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  1. Dear Flix,

    I spent hours trying to solve what I think should be a simple tweak to Sacred 2 Ice & Blood (v2.65.2) but found nothing of help. All I wish to do is to turn off the user interface / HUD in game.  The screen is far too cluttered for any real sense of immersion.  Is there any method you could propose (or generously create) to hide the HUD?  I am sure many others would enjoy it as well.  Thank you for considering this.


    1. kokoka


      I just find an old answer for that , community patch 1.60 bro download and install it (also it have native languages) and it contains the 2.65 Hotfix/Patch also!

    2. kokoka


      Editing the autoexec.cfg to have "MaxFps" "30" in addition changing the additional options to the following should fix it: 
      [X ] Disable DirectX 6 commands 
      [X] Enable optimized surfaces 
      [X] Enable poly gap fixing (slower) 
      [X] Enable triple buffering 
      You could choose "Always specify these command-line parameters" to help the game to force these options, even if you leave that particular field empty.
      (I think this for Fallen Angel the base edition)

    3. Flix


      Depends on if you want to just make the HUD invisible or actually want it gone so that it doesn't exist anymore.

      You also have to think about what exactly you want removed.  You say the interface, but that would include the inventory, skills window, CA windows, journal.  I'm assuming you just mean the HUD.

      The most basic answer would be to erase all the interface textures so that they're invisible (open each file and erase it, making it transparent), but all the invisible buttons would still be there and would be "in the way," in a sense, because you could click them.

      I have no idea if kohoka's solution above would work.


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