my weapon. I'll have to kite and rely on fire spells to wear her down. Fill up the inventory to the brim with health potions. Socket several amulets with poison resistance into my armor. Create a combo with 4x Blazing Disk. I totally forgot about combos! They follow such different rules than Sacred 2. With this combo I can summon 4 blazing disks at once, and then regenerate the combo with Concentration potions and be ready to summon more! Overall this strategy worked. Her poison breath still hurt but not as much as before. I cast Fire Wall on the ground and then kited to avoid her swipes and keep the flames constantly underneath her. Meanwhile the 4 Blazing Disks are constantly wailing on her. I had to spam health potions like crazy but I finally wore her down! I couldn't get any pics because it was too frantic, but here's the proof: And... wow! The change log wasn't kidding, Dragons are much stronger now. But that experience gain was huge as well. I gained three full levels from the kill! The Orcs are pleased I helped them and let me into the city. My time in the Desert is over for now. Time to head to Braverock Castle.
  2. Sacred Reborn is a new development by a Russian modding team called the Overlookers Clan. Their site is here: https://vk.com/overlookers (It's in Russian, use Google translate if necessary). Why this mod is a big deal As described in this post, mods for the first Sacred installment are very rare. This is due to the inherent difficulty in modding the game files and a strong anti-modding stance by the developers when they still held the rights to the game. Sacred Reborn is the most expansive mod ever made for Sacred 1. Enemies, items, and combat arts are all rebalanced. Some bugs are also fixed and optimizations are made that improve performance. This file is like a mod and patch all in one. It breathes new life into this game. This is the new loading screen for the game: Changelog Highlights There are too many changes to list all at once, but here are some of my favorites changes with my comments. Run multiple instances of Sacred 1 on your PC. There's no shared stash in Sacred 1. This meant if you found an awesome Dark Elf set item with your Gladiator, you may as well just sell it. Now you can run the game twice, join a LAN game with both characters, and trade items between them. Wooo! Temporary Buffs all have standardized (long) durations, between 1-3 minutes. This was on my wishlist since forever! It was soooo frustrating casting a buff only to get a few seconds of benefit. Weak spells and combat arts are powered up, a select few of the OP ones are nerfed. Player abilities were very imbalanced, meaning there were some "must have" CA's for power builds, and some that were never touched. Now, almost any combination of combat arts and spells can be used to create a viable build, if enough care is taken. Rune drops are regularized and more frequent as a result. The vanilla game had this sadistic system where the more runes you read, the fewer runes dropped. This led to all kinds of neurotic player behavior such as only using gear and socketed runes to gain levels, confusing advice to newbies to "never read runes!" and even having dedicated characters just for rune hunting so as not to spoil your "real" characters. This was thankfully done away with in Sacred 2, and now Sacred Reborn has a similar system where every 25th kill drops a rune. Item rarity increased 5 times. This means that unique, set and rare items will drop 5 times more often. Now it's actually viable for a single-player to sustain him/herself without relying on trading or cheats. The full changelog is HERE. There's so much more awesome content in this mod, but let's get to the Daemon stuff. My Daemon: Syanna I am having so much fun making a Daemon with Sacred Reborn. My first Daemon under vanilla Sacred Underworld was an abysmal failure. This was a hard pill to swallow after making very successful Battle Mage and Wood Elf characters. I followed guides, but could not get the character off the ground. Now she has a second chance, and I finally know: the Daemon is awesome! As always I made my first training steps in Bronze, just to get back in the feel of things. Bronze was quite easy for her, so at level 6 I felt confident in moving up to Silver. Here she is freshly imported from Bronze into Silver: At first I just used Battle Daemon/Assail for the attack and physical damage boost, and Abysmal Choir for some ranged spell damage and the slowing effect. The Daemon's special forms all have a bit of a flaw: the shapeshifting animation is a bit long and can't be sped up. But now, it's not so bad, because the forms actually last for 2 minutes instead of 20 seconds. Your Battle Daemon really feels ready for battle, your Fire Daemon really feels made of flames. And here's a great new perk for Soaring Daemon: it now has a very short regeneration time, because you "lose" the form whenever you cast its special attack "Descent." Now you can resume Soaring Daemon shortly after using Descent. I will post more about how Syanna is developing next time! The Sacred Reborn mod is also available here on DarkMatters:
