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  1. 16 hours ago, Gilberticus said:

    I am noticing one issue, with the Sorceress. I know how to use the teleport spell; you point your cursor where you want to teleport to. But when I put it into a combo, let's say I cast nova and then teleport, she stays put instead of teleporting where my cursor is pointing to. I don't know if teleoprt isn't supposed to be put in a combo, or if teleport is supposed to be cast before other spells in the combo, but that's what I'm encountering so far. 

    I think Shadow Step acts the same in the vanilla game doesn't it?  Teleport as it is is pretty much just a copy of Shadow Step with the Cooldown and teleport delay decreased.

    I just the character just doesn't know where to target.

  2. 13 minutes ago, Gilberticus said:

    I never really tried this mod, due to the fact that I love clustering maelstrom and the piping in the Blood Poison set. But I just tried it out; those two things are such a tiny price to pay when you consider all that this mod adds. Thank you so much for this mod :)

    Thanks man!   I'm working on the definitive, "final" version of the mod right now, so let me know if there's any bugs or if anything just feels "off." 

    Been playing the mod the past few weeks and I can say the new monsters I added hit a little too hard and soak up a bit too much damage, they will be better balanced in the upcoming version.

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  3. 6 hours ago, FilipMadalin said:

    Why dialogs are not appear 

    This happens because you didn't install the fonts that come with the mod.  I included them in the folder: pak/fonts.

  4. 7 hours ago, thejynxed said:

    Just a thought/warning on this - reverting to Vanilla drops means your only two sources of added Dexterity from jewelry will the Bar'Tender's Ring and the Hunter's Amulet, since Remnants of Glaurung will go away, so be aware that ranged & melee specs will see a nerf if they build around Dex stacking compared to "normal". Dryads especially will take a hit since the Glaurung set is arguably BiS with the dragon minion from the shrunken head. Melee sword users will see the hit due to how many swords use Dex over Str, particularly those focused in Dual Wield.

    Yes, the stats on the new items were designed to "fill in the gaps" of the vanilla selection.  They were meant to provide modifiers that were lacking on certain item types, or to support builds that were not catered to before.  Without it you're stuck with basically 1 armor set per aspect, and a weapon selection that pretty much favors either 1h melee or 2h ranged.  I'd never go back myself, but I like to help people enjoy the game the way they want.

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  5. 5 hours ago, Juopunumies said:

    A very fun mod concept, but most ranged weapons (bows, thrown, some spells) crash the game for me.

    "An exception has occured!

    Error #:1

    Function: ParticleSystemManager::createSystem

    Description: template not found'x_stone_streak',

    File: ,\Graphics\particle\particleSystemMgr.cpp

    Line: 199"

    Otherwise the mod works like a charm.

    This will happen if you don't have Community Patch 1.60 installed first.  The "stone_streak" file was added in that patch.

  6. 4 hours ago, Methatronc said:

    Hello Flix ! 

    First thank you for this mod, I really like the vanilla version that I tried today. 

    I noticed however that the logo you have is the vanilla though mine is the CM one, the background is perfect, here is juste the icon that doesn't change..

    Would you have an idea for changing that please ?

    Thanks in advance !

    Hello!  The icon is part of the interface and it can be changed with by using one of the skins from this mod:


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  7. You mean the black sky?  You can see that it my screenshot too, to a lesser extent, as I had a different resolution.   

    Based on your screenshot you're at 3840 x 2160.  I think the higher your resolution, the more obvious the "borders" of that landscape will be. 

    That menu background is pulled from the demo, so it shouldn't be too surprising that it doesn't play too well with the full game + expansion. 

  8. I do my best to make it as easy as possible for the dumbest people out there.

    A lot of time if I say "unzip the file" people end up with an extra folder in their MODS folder.  I wanted to make it clear that the contents of the file you download need to be extracted, without creating any new folders.

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  9. 17 hours ago, Znork said:

    An extremely well-polished and well-designed mod. This goes for the items, the lore, the quests, the graphics, the fonts - but most specifically for the core gameplay elements: the combat arts and items/item stats. The new character classes (based on those from D2) are truly well-crafted, with much thought and love for both Sacred II and Diablo II put into it. The different aspects are very inviting to try different builds, for example, as a melee barbarian, the warcries aspect is truly inspiring. I'm having a thorough blast playing it, especially because I think the sacred II default combat-arts combinations arent that great. With this barbarian I'm playing now (hardcore), I buff myself with Shout (which has a nice 90s duration instead of some other 10s lame buffs in the original game), I use Leap Attack to jump into the fray, I whirlwind twice to hit everything around me, and I clean up the mess with Frenzy - which also nicely serves as a boss/ elite killer. I have so many usefull skills I want to max everything and the character feels more 'alive' than any other sacred 1 or 2 hero I ever played. 


    10/10 recommended must-have for every fan of the diablo/arpg genre. It takes the quite unique attractiveness factor of Sacred II (is it the humor? the scenery?) and spices it up with more and harder enemies, more varied gameplay, better designed character classes, and a ton of very well implemented Diablo lore. It's great :D

    Wow thanks for the review.  It's good to know all that hard work gets appreciated!

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  10. 41 minutes ago, Hooyaah said:

    Flix, you mentioned, "* Some quests may become unfinishable because they require the player to kill x amount of spiders, scarabs, etc. I assume players that want this mod wouldn't want to play those quests anyway." However, isn't it possible to disable this Mod with the GME and then play through these certain quests and then re-enable the Mod after they are completed? This would allow completing the affected quests and not having to be Ancaria's Full-Time Pest Control.


  11. 23 hours ago, vagnerhammer said:

    2 - There is a bug that does not allow deleting a combat art in a combo. For example: If I have a combo with three spells, I can not withdraw one and have two spells again in that combat art. From what I've researched this seems to be a flaw in the original game.

