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  1. Thank you. All my criticism is coming from a place of great fondness for the mod. I will find a way to adjust to the challenges, as always.
  2. We discussed in your thread a while back. I noted that in vanilla the quest item erroneously appears as a Magic Pearl, despite being referred to in dialogue and log entries as a sword (this sword is the result of combining the three resurrection artifacts on Seraphim Island). To paraphrase you, you said the sword idea was dumb and decided to retain the item's identity as a magic pearl instead.
  3. It's more like learning to play a small drum being useless at teaching you to play a bigger drum. Piano would be like a completely different game. It's the same rules in place whether it's an Orc or a Dragon. It's the same game, the same "instrument." Damage vs armor, attack vs. defense, health, WiDD, life leech, it's all part of the same system. Fights against lesser creatures should be forcing you to grow and fine-tune your character to be an efficient killer who can also survive, based on all these factors. This in turn prepares you for fights with greater creatures. Of course tactics will be different in a Dragon fight, that's what makes bosses exciting. They have patterns, special moves, AI that changes based on what you do (run too far away from Dragons = Meteor Shower death). And they should take longer to kill so that all those factors have time to unfold. The balance for Reborn has changed since the very beginning, as needed, based on player feedback. It could always change again, if you saw fit. I'm afraid my chiming in with other players has soured my own feedback for you as some kind of attack on the mod. I have a great deal of respect for Sacred Reborn, and I recommend it everywhere I can. In fact it's because I'm so invested in the success of the mod that I write about it as much as I do. This is why this one thing stands out as strange to me, a punishing difficulty spike in what is otherwise a sea of greatness. I doubt I qualify as one of the elite. Sacred has always been hard for me. And yet, this mod has had a lot of fun hours to offer me, so I don't regret playing it one bit. I could in fact, never go back. Maybe I can approach it another way, and treat Dragons as optional. I have always delighted in creating very difficult bosses in my mods, so long as they are optional for the player. The player doesn't have to fight to D'Cay, or any of the Dragon guarding the elements of Ancaria for that matter. They can always be bypassed.
  4. What's your Divine Gift? Just curious. This thread made wonder if it would be of any use to you.
  5. Oh, I don't consider you as being against me. I'll upload my character later and maybe you can tell me why he sucks. I think what's striking is that regular mobs feel easier in Reborn (because many player CA's got buffed), while Dragons are more difficult. So the difference between the two types of battles is more dramatic. The player can feel "tricked" into thinking their character is good and strong because regular mobs are relatively easy. And then a Dragon fight comes along and instructs them that their hero is sorely lacking. In very general terms, I believe that fighting normal/elite mobs should train the player for what they need to do to become strong, and then those skills and strategies can be transferred over into fights against stronger bosses. Corrections of flaws may be necessary of course, but I think weaknesses in a build should be exposed before a big boss fight stomps you down into the ground.
  6. No I'm trying to make a melee axe berserker. Except for Dragons, he does fine against all mobs, he does exceptionally well in fact. It's just that the Dragons are super-charged to be completely ridiculous. Some are ok and a little weaker, like D'Cay or the Ice Twins. But that ones guarding the relics of Ancaria are just insane - Frostguard Palace dragon for example. I even thought so when fighting it with my Daemon, who cut through most things like a hot knife through butter. I'm sure there's some power build for each character, but I don't want to be forced into some cheesy niche. There's supposed to be multiple ways to build each character. Time and time again I try to make a melee character in Sacred and I always end up having to use spells instead because Dragons just shred through you.
  7. Yeah, actually the reason I had to stop updating the Dwarf Tales is because the Dragons are so powerful I have no hope of defeating them with the Dwarf. I was able to knock out D'Cay only by outleveling her by about 10 levels. I think I lucked out with the Daemon the first time around; they buffed her powers so much that she can use her spells to devastating effect. But I don't know how anyone could face the Dragons in Reborn in melee. There's a lot of wonderful changes going on in the mod, it's a shame they felt the need for nightmare bosses.
  8. And what did you pick as your ninth skill?
  9. Yeah, take Speed Lore and go on foot. I prefer to fight on foot unless I really need the extra health buffer. I just use mounts for travel.
  10. It shows everything converted. It's just physical that gets converted though.
  11. It carries all weapon effects. What? It adds flat elemental damage to the attack, then boosts the total damage by a percent. The extra flat damage used to scale to be absolutely massive in earlier releases, effectively doubling the base weapon damage at high levels, even before the percent boost, so I had to scale it back a bit.
  12. Poison and Magic are her weaknesses. Fire and Ice will not be very useful.
  13. Ehhh... it's a few versions out of date now, but this pretty much covers it. http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Blood_Raven Her multi-arrows used to be target seeking = instant death. They can be easily avoided now. I think really it's just that she has high Dexterity so even her regular arrows hit really hard. Defense & Evade Chance, as well as Chance to Block/Reflect Ranged will be most useful.
  14. A Seraphim. Fire, Ice, and Physical will also work against him, just not as well as Poison (that is his true sensitivity). Magic damage will be all but useless.
  15. Poison damage is his weakness. All his attacks do magic/magic DOT with some slight physical damage.
  16. You could make pretty any enemy explode into gore upon death, you just have to set the "has corpse" flag to 0 in their creatures.txt entry.
  17. If it's one of those things like a lute I think they're just junk you can sell. If they have green text they're part of the Icons set... these are seemingly innocuous items that don't seem to do anything, but if you keep them in your inventory like D2 charms and assemble the whole set, you get a bonus. http://sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred:Csaszar's_Guide_to_find_the_famous_ICON_set
  18. She's incredibly powerful, and I didn't follow any guides, I was just winging it. Three damage types aren't so much when you consider there are 10 damage types (15 if you count the DOT variants). There's so many weird and wonderful environments to explore in this game. It's on sale now on GOG for $5: https://www.gog.com/game/grim_dawn
  19. It's the starting island for Multiplayer games. You can fly over there with a Daemon even in Singleplayer.
  20. Happy to have you back. If you're getting nostalgic for playing Sacred, there is a very good recent patch that breathes new life into the game called Sacred Reborn, made by the Overlookers clan.
  21. Haha just wait til you fight all 5 at once when they're your level. That opening volley of spells (all 5 damage types at once) is brutal.
  22. Well as long as you feel it is working for you. I have to say Easy/Bronze is my least-tested difficulty so I wouldn't be shocked if there are more irregularities there. I have to take feedback on difficulty and challenge with a grain of salt when anyone plays with Inferno or Challenge Mode.
  23. These are the level caps in D2F: LevelCapDiff = {60,100,140,180,200},
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