  3. Yes, wishes come true here. Let me hear your ideas.
  4. Daemon Chronicles, part 3 At this point I'm starting to settle into a groove. I cast my shapeshifted form (either Battle or Fire, or Soaring if traveling fast), then Internal Power, then set out for battle. When I encounter a mob, I cast two more spells that I've added to my repertoire: Call of Death and Blazing Disk. Call of Death increases damage dealt with each enemy killed. Although it is nerfed from vanilla, it lasts 1 minute, and Syanna can rack up a huge damage boost in that time. Blazing Disk (also with fixed 1 min. duration) is useful as sort of companion that seeks out enemies to hit with fire and physical damage. The damage is greatly buffed in Sacred Reborn. There is an obvious synergy between Infernal Power and all the Daemon's fire spells, including the Fire Daemon form. So I will typically use Fire Daemon unless the enemies are particularly fire-resistant, in which case I opt for Battle Daemon instead, for the physical damage. The secondary combat arts that each grants are pretty great, except for the slow animations. The Battle Daemon uses Assail, which is a nice multi-hit attack, and the Fire Daemon gets Fire Wall, which sets the ground on fire. It's a little slow and hard to target though. Left click attacks are enough for most fights. At this point I've taken Sword Lore as my weapon skill. I had considered Dual Wield but really disliked the run animation (a weird prancing tiptoe) and Ranged Weapons is not available to the Daemon. Then I checked the Wiki, and saw that all the weapons in the Daemon's sets are swords. So, swords it is. I'm not planning on taking the shield skill Parrying, because I'd like the option to switch between using a 1h sword+ shield or a 2h sword. So far it's worked well, because my attack speed is already maxed out, I just pick whichever sword gives me the best damage. I have also learned the Magic Lore skill, which boosts all her spell damage. Blazing Disk is now more than capable of finishing off basic trash mobs on its own, so it's a bit like having a companion creature. I ran across the Unknown Warrior in the western forests. Chain quests in Sacred 1 are a rare and special thing, so I wanted to make sure I helped him to safety, since he'll be showing up again. BUGFIX: Sacred Reborn fixes the crummy bug in which you could not complete The Unknown Warrior quest if you already completed "Riddles in the Desert." Advancing the main quest after rescuing the Baroness Vilya. The main campaign quest companions are much stronger now, and very useful to have with you, since they're not falling dead constantly. However, the basic escort quests are still a bit of a headache, since they can easily die, especially since mages in Sacred Reborn have more powerful spells that do more damage. I've failed a few escort quests due to a Sakkara Priest or Goblin Shaman deciding to target my escort. A single spell is enough to drop some of these fragile escorts. Here's a great change in Sacred Reborn that has helped me a lot. The Blacksmith forging arts are powered up and more useful. The Defensive bonus has greater Defense % and an addition Physical Regeneration bonus. The Offensive bonus has greater Attack % and additional Wounds Increase Damage Dealt. And the magical bonus has significantly increased Mental Regeneration, over double the original values.
  5. Assassin changes in D2F v12 Of all 7 characters, the Assassin has been the one most fraught with difficulties during development. It's no easy thing to try to recreate a dual-wielding female ninja using a robot dog man with one arm. It took years but I finally got him to a good state. He's recognizable as the character class he's meant to represent and has several viable builds. v12 sees a few more CA tweaks and a completely rewritten personal quest. Fists of Fire: VFX changed to more accurately depict its area of effect. The old "fire smash" fx was nice but was way too big for the semi-circle area of effect. Now the Assassin's fists actually become fiery as he attacks enemies in a small semi-circle in front of him. Mind Blast: Bronze mod "Amnesia" replaced with "Crushing Blow." This is because penalizing enemy CA regeneration doesn't work, so I gave a much more appealing mod. Burst of Speed: Tooltip no longer mentions breaking existing roots as this was non-functioning. Shadow Master: No longer makes comments after kills. This wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't after every single kill. He's now a silent assassin. Class quest "Rust" now drops Dura's Cell as reward instead of two lesser health potions. This early standalone Assassin quest requires you to kill a boss. If you already killed Gahanka, you have to go kill him again. It deserves a better reward than couple potions. Class quest "Lock and Key" now drops Bartuc's Cuthroat as reward. This reward is about the midway point of the new Assassin's chain quest. Like the other characters, he now gets an appropriate reward at the midpoint. More about the Assassin's chain quest: Much like the Dragon Mage, the Temple Guardian's quest had to be completely rewritten, since it just made no sense when applied to the new D2F lore. The Assassin's lore was a bit lacking in the game until now, because unlike the other 6 characters the Assassin doesn't have a patron deity, so there were no god statues, divine gifts, or "Lore of the Nephalem" books to flesh things out. So I've used every opportunity to work the lore of the Viz-Jaq'taar, or the order of Mage Slayers, into the game. Assassins were created to hunt down rogue sorcerers or anyone who tried demonic magic. There will be plenty of investigations into suspicious mages and many battles. Assassins were designed to use non-magical means as a way of avoiding corruption and countering spells. The old quest material about the Dragon Wars and the magical serum weapon is all removed. The Assassin will be hunting down rogue mages, receiving orders via hologram from his order, and investigating intrigue. But that's not all. The order of Assassins has split into two sects. One group is aligned with the Light Path, and is trying to drain T-Energy from the world by shutting off the Great Machine. They view T-Energy as being just as corrupting and dangerous as demonic magic. The Shadow-aligned renegade sect of Assassins is the Khral-Harzhek, and they wish to harness T-Energy to become living weapons capable of eradicating all magic-users and controlling the world. I took this opportunity to transform all the generic Temple Guardians left in the game into true Assassins who are named as such. Some of the unique quest-related ones will have proper names now and unique appearances to make them stand out. An Easter Egg bonus is that all the named Assassins are named after assassins from my favorite fantasy books and games.
