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  1. 23 minutes ago, jwiz said:

    I did use Notepad++ as well for editing with the DSpellchecker plugin (Hunspell dict).

    I was talking to LadyRy about her question.  But, I realize that was not evident because I didn't quote her. Sorry for the confusion.

  2. I like to use Notepad++ with the compare plugin. It highlights differences between two versions of the same file.  Makes it easy to copy changes from one into the other.  I'd copy your changes into my scripts.

    Actually questscripts.txt might be a bear to compare since so much in the syntax got changed in EE.  You definitely want to use my version of the file though.

    Balance.txt shouldn't be too bad to deal with though.

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  3. 22 hours ago, jwiz said:

    I'm finally done going through de german localized global.res file.

    I'm not sure if you're distributing the encoded text for use anywhere (which is totally fine) but do note that this is not the CORE version of the texts, it's the Alt. Spells version.

  4. 2 hours ago, jwiz said:

    I'm finally done going through de german localized global.res file.

    It took me a bit longer than I expected as I decided to apply corrections to all the string resources, even if they are only used to trigger the dialogue text, as Flix has pointed out earlier.

    Otherwise the correction list would be less than half as long, but I feel more comfortable with having done so.  :lol:

    I have tried to be as consistent as possible with the corrections, but that wasn't an easy task as even the devs weren't consistent with their spellings for main denominations like Artamark (found: Artamak, Atamark) or Kufferath (Kufferrath).

    I've corrected those and others I came upon, but I surely missed quite a few.

    I've also translated descriptions into german for some items or stories that were left in english.

    I just hope I haven't botched up some inside pun (like: Windu's Mace).  If I did so, please let me know.


    I'll upload (to Google drive) the global.res unencoded in a full form with all the changes and as a list of differences which only contains the corrected text resources, so everybody can have a go at it, if they like.

    I hope this works.







    maybe you're willing to include this into your upcoming 3.1 update.



    I was working on the global.res file from S2EE 3.0 Core + Addons

    Thanks! I should have waited a day I guess.  I was getting anxious to get those fixes out though.  I'll prepare the German texts for the next release, whenever that may be.

  5. Well the mutation sets do not drop with the "Vanilla Drops" mod, I think that's why you can't find them.  With the base CM 1.60 or EE the mutation sets have a fair drop rate, considering how powerful they are.  The drop frequency is lower than normal set armor, but much higher than it was in CM 1.40 and earlier.

    CM 1.50 actually had the highest frequency. In that version I had made them as common as any other set armor and they dropped like candy, that's why they were scaled back some in 1.60.

  6. 1 hour ago, dimitrius154 said:

    The Elite Trimmed Textures package has been updated, all higher resolution normal textures have been removed, graphics25.zip now contains higher-resolution versions of diffuse textures released up to and including Ice&Blood. 

    @Flix I've added graphics25 original content to graphics27. In case you plan to utilize the latest ETT package, I'd suggest adding graphics25 content to graphics26 beforehand. 

    Wait, what?  You removed all CM-added content from graphics25.zip?  What on earth would possess you to do something like that?  That would mean anyone wanting to use ETT would have missing textures and models unless they installed Addendum as well.  That's a major compatibility shift that should be announced clearly upfront so people don't break their game.  

    It would make more sense to distribute the new textures throughout graphics20-24.

  7. 5 minutes ago, nerasw said:

    yet another stupid question: will re-downloading EE-core have any effect on existing SP campaign (quest for example)?


    5 minutes ago, nerasw said:

    and another one: should enabled modules be reinstalled after?

    Uninstall all mods in order, then reinstall all mods in order.  Same as any other version update.

  8. 3.0a is released here and on the Nexus.  Since it's just a hotfix and not a version release I'm naming it 3.0a.  I couldn't do just a patch release due to the files edited so the full mod would need to be re-downoaded.


    • Fixed Black Seraphim invisible body textures.
    • Fixed Temple Guardian being unable to properly fire Energy Pistols.
    • Fixed double bosses spawning in Free-For-All Quests module (hopefully).
    • Increased the spread chance for Eternal Fire.
    • CORE version of Primal Mutation is now identical to the Alt. Spells version (Poison/Magic focus, higher damage, no more broken damage conversion modifications).
    • Shepherds now use their missing shepherd staves.
    • Increased the base damage of a few rare and unique weapons for consistency.
    • Adjusted some weapon icon sizes for consistency.
  9. 1 hour ago, jwiz said:

    Btw, can somebody enlighten me about all those 'portcats'.

    I'm not aware of them.

    Is this a pun or joke I'm not getting or are they really of feline persuasion?

    Where are you seeing them in-game?  There's one entry in the texts.  2699116497    Portal Cat

  10. 47 minutes ago, dimitrius154 said:

    Are the upgraded normal textures actually worth it?

    Probably not. I may have added 1 new normal map for every 10 diffuse textures.  I just picked the most egregiously poor maps to upgrade. You'd just have to look at them and use your best judgment.

