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  1. damn u r my hero again big gratz on good work I want know what he thinking now?
  2. I almost miss this gratz on great work mate awesome
  3. and no thx to me coz my talk with Cass welcome back mate
  4. ok here is orginal link: http://board.ogame.org/thread.php?threadid=326661 but smthg what isnt posted on that: his defense before: Defense Rocket Launcher 40.000 Light Laser 20.000 Heavy Laser 1.000 Gauss Cannon 1.000 Ion Cannon 1.000 Plasma Turret 400 Small Shield Dome 1 Large Shield Dome 1 Interplanetary Missiles 25 Chance of counter-espionage:100% and next day: Rocket Launcher 1.876 Light Laser 727 Heavy Laser 623 Gauss Cannon 775 Ion Cannon 612 Plasma Turret 156 Small Shield Dome 1 Large Shield Dome 1 Interplanetary Missiles 25 we are fired cca 1400IPMS on
  5. and nuking is canceled coz some ppls(lik me) and few moore leaving this game maybe next time have funn ppls
  6. Attacker Bad Blue Boy Weapons XXX% Shields XXX% Hull Plating XXX% Battleship .... 501 Battlecr. .... 100 Defender hey ho lets go Weapons XXX%Shields XXX% Hull Plating XXX% Sol. Sat .... 335 Battlecr. .... 5 R.Launcher .... 817 S.Dome .... 1 Owned Attacker Bad Blue Boy Battleship .... 501 Battlecr. .... 100 Defender hey ho lets go Destroyed The Attacker has won the battle! They capture 287'784 Metal, 234'340 Crystal and 292'091 Deuterium The attacker has lost a total of 0 Units. The defender has lost a total of 2'674'000 Units. At these spa
  7. wow man,that is nice that is big accomplishment Ike,congratz
  8. the hope is my second name I will nuked one PA player soon if someone want help me pm me ingame(Bad Blue Boy) I have 4 planets near him and I will be ready to hit him with 400ipm
  9. lool nice talk ppls I hate PA my lil hit on Noobenodon http://board.ogame.org/thread.php?threadid=308081 DEFENDER hey ho lets go destroyed ________________________________________________________________________ He captured 23.280 metal, 71.272 crystal, and 277.978 deuterium The attacker lost a total of 900.000 units. The defender lost a total of 8.224.000 units. At these space coordinates now float 1.449.000 metal and 637.200 crystal. The chance for a moon to be created is 20%
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