  6. Read more detailed info on the SacredWiki page for The Assassin. Character: Assassin Orientation: Close and Ranged Combat Aspects: Martial Arts, Shadow Disciplines, Traps Lore: The Assassins are an ancient order originally founded to hunt down and eliminate rogue mages. To this end, the Order would not employ the magic arts directly; rather, they would use ingenious devices and enchanted items to battle those possessing great magical powers. To further their campaign against demonic corruption, they concentrated on augmenting the natural martial abilities of their bodies, both physical and mental. Employing secret disciplines to combat and resist the magical abilities of their elusive quarry, the Assassin's bag of tricks includes traps and other infernal devices, martial arts, and powerful mental abilities. Common people know nothing of the Assassins, but they are widely feared and respected by all who employ the magic arts. ============================================================== Aspect: Martial Arts Tiger Strike: Through extensive training in human, animal, and demonic anatomies, Assassins have developed the ability to perceive natural points of weakness in their foes and target these locations for especially devastating attacks. A portion of physical weapon damage is converted to the damage type to which the opponent has the least resistance. Passive boost to attack rating when in the active slot. Single Target only. Fists of Fire: Combining his powerful Martial Arts abilities with his psychic training, an Assassin can charge his own fists with pyrokinetic energies, scorching his opponents when the charge is released. This attack was adapted from a strike used by the Carnach. Adds fire weapon damage and chance for knockback. Hits multiple opponents in range. Claws of Thunder: Using an array of special metal blades as conductors, an Assassin charges the ions surrounding him and delivers a devastating series of lightning attacks to any who dare challenge him. A multi-hit attack based on Battle Extension. Adds weapon magic damage. Passive chance for double hits when in the active slot. Dragon Flight: After years of disciplined physical conditioning, an Assassin can develop the ability to move faster than the eye can follow in one quick burst. Using this skill, he lunges at his target and delivers a devastating blow. Hard to capture this attack with a picture. This is an instant teleport attack with a high chance to stun. Very devastating. Venom (Buff): Poison use is another technique an Assassin has to help even the odds when battling demons and their ilk. An Assassin who has mastered this skill secretly coats his weapons with vile toxins. Adds poison weapon damage and boosts all weapon damage. High chance for poisoning. ============================================================== Aspect: Shadow Disciplines Psychic Hammer: By utilizing his intense mental prowess, an Assassin creates a powerful force of mental energies and directs it towards a hostile creature, blasting it backwards. Adapted from Clustering Maelstrom and Raving Thrust. A high damage spell that pushes back the opponent(s), after which their movement and attack will be severely slowed. Mind Blast: Focusing his anima, an Assassin using this potent ability can cut through the toughest armor to crush the will of a group of enemies, stunning them and confusing the feeble-minded. If you played Enhanced Spells with the Seraphim's Sonic Vortex you will recognize this spell. Inverts enemy physical armor values. High chance for stun. Burst of Speed: Increases the Assassin's attack and movement speed for a period of time. Also gives a good chance to block roots and 100% chance to break existing roots. Cloak of Shadows: An Assassin can will his physical being to shift partially into the astral planes. Moving unseen through the darkness, the enshrouded Assassin can steal past opponents or ambush unsuspecting victims with devastating attacks. As his body becomes less substantial, he becomes less susceptible to the effects of elemental attacks and magical curses. A combination of Cloak of Shadows and Fade. The invisibility factor cannot be given huge boosts through modifications like Shadow Veil. Instead it will naturally scale better and higher until 100% invisibility is eventually gained at high levels. Shadow Master (Buff): The Assassin trained in this discipline has the ability to project a powerful shadow avatar of himself. This is a real copy of the