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  1. Typo on Gold mod of Dashing Alacrity.

    Nope, I am Ice and Blood version 2.65.2, using the latest CM patch. This typo still exists. This is why I even posted it here in the first place. czevak, if you are able to fix this typo, please do! It is very misleading to read the description of the mod, and think it does something entirely different than what was expected.
  2. I would also like to mention that the run speed mod for Dashing Alacrity is likely a better choice than the attack speed mod. You would need a CA level of 118 (as per the formula on the wiki) with an unmodded DA to reach the run speed cap. With the mod, you only need a level 43 DA to reach the run speed cap, thereby completely negating any need for run speed mods on gear (with this being the only source of run speed, aside from speed lore). Considering the Celestial set has exactly 0% run speed, and the sockets are better used for other mods, this is ideal. Attack speed, meanwhile, is very easy to reach the cap for. At mastery, weapon skills provide +36% attack speed, so you only need to make up the last 14% (which DA does by itself at level 1). If you are using weapons that have attack speed on them natively, you likely won't even need DA to increase the attack speed. I imagine you could eventually find attack speed on throwing weapons when you're shopping. And of course, there are always +skills (attack speed cap is reached at approximately level 105). DA doesn't even do much aside from increasing attack and run speeds, so you could just keep DA at level 42 with the run speed mod (or whatever level is needed to make the duration > regen + cooldown), and stop increasing it to ensure that the CA remains chain castable.
  3. Typo on Gold mod of Dashing Alacrity.

    I posted this here because I thought that the CM guys would be able to do something about it. I myself was slightly nervous about getting that mod because 20 seconds less cooldown is FAR better than reduced regeneration would have been. I hope that they can fix it!
  4. Skill needed to make "Selling Price" work?

