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  1. Flix,

    Thank you for replying to my question about how to hide the HUD in Sacred 2 (Gold).  Unofortunately, I have no idea how to "erase all the interface textures so that they're invisible (open each file and erase it, making it transparent)".  I found some "graphics#.zip" files that contain user interface .dds files; but it does not matter what I do with them (the game shows no effect).  I even completely deleted archives containing textures for the UI, but the UI remains unchanged when I launch the game.  I am no modder, and I really need someone more knowledgeable to help me.  This would be my favorite game if I could turn the HUD off.  Is there any chance that you (or anyone reading this thread) would be willing to asssist me?  Even if you could tell me what files need to be modified, that would be a great help.  I play with Elite textures (but I do not know whether that has any bearing on the UI).  Anyway, if you have an idea, or could offer some instructions for a nubie, I would be most grateful.

    Sincerely, Xal

    1. Hooyaah


      Flix is quite likely the most adept and renowned Sacred 2 modder in existence (within the known Universe and the third dimension). What is fundamental and sophomoric to him regarding the game files and the inner-workings of its game mechanics may easily seem inscrutable to another genius inexperienced with such. Perhaps he could slap together a Sacred 2 "HUD Hider" Mod.

    2. Flix


      Sorry, it won't work, at least not the way I was talking about.  Not if you want to actually play the game that way.  The HUD would still be there, it would just be invisible.  You'd be clicking stuff all the time without intending to, pushing invisible buttons and bringing up invisible windows.  Plus, you wouldn't be able to do anything like turning on buffs, managing skills and inventory, equipping weapons, etc.

      The game would just become non-functional if you removed the UI.   All you could do is run around and take pictures, but you can do that anyway with PrintScreen because it removes the UI in the screenshots.

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