playable Assassin, not the Temple Guardian NPC's. He can and does use all of the Martial Arts aspect as well as Psychic Hammer and Mind Blast. He fights using a small selection of fist weapons. ============================================================== Aspect: Traps Fire Blast: This combat art gives an Assassin the ability to manufacture and throw a small incendiary device. This ordinance explodes on impact, damaging any foe that treads within its small blast radius. This is a "trap" by Sacred 2 definitions. The player launches it at a target and it spawns on the ground and actively seeks out targets to incinerate. High chance for burning. Wake of Inferno: The Assassin riddles the ground around himself with small fire traps that incinerate any opponents who move too close. This plays like Fiery Ember, but with a much smaller radius and duration and greater intensity. Shock Web: These traps comprise a collection of small conductive components that arc electricity between one another, damaging any opponents who come between them. Blade Fury: This skill allows the Assassin to throw razor-sharp blades that fly back and forth between opponents, shredding them with a barrage of metal. Blade Shield (Buff): This contrivance releases several small razors and uses magnetic forces to set them spinning about the Assassin, inflicting grievous wounds on any foe who approaches him too closely. This armor is both offensive and defensive. It adds physical armor and base defense rating. while causing physical damage to nearby enemies with a high chance for open wounds. ============================================================== Dev Notes: The Assassin was tremendously frustrating to create, due in no small part to the fact that the Temple Guardian does not want to be anything except a Temple Guardian. The lack of animations, the blasted useless gun arm, the battery firing when it shouldn't, all caused lots of headaches. The Assassin herself was almost impossible to recreate as well. There are no charge up / finishing move abilities to speak of in Sacred 2 that I could adapt. Likewise, true mechanical traps in the fashion of D2 or almost any other RPG were impossible to create as Combat Arts. I eventually was able to spawn stationary devices that could launch attacks, but there were so many problems that they were totaly unfeasible. Because they counted as separate creatures, the traps' attacks gained no benefit from any player skills or modifiers, so were pitiful in power. Furthermore they were limited in the amount you could summon at once (you could never replace an old trap until it was destroyed), and worst of all they followed the player around like a minion, jumping to a random place to catch up when the player moved far enough away. All in all a huge disappointment. So you may have to stretch your imagination a little bit to imagine the final lineup of combat arts as "Traps." Outtake: Cloak of Shadows Originally there was no Psychic Hammer in this mod, and I had Fade and Cloak of Shadows as two separate combat arts. The protective abilties and ghost-like fx I gave to Fade, and for Cloak of Shadows I used the invisible ability with a custom fx: However I disliked having Shadow Disciplines as an aspect that was almost entirely buffs. So I decided to move the invisible ability to Fade, and redesign Cloak of Shadows to be an offensive spell with a focus on the debuffing and disabling aspects (slowing, regen penalty to enemies, lowered attack rating, etc.): The visuals were a combination of the ink spray used by the Octagolamus, and the "Blind" spell used by Harpies, Olms, and other monsters (the dark cloud around the head). Although, only one enemy would show the Blind fx at a time despite multiple enemies being affected. I had a similar problem with the Necromancer curses. Those visual effects just would not show up above multiple enemies at once. However, I went so far afield to try to make this new spell useful that it wasn't really recognizable as something from D2. I realized that the core of Cloak of Shadows was invisibility, so I combined it with Fade and used the Shadow Veil classification and fx. I decided if I was going to make another offensive spell for Shadow Disciplines, it should be Psychic Hammer.
  7. Haha what an awesome find. I now think it's probably just a LotR easter egg, but I'll keep my eyes open for anything Tolkienish to the east. This was around Faeries' Crossing, so like half the game map is to the east.