  11. 11 hours ago, jwiz said:

    Btw, it was noticed in the german forum that the globel.res (DE_de) needs a correction to:

    1247205589    Kaleidoskopischer Evangelist  (from Kaleidoskpischer Evangelist)


    P.S.: in fact it needs a lot more corrections. I'm currently working on them.

    That doesn't surprise me; the bulk of translation for all the CM 1.50 items had to be done through Google.

    I don't really have anything else I need to do with this patch so I'll release it tomorrow. If the translations aren't ready we can always add them later.

    12 hours ago, Roderick said:

    Okay.... looks like I disable Free For All for the time being. ^^

    Ok, I changed over:

    • Gar'Colossus
    • Octagolamus
    • Carnach
    • Mist of Miasma
    • Garganthropod
    • Kral
    • Facettelleon
    • Nameless Guardians

    Did you notice any other doubled bosses at all?

  12. 9 hours ago, Roderick said:

    Any ETA for 3.1? Just to know whether I have to downgrade to play again. ^^ I only play Single mode.... want to leave a saved Ancaria and not every quest respawning on me. xD

    Sunday probably.  Technically speaking the changes from 3.0 --> 3.1 are trivial and should not interfere with any ongoing characters. In fact, unless you're playing a seraphim or TG I doubt you'll notice any difference.

  13. 2 hours ago, dimitrius154 said:

    Thing is: vanilla Sacred2 uses the "fx_wpn_glow2" as a projectile release point. Since Batteries have that bone as well and, due to how object bones are accounted for, the battery bone takes precedence. The original developers couldn't(wouldn't) solve the issue, so they simply disabled battery rendering. I've introduced an extra "firingpoint" bone as a solution, but, since there's a code component, the S2EE is unable to utilize the solution.

    I noticed, I just forgot to delete the battery models.  Originally I thought I might be able to only use s2render, and the batteries appeared, but that file displaced all mounted opponents from their mounts, and I needed sacred2.exe to correct it. And that file made too many changes so I intended to just reverse the whole experiment.

    2 hours ago, dimitrius154 said:

    Interesting. Job items?

    Equipset NPC_HU_sheepherd was missing the shepherd's staff.  Apparently I corrected this in D2F some time ago but never ported the change over to EE.


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  14. 4 hours ago, Androdion said:

    I'm late for the party, but what's with the doubled boss thingy?

    A quirk of the "Free-For-All" module.  I'm not exactly clear on the why, but there are basically two identical versions of each campaign boss scripted.  The two are called upon in different sections of the main quest. One is a kill target and the other... ?  Anyway I picked the wrong one to mark as "persistent" so the result is the usual boss is present, plus a doppelganger.  Only one of them will trigger quest completion on death but they both give XP and drops like usual.

    4 hours ago, Androdion said:

    Any recap on quick fixes for EE 3.0 that I should know about?

    A few bugs I still need to iron out. The Black Seraphim is just walking armor (has invisible body), and the TG is not able to use energy pistols properly.  I have the fixes in place for 3.1 this weekend, just doing a few more tweaks in the meantime.

    A few other changes slated for 3.1 are some more missing NPC equipment added, and some base damage numbers for several weapons are adjusted.  I also rebalanced Eternal Fire (increased spread chance) and Primal Mutation (CORE will now use Alt Spells version) based on some recent bug reports.

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  15. 3 hours ago, Lindor said:

    You did not edit a particle script but an image instead

    Bingo.  :Cherna_24:   The picture below was originally a bunch of lightning bursts.

    3 hours ago, Lindor said:

    So this is the second thing I stumbled across: Once I've activated S2EE 3.0, I cannot deactivate it anymore or I need to reinstall the game

    This could be some quirk of Steam.  I haven't had any issues switching EE on and off over the past several weeks, with the GOG version.


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  16. 54 minutes ago, Roderick said:

    EDIT: Maybe the Super-Spawn decided to double this one? I just imagined ... double the amount of nameless guardians?

    It's undoubtedly Free-For-All Quests that's causing it.  If I guess right, the same thing will happen to all of the campaign bosses.  Maybe we can just call it a perk of the module?

    50 minutes ago, Lindor said:

    The green circle doesn't match the pickup radius anymore (which got increased with CM patch if I remember correctly)

    This has to be changed manually by the user in options.txt in the Documents folder.

    50 minutes ago, Lindor said:

    Earth Lord quest doesn't drop the holy magic relic anymore (I did the quest multiple times, maybe I just got unlucky)

    He drops a Wol Sigil (physical relic).  The magic relic reward was moved to the Lightning Lord.  These changes were made in 2.4.

    51 minutes ago, Lindor said:

    Some normal (white) rings have the lightsaber sound on picking it up in the inventory, they all have the increase poison damage stat so far

    Yeah I never figured out this one.  I think some generic sounds are getting applied but I'm not sure where the error is.  I've also heard rings produce a potion sound.

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