    I tried to socket selling price + items into another item to sell it, but that didn't work either.. I only got back the value of the original item. So, more specifically, it only affects the selling price of the item on which the mod appears.
  5. It states that it reduces the regeneration time of the CA, but what it in fact does is reduce the COOLDOWN of the CA by 20 seconds.
  6. It definitely is good, though I'm not sure if it's quite THE best one handed weapon, but it's definitely up there. Not really sure what can beat it for any character that plans on attacking in close combat. Less useful for toons that don't use melee attacks. Depends on the build. If you don't care about LL% (and if you're not a boss killing toon, then you probably don't), there are definitely better weapons out there. The attack speed and sockets are quite easy to replace. The bonus with Kal'Dur's is having LL% on a one hander along with all those other mods. So far I'm up to level 32 in Silver (god, rushing through each difficulty is such a chore at this point), and the bosses are going down like flies, but unlike the ranged toon, she's also quite capable at taking out groups of mobs. My suspicions that this is just a flat out better build than the ranged one are slowly coming to fruition, it's just a matter of getting a second Kal'Dur's.
  7. It definitely is good, though I'm not sure if it's quite THE best one handed weapon, but it's definitely up there.
  8. I went with the attack bonus, for the very reasons that you stated. What's the point of an extra, what will amount to about 105% or so more damage, when I can get triple that in attack value, and possibly save having to use a ring with opponent's evade chance on it because of the extra attack. I did the same thing with Pelting Strikes first mod, I took double hits over the extra damage because double hits will cause way more damage overall to the Guardians than the extra damage. Still contemplating what to do with the second mod. If I keep PS at level 1, then even with a ridiculously high +regen from 200 runes read in Battle Stance, I still shouldn't have problems with regen due to mastered EW Focus and RPH to make up the difference. The second mod seems kind of useless, though, at only level 1 PS. 101 less defense probably won't amount to much, if anything. Still, 20% less regeneration is probably almost completely useless. On the fence about the third mod. Since DW is all about number of hits over dealing big damage blows, I think reducing armor class might be better than having a higher crit chance. What do you think?
  9. Hmm, since I won't be stacking attack too much directly, I wonder if Aggression mod would be better with dual-wielding for Battle Stance, since 1H weapons do significantly more damage per hit than ranged weapons. What do you think?
  10. Oh, that's true. Stacking +attack does not require taking up sockets, so if that's what you're going for, then go for it. Just a question, does Dual Wield Mastery double hit proc. chance work with Pelting Strikes?
  11. Attack value is an *extremely* inefficient way to increase your chance to hit. From what I can tell, -opponent evade chance *directly* decreases their evade chance (that is to say, if you have an 80% chance to hit, and have -20% opponent evade, then your chance to hit becomes 100%). All you need is enough -opponent evade to bridge the gap between whatever your chance to hit is at the time and 100% chance to hit, which shouldn't be very high, especially since -opponent's chance to hit comes in large bunches per mod. I like your idea about AW, however, the first guardian doesn't activate anywhere near before you are able to start wailing on it from melee range, the second guardian you can run to before he activates, the third one seems to activate when the second one is about half dead and ends up in melee range before you are able to kill the second one, and the fourth one I haven't seen activate before I can get in melee range. Moreover, having a really low regen time on AW is pointless. You need maybe 1.3-1.4s regen time, unless you pump a ton of points into RT Lore. Even then, it cannot proc. double hits, so auto attacks or Pelting Strikes would still be faster. We shall see in the end either way, I'm gonna be testing this out as I go.
  12. Pelting Strikes should actually indeed be faster, for one simple reason: the chance to double hit. This is also the same reason why I am now confident in saying that dual-wielding Kal'Dur's is the best choice for this build. Ranged weapons (that I know of) cannot proc. double hits. Also, Archangel's Wrath cannot proc. double hits either, so if you get 50% or higher double hit rate, the faster execution time of weapon swings on auto attacks will outdo Archangel's Wrath. I haven't seen Pelting Strikes while dual-wielding yet, but it's either that or auto attacks as the best DPS in the game for a Seraphim with LL% using this build.
  13. Archangel's Wrath would require either Rev. Tech. Focus or Lore. Is the speed of AW based off weapon speed or CA execution time? If the former, I'd go with Focus, and if the latter, I'd go with Lore. I suppose I could drop Spell Resistance for this (it was more of a filler skill). And either way, I never got either skill with my current seraphim, so I'm gonna remake her anyways. By my understanding of AW, with the Salvo mod, it unleashes two bolts that take on the properties of whatever weapons you've equipped at the time? I would also note that in the CM patch, throwing knives and throwing potions can both spawn with LL +%.
  14. I wonder if dual-wielding Kal'dur's Legacy (now that it is a unique and much easier to find) is another viable option. You wouldn't even need the Dual Wield skill were it not for the fact that it is required to dual wield weapons and the attack speed penalties associated with wielding weapons higher than your character level. Taking the offensive build, I would do something like this: EP to level 200 Armor Lore to 75 Exalted Focus to 75 Dual Wield to 75 Constitution to 75 Toughness to 75 Combat Reflexes to 75 Tactics Lore to 75 Damage Lore to 75 whatever to 75 (I take Spell Resistance) I don't know if swinging dual wielded weapons at 150% attack speed would be faster than a ranged weapon at 150% attack speed, but the obvious benefit is that you'd get two mods of life leech % off your weapon, the weapon itself already comes with attack speed and 2 sockets (you'd max attack speed just with the weapons at a high enough weapon level), you'd have two elemental sockets to play with to exploit damage lore (I'd go fire and magic, since freeze comes with the cold damage on Kal'Dur's, and poison will generally do very little damage to guardians), the weapons themselves will contribute more damage overall, and it would generally be much easier to find a second Kal'Dur's (in my case, since I already have one) than shopping a decent throwing weapon. The addition of Combat Reflexes over Shield Lore also should not impact survivability at all. If you had opted to go for Kira's over a different shield, you'd also net one extra socket (could socket an extra Tanif's if you're really hurting for mitigation). I think this build would also transition better into fighting regular enemies as well for those early levels (I found fighting with ranged weapons to be somewhat buggy.. if you clicked on a target while moving, your seraphim would attack and then move towards the mouse click, especially annoying when fighting the guardians). The downside? The guardians tend to enjoy wandering around aimlessly.. not a big deal for a ranged build, but getting into melee range to kill them would be somewhat of a bother. What do you guys think of this idea? I know it's not very solid because it relies on a specific weapon to be dropped, but when you do get them (and it's certainly very viable because Kal'Dur's is a unique weapon in Ice and Blood), I think this build has the potential to be "the best" of the bunch. You'd be approaching 10% LL with this build, if not cracking it, which means the guardians go down in 10 hits or less (assuming I'm understanding LL mechanics properly). Well, off to testing I guess.. EDIT: I think having dual Kal'Dur's also gives you enough flexibility to ditch Celestial's and equip other pieces of gear with more than one good mod on it.
  15. Getting 100% map revealed.

    Alright, sounds good to me. Thank you!