  8. I'm sure old school LAN parties would still work as well, if you've got your buddies physically with you to join your LAN. For connecting with friends in foreign countries, something Tunngle or Hamachi should work, but I haven't tried those options yet. Daemon Chronicles, part 2 Here are Syanna's first steps in Silver. It's a notable difficulty increase from Bronze, where every mob was dying with one hit. Here are her skills at level 6: By default a brand-new Daemon has already learned Weapon Lore and Magic Lore, which is fine, but I always alter my options.txt to allow me to freely choose my characters' starting skills. So I started Syanna with Weapon Lore, because I know I want her to proficient with some kind of melee weapon, and Hellpower, because I'm going to be casting her spells for support, and I want to keep the regeneration times and casting speed low. My next choices were Concentration, to keep the regeneration time of her special forms and combat arts low, and Constitution, because I remembered my old Daemon had a big problem with survivability. Here is Syanna rescuing the imprisoned Seraphim, her polar opposite. Nevertheless, the Seraphim is grateful. I wonder if she calls everyone "Child of Darkness and Light" or just the Daemon? I forgot that this "quest" is basically a secret and not actually in the logbook, though there is a hint in another quest, "Abducted" where a kidnapped novice mentions a rumor about a Seraphim. Resistances are good and will continue to be good when I learn the Armor skill, with the exception of Poison! The Daemon has very low Charisma, and no skills boost Poison armor, so I suspect she will struggle with resisting this element. For now I am socketing amulets with Poison Resistance. This is shortly after picking up Infernal Power and Soaring Daemon. Infernal Power is a must-have buff that thankfully has a nice beefy 3 minute duration now. I keep it up and running at all time. I like to use Soaring Daemon for quickly traveling distances between quest targets and quest givers, for instance. I can't remember which quests are timed, but I know there are many quests that you can fail if you take too long. I bought a cheap horse, but there's really not much point; in Sacred Reborn, the Soaring Daemon becomes faster than a horse! She also can't use her special shifted combat arts from horseback. So I haven't really been bothering with mounted combat or buying horse equipment. I love using Soaring Daemon to get from point A to point B so much quicker. No fences, bushes, rivers, lakes, canyons, can stop her, even cliffsides can't bar her way when she's flying. It's so liberating to zip around in the air. Here I am shortly after recruiting Wilbur in main campaign. Companions in Sacred Reborn are much more robust and hearty, they should no longer fall dead all the time. Another much-needed change. I sure do love all the pre-rendered 2D landscapes and backgrounds. It lends a really quaint a charming look to the game. I still wish for a remastered version like the Infinity Engine games got that allows higher resolutions, but even the Overlookers Clan couldn't pull this off. There are some failed screenshots on their site. Here's a mysterious hint about a strange village to the east. I wonder if it's referring to the easter egg recreation of Tristram, the town from Diablo? I could not tell if the language is a clue or just a made up phrase, More on how Syanna is progressing next time!
  9. All is well. I just haven't posted in this thread because I haven't had anything new to add. I'm currently on the road at a hotel so I've been away from my "work" computer (by that I mean my gaming PC that I develop mods on) and I tend to only get verbose when I'm posting about Sacred or other games. So if I seem curt or terse it's nothing personal. You personality is quite mild and warm, so I can't imagine being offended or upset by you. I just don't converse that much outside of game-specific posts. Rest assured, I'm confident I will be back to this thread soon enough with some new updates.
  10. Flix

    Hero Statues

    This is fixed in Community Patch 1.60. All sources of XP per Kill stack now.
  11. Flix

    Sacred 2 Model and Animation Tools

    Much appreciated. Looks like I will have to find 3DSMax again. I've come to use Blender for most projects but it never worked for Sacred 2.
  12. I can't take too much credit for the designs. The models and textures were done by my mod collaborators Pesmontis and SX255 for our mod Diablo 2 Fallen. I just did the scripting to bring them into the game. Neither is active around here any more, but I'm sure they would be warmed to hear their creations are bringing delight to people. To start with, I'll have to replace one of the other characters. This I could probably do over a weekend sometime this month. It won't be an eighth additional character, since the game only recognizes the original 7 characters. I'd have to replace the High Elf with the Huntress. Armor would probably not look right either. It would be more for just the fun of running around the game world in a "different skin". The combat arts and skills I could do, but that would be a lot more work. It would be something I could possibly get to after my current projects list.
  13. Nice ideas! I can probably put something together. It might be a couple weeks since I'm out of town on a business trip all next week. I'll post some concept pics later tonight.
  14. I didn't find such a topic after doing a search, so I thought I'd start a topic. I'm a screenshot junkie, especially since I discovered FRAPS a few years ago. Wish I could go back in time and give it to myself for all the games I played in years past. With Sacred 2, over time I've collected quite a few interesting ones. This is one in the desert. There's bus stop and a poor chap has turned into a skelton waiting for the bus that never showed up. These Orcs froze into ice sculptures trying to warm themselves by the fire in the Crystal Plane. Don't wanna meet the rodent this trap was made for! Reminds me of the opening quest to The Bard's Tale (hilarious RPG, get it on GOG). This was the day I realized the Shadow Warrior could resurrect even friendly, non-fighter corpses. While I was fighting some guards, a bear was killing a deer nearby. After I took out the guards and the bear, I brought them back with Rallied Souls, and the deer got up and joined my party too! Speaks for itself I think. Whoever can identify what's going on in this picture gets a cookie. Is it a spaceman in a flying saucer? This is the mad scientist's house who experiments on Orcs. I really appreciate the detail they put into this little side quest. He's got an Orc strapped to the table, and dissection tools, and even an anatomy paper in the style of DaVinci's Vetruvian man, but for Orc anatomy instead. Amazing. This was an interesting glitch. You can't really tell, but that Hydra is dead. After my Seraphim killed it, it didn't turn into a corpse, but froze into a statue like the Kraken staring at Medusa's head. This one's not funny, but I thought it was a really nice dramatic shot of all three types of Werewolves charging my High Elf, while Spiders creep up from behind.