    Hello!  This should be fixed in Community Patch 1.60.  The fix will only take effect for a new Dragon Mage created under v1.60.  Thank you for playing the mod and writing back!

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  12. Community Patch

    51,827    121

    Since the exe is replaced he'll probably just have to set it up again, whether it's through some profile or through the in-game options.  If that doesn't work I can't of any reason why the patch would just prevent it altogether.

  13. 11 hours ago, bassgun said:

    I have three questions about this mod:

    1. if I have savegames that ONLY have the community patch 0160 installed and I install this mod after, will it affect my savegames negatively?

    2. also will the class mounts have animations for the combat arts that come from this mod only?

    3. does this mod work with the sacred 2 character editor? (https://www.nexusmods.com/sacred2/mods/2)

    1.  Yes.  New characters means new characters.  EDIT: to clarify, the only issues I would expect would be with quests.  If you're starting a new difficulty with an old character, I doubt there would be any issues.

    2. Yes of course.  And you can always use the Original Spells version of the mod if you don't want to use the new combat arts.

    3.  Yes, BUT the editor window will still show the old combat art names and modifications.  But you can still edit them no problem.

  14. 3 hours ago, Wolfcat92 said:

    Could you tell me the answer to the questions of the modding
    1) Is it possible to tie the ability to an object so that when it is put on, the spell is added to the free cell. Can the ability be given from a complete set of things?
    2) Can I add new abilities when turning into a dragon form?


    1) No this is not possible in Sacred 2, sadly

    2) No, we never found a way around the code limitations to add new player combat arts, even when shapeshifted.  All you can do is change the existing ones.  If you want to do that, look in spells.txt and edit the entries:  "dm_form_drgn_teleport", "dm_form_drgn_feuerball", and "dm_form_drgn_feuerwand".

  15. Community Patch

    51,827    121

    34 minutes ago, ColdTouch said:

    Hi, I tried out the cm-patch on win7-steam edition

    Sadly it made more problems than I expected.

    1) The Questlog was Screwed up. Like the Great Wall was closed again and not able to re-open after the story progressed

    2) NPCs that were supposed to be killed after talking to them in the questline didnt work, because they started to attack right in the beginning with the "?"-mark on top of their heads and it was not possible to talk with them

    3) The installation of the patch screwed up registry files, which forced sacred to switch saving locations. Before the cm-patch, savefiles were saved in a private-user-account on pc. After the cm-patch, Sacred tried to save at the files of the admin-user-account, which resulted in tasks to open that asked for "admin"rights when I tried to start the game

    4) Old savefiles of characters were also messed with.


    All in all, these facts made it super anoying to play with the cm-patch and I decided to deinstall it and fact 3) wasnt solved after using "disabling funktion" or reinstalling Sacred2. Now im still trying to solve my problems by checking the registration files at win7 ( and yes, im not a pro at that, so im looking through the net for solutions and advice).

    Added some text to the description to make it more clear not to use old characters.

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  16. Community Patch

    51,827    121

    14 minutes ago, siddham said:

    or can I use the 1.50 disable exe and them use the 1.60 enable exe to update to 1.60?

    I also presume I will need to start a new character?

    Will 150 characters still be loadable for their chests?

    Yes to the above.  Disable 1.50 then enable 1.60.  New characters for best results.  Characters and items from 1.50 will be usable but the bonuses on most random (non-unique/set/legendary) items are re-rolled and old characters may have issues.

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  17. On 3/28/2018 at 2:51 PM, Caledor said:

    Great job Flix and I'm glad to see some of the balance aspects I posted last july like the tweaks to sockets. I'll definitively try this. One thing is missing and it makes me wonder (since you said you liked it)... why did you decide against giving Temple Guardian and Inquisitor additional amulet/ring slots? Our discussion from back then for reference:

    I know it's been 4 months but I was just reviewing this feature and it turns I did in fact add the extra TG jewelry slots in v2.0.  I just forgot to list it the changelog!

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  18. 1 hour ago, Caledor said:

    Great job Flix and I'm glad to see some of the balance aspects I posted last july like the tweaks to sockets. I'll definitively try this. One thing is missing and it makes me wonder (since you said you liked it)... why did you decide against giving Temple Guardian and Inquisitor additional amulet/ring slots? Our discussion from back then for reference:


    I guess I just forgot?  :(  I added it to Diablo 2 Fallen a while back.  Just never made it onto my EE project list I guess.

  19. 4 hours ago, ben007 said:

    so I downloaded the mod and installed it, I thought I didnt have the new spells but I do. Thing is they are new ones but all the text including the names and the modifications to all the combat arts are the old spell text.. how do I fix?

    What language is your game installation?

  20. 2 hours ago, AnonEMoose44 said:

    Hey I'm new to sacred 2 and would like to try this mod out.

    I'm just curious as to what exactly challenge mode and superspawn do?

    I added the descriptions of these two modules to the details on the file page.  :) 

  21. 1 hour ago, Fabur said:


    @Flix I just tried out your mod for a few hours and like it so far. There is one thing that bugs me a bit though: The Sublime Guardians ability to convert enemies for a short time. For me it slows down the gameplay a bit, as I cannot kill enemies that are currently under the influence of the convert spell. So I have to wait for the spell to finish or have them teleport after me for the duration of spell. Is there any way to make them killable while they are effected by the spell? Or maybe reduce the duration or even replace the skill completely (as you have already done for the Seraphim herself)?

    Thanks for trying the mod!  I gave the Sublime Guardian the Conversion CA because I would have liked a way to keep that spell in the game.  Similarly, I gave the Inquisitor's Daemon Raving Thrust.

    If there's negative feedback about Conversion I'll consider removing it.