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    Save file compatibility

    Community Patch does not make vanilla items unusable, even after uninstalling. However if an item was added by the Community Patch, it will cease to exist after uninstalling. Some random items will have their stats re-rolled after installing/uninstalling. The main pitfall is quest progress. It's important not to load a character with active quests when installing or uninstalling. Many quests may become broken or have unexpected behavior in the logbook. If you're ready to switch the character to a new difficulty, that's a good time to install/uninstall, because all the quest progress is wiped clean when switching difficulties.
  16. Small update for v12: Redemption's initial range is lower but scales better as it levels up. It was starting out gigantic, now there's more of a sense of it growing as it levels up.
  17. For more detailed info on Philios and his Divine Gift Redemption, check his SacredWiki page. Lore of the Nephalem Book 4: Philios - The First Paladin Philios, according to legend, was a bold and powerful first-generation nephalem, who lived in the early days of Ancaria. After a love affair with the angel Lycander he became the first Paladin of Ancaria. Origins Philios walked the world with a power unrivaled by any except for Rathma. The angel Lycander felt drawn to him and the two fell in love. When Lilith massacred Ancaria's renegade angels and demons, Lycander fled back to Heaven, though maintained contact with Philios through an artifact in his possession called the Sightless Eye. However, she ended the romance after her fellow angels discovered she was communicating with someone outside Heaven, and insisted that Philios hide the Eye so that Heaven and the Creator would not learn of Ancaria's existence. Philios grieved, but nonetheless obeyed, hiding the Eye on Dyr-Lain. The eye remained hidden for centuries until it was discovered by the daughters of Helgrotha. Legacy Philios continued to aimlessly adventure throughout Ancaria for years. One day while visiting a cabal of monks known as the Akarat, Philios was struck with a series of apocalyptic prophecies, perhaps brought on by his prolonged use of the Sightless Eye. In these visions Philios saw the Prime Evils, great and powerful demons, let loose upon the world, and cataclysmic battles between the forces of Heaven and Hell that would rend Ancaria apart. The monks recorded these visions, and thus Zakarum, the religion of the Light, was born. During the mid-twelfth century, after the Church of Zakarum had gained prominence in the East, the Church decreed that the visions of Philios would be spread throughout the known world in order to redeem the masses. Thus, the Church selected a group of its most charismatic and devoted priests and sent them on a mission to proselytize the people of the West. Unfortunately, the Church had not prepared these men for the rigors of travel nor the hazards of the world. The priests who survived their missions recounted tales of harsh weather, inadequate supplies, attacks from bandits and even encounters with horrible monsters. To ensure the success of future missions, Philios himself set about training holy warriors, Paladins, to accompany and safeguard their missionaries. In practice, these "Protectors of the Word" proved to be more successful at converting the native peoples than the Priests that they were assigned to defend. Impressing the locals with daring deeds, powerful weapons, and martial prowess was far more convincing than the condemnations of a soft-spoken monk. However, once the Word had been spread to every major city of the West, the "Protectors of the Word" faded from public view, and indeed Philios himself, now active for centuries, seemed to vanish all too quickly into legend. The Inquisition Some decades later, Paladins were again called into service. During the height of the Dragon War, the Church commenced a second campaign of conversion. This time, however, Philios had long since faded into legend, and the unconvincible were deemed evil heretics. The Inquisition spread through the lands like a tempest, laying waste to all suspected of demonic possession or corruption. Leading this crusade was a new generation of Paladins, known as the "Hand of Zakarum." These Inquisitors swept through the lands, expunging the taint of demonic contamination wherever they found it. In the midst of this bloody crusade, a rebellion arose within the ranks of the Paladins of Zakarum. The rebels condemned the methods of the Inquisition, proclaiming that the new Order of Paladins should honor Philios's words by protecting the innocent, and that the evil corruption was rooted in their forebear's failure. They resolved to fight the true source of corruption, the Prime Evils. And so, these rebellious Paladins left their Inquisitor brethren and ventured out into the word to stop the demonic forces. The more powerful Inquisiton itself eventually came to praise Rathma and Trang'Oul over Philios and the Light, thus leading to a schism throughout the mainstream religions of Ancaria. =================================== Divine Gift: Redemption Philios casts a blessed circle around the hero which annuls all enemy spells and fills most with a righteous terror which causes them to repent their evil ways and flee. Those who refuse to repent and remain within the magic circle are destroyed. Banishes most enemy spells 40% Chance to Block Combat Arts Slows enemy run speed by 100% 60% Chance for Fear Magic Damage: 30 + 15 per level Bonus Magic Damage against Undead and Demons: 124 + 42 per level Duration: 12 s Cooldown: 400 s (~6.6 minutes) This Divine Gift bears little resemblance to the D2 Redemption. Instead, it is like casting a huge, extremely powerful Expulse Magic circle around the character. ================================= Statue Clicking on Philios' statue will partially regenerate his Divine Gift, Redemption. Statue built by Pesmontis. This is the final update of the gods. I hope reading this lore will help tie everything together in terms of the new history of the races, nations, and factions of Ancaria. There are more alterations to be found in the Geography books as well, so don't hesitate to peruse some of the old books if you find them. You might find some new surprises.
  18. Minor change to Might in v12: The initial weapon damage bonus is reduced from 100% to 50%. This is still more than powerful enough.
  19. For more detailed info on Bul-Kathos and his Divine Gift Might, check his SacredWiki page. Lore of the Nephalem Book 5: Bul-Kathos - The First Barbarian Bul-Kathos, known as the Immortal King, was one of the first Nephalem, a great and ancient king who united the Barbarian tribes. Origins Bul-Kathos was born as part of the first generation of Nephalem, in later times referred to as the Ancients. These Nephalem wandered the world and adopted numerous philosophies as they spread across it. Bul-Kathos observed that due to the archangel Inarius's meddling with the Worldstone, subsequent nephalem generations became weaker and weaker, eventually becoming the various races of the world such as humans and elves. After uniting the Barbarian tribes, Bul-Kathos set the people upon the great "vigil" of protecting Mount Arreat, and the Worldstone within. While it's unknown if even the Barbarians knew that the Worldstone was inside, or what sort of power it had, Bul-Kathos became the most revered barbarian through time, and the barbarian people began to call themselves the Children of Bul-Kathos in his honor. Legacy As the centuries passed, the Nephalem set to stand guard over the mountain all passed on, with the exception of Bul-Kathos, who became one with the earth where he slept. Bul-Kathos is treated as a deity by the Barbarians. They believed his spirit resided within Mount Arreat as part of a last line of defense for any of those who would threaten the Worldstone. Although there are many gifts from the Great and Ancient King Bul-Kathos, the greatest of these is the secret of steel. Raw iron is hardened and made resilient, forged into weapons of honor and power. Most mortal swords are patterned after the blade first wielded by Bul-Kathos himself. Balancing offense with defense, it is the perfect weapon for the defense of Mount Arreat in the coming apocalypse. All Barbarian warriors learn the secrets of steel at an early age, yet few truly master the deadly elegance of the sword. Those few who do often disdain all other weapons. Traits Bul-Kathos valued martial discipline. He demonstrated a dry sense of humor, and had a particular dislike for the nephalem Esu and those like her. He was (and is) renowned for his immense strength, size, bravery, and fortitude. Bul-Kathos was physically imposing, though when Uldyssian observed him his physical appearance and size shifted. One moment his skin was brown like the soil, and his hair the color of green grass. The next he wore a kilt and sandals with a golden band around his head. Bul-Kathos and the Hydra Centuries ago, Bul-Kathos defeated the first Hydra. The great serpent was said to spawn two heads for every one that was severed. In order to defeat it, Bul-Kathos supposedly pitched the beast into a roaring bonfire, wresting the fang loose in the process. The fang was later fashioned into a wand. ======================================== Divine Gift: Might Caught up in the fervor of battle, the hero can call upon the power and strength of Bul-Kathos to add astonishing force to attacks. What would be glancing blows now soundly strike their mark, and otherwise deflected strikes rend through armor to bite flesh. Duration: 15s Cooldown: 400s (~6.6 minutes) Total Damage: +40% + 10% per level Weapon Damage: +100% + 2% per level Chance Opponents Cannot Evade Attacks: 100% Attack Speed: +30% Attack Speed Cap Raised by 20% Leech Life from Opponents: 1% Might is far more powerful than its Diablo 2 counterpart. It is now the ultimate melee buff that will turn any weapon-user into a killing machine for 15 seconds. ======================================== Statue Clicking on Bul-Kathos' statue will partially recharge his divine gift, Might. This statue was built by Pesmontis.
  20. It does indeed, that is the same version of the game I am playing.
  21. Sacred 1 is tough to play. I am currently using a mod called Sacred Reborn that makes things easier and more fair in many respects. I enjoy it quite a lot because it makes the first Sacred finally feel "right" to me. Temporary buffs have longer durations, weak spells are powered up, and good items drop more often.
  22. Flix

    Diablo 2 Fallen Creatures Thread

    Final release should be out this month (only took 5 years hooray), you'll have no excuse then.
  23. New Creatures Update #1 One of my "works in progress" has been changing up enemies and bosses. Dragons have got a few retextures and rearrangements in Diablo 2 Fallen. Ascaron actually did a great job in giving almost every dragon a different skin, however there are a few duplicates. So now they are all more unique. Grunwald Cave Dragon This dragon was originally identical to Magmadur (yellow and black). Now it has a new skin based on the original Dragon Strike texture. The first pic is his normal look, but he likes to cast the Iron Skin buff on himself, so the second and third pics show how he'll look for most of the fight. Magmadur Originally he was identical to the Grunwald Cave Dragon. In fact he shares the same creature entry ("Dragon_huge_mountain"). I think this was an oversight because there is a totally unused creature entry called "Dragon_huge_fire" that has its own set of spells and red textures. I suspect this was intended to be Magmadur and it got a little mixed up during development. So I switched Magmadur to use the "fire dragon" creature entry, and while I was at it I gave him some more sinister textures. The fire dragon red textures were almost identical to Mer-Kil, just a little brighter and without the black lines. So they'll remain unused and Magmadur will have a new black and red look. Magmadur is a wicked dragon, perhaps the most evil of all dragons since he's a Seraphim-slayer. His look now reflects that (texture by Wardust). You may wonder since I changed both of the yellow and black dragons, will any dragon have that texture anymore? Well, the Gyvrim Island Dragon actually has that texture too, plus some cool armor. Bengaresh Desert Dragon This dragon was originally a washed out red-orange. It was essentially identical to Mer-Kil but with a more drab palette. Now it looks exotic and majestic. This texture is the old Dragon Form skin from Ice and Blood, since the Druid's Dragon form has a new unique texture. Loromir and Nimdruail These two friendly dragons are actually identical (green with red stripes) but since Loromir only appears to the Barbarian and Paladin (class quests), and Nimdruail only appears on the Shadow Campaign, I left them alone. Only a shadow-path Barbarian would ever run into both of them. Xanthiar, Ordaurcil, and Orphas These are the three blue dragons (all actually a single creature). Xanthiar appears on the Light campaign and Ordaurcil on the Shadow. After some thought, I decided to combine these two into one character. They are actually the same creature in all but name (same itemtype, same creature entry, they even ask you to do the same thing - hunt down 20 slaves). For story-telling purposes I made this a single dragon named Xanthiar who you just deal with differently depending on alignment. Orphas was the quest giver Dragon for the Dragon Mage's class quest. He no longer exists, since the Druid gets his quest from the Elder Druid Cathbad. Finally, I changed up the spells and buffs that all the Dragons can use. All of them still use the fire breath and flying fire breath, but otherwise the spells are more varied. Some examples: For Dragons that have fireballs, they now home in on you (just like the little dragons), so beware. The Swamp Dragon has more poison oriented spells and can root you. The Grinch now has an ice nova. Xanthiar can cast the red lightning attack that leeches life (like the Flying Eyes). Magmadur now has a Flameskin buff. The Grunwald Dragon now casts a Blazing Tempest-like spell. The Desert Dragon casts Meteor showers. And so on... be prepared to face different challenges according to the Dragon you're fighting, instead of just fighting the same Dragon over and over in a different skin. So there you have it. Dragons with more unique designs and spells. In the future I plan to revise all the bosses somewhat and eventually add even more bosses and unique monsters. There are many inactive spells that could be adapted for enemy use to make the game more interesting and challenging.
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    Diablo 2 Fallen Creatures Thread

    Correct, the generic Balrogs and Infector of Souls are just the Sakkara demon, shrunk down and retextured. No changes to the model. Ventar's model is adapted from one of the Lord of the Ring games. They're actually all technically "elite" class enemies. Though now that I look at the stats I realize they're pretty outdated. You can see how uneven they used to be. Now Ventar does indeed feel like a boss, with roughly the same damage as pictured but much more hitpoints and armor. The generic Balrogs act as "big brothers" to the Infernal Siren normal-class enemies, and together they replace the Flaming Horse enemies entirely in the Blood Forest.