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  1. Ran into GoGo, a couple of times now in game. Made me nervous was dying to things I normally wouldn't have. Hey GoGo, we need to get together in a full group and get our 5 Neph stacks and just steam through for some Paragon Leveling!!
  2. All this time I never knew the purpose of the Damage (40-40) rings, if equipping them in the ring slot, it seemed to not change anything on your character info sheet. Then slotting them on a weapon, is what made an absolute extreme difference with WEAPON BASED CHARACTER BUILDS, insanely overpowered. When using my support Bargainers before I was always searching for +All Skills for all my gear slots and even my weapon slots. My question is, with Character builds that are Non-Weapon Based Damage like a non-coup HE, can give them the same type of insane boost that damage rings do for wea
  3. I think you're right about it being a kind of competition... it's funny cuz it wasn't anything like that before, not with the open world and massive number of quests available... They are doing a good job stripping away the "sacredness" of the game...albeit it's the part that's more expensive... alas gogo In all actuality, it should be about competition right? On a level of pride and maintaining the franchise for 1, they should be trying to compete and bring out a product that surpasses the first Sacred titles, especially since they are a new company adopting another Franchise.
  4. REALLY, didn't even know there were 3 star versions! Well my seraphim is going to adopt a lil of your build with EP and Bargaining emplimented in her build, I'll see what I get leveling her.
  5. Is it me, or is it that blue quality or better (2 Star) just drops way less than any other weapon in the game. At lower levels you can easily bargain a 2 Star one with 2 gem slots and a bronze slot, but as far as drops... seems super rare.! Or is it just me...
  6. yeah I never use, Spell Resist, I was moreso thinking of combat reflexes to nullify the critical hits against me over the evasion part, but I haven't seen enough spells in the game that seemed dangerous enough to need to dedicate a skill to. OMG Rofl, u hate CR, lol funny as hell but extremely insightful. Wow, I was scared to try a toon with EP and Bargaining, I thought I'd be loosing too much, yeah I agree on Combat Disc, I don't haven't yet mastered it, but at lower levels I don't see such a great dps game from it, nor regen differential. Changing a regen time from 1.2 sec to 1.1
  7. Wondering if an Exalted Warrior, Battle Stance Buffed warrior can survive in Niob, with Divine Protection as a buffer, supported by Armor Lore Toughness Combat Reflexes? Trying to avoid a Constitution, WeL Build, my thoughts are that most will say Constitution is a must, if so is Combat Reflexes Dropable?
  8. Before on your testing when you said that you were in the griffen town on your Seraphim, you remember what quest it was that your Main quest line was at? I'll try to stop a main quest line slightly before what ever point you were at so we can try and pinpoint when the quest breakpoint was.
  9. Well you can include me as another addition to that crowd, because I did exactly that.
  10. 1. Battle Mage? How would it differ from a High Elf 2. Vampires - I never played S1, so someone explain there gameplay. 3. Gladiator - your basic prehistorical warrior type, all games should have one. 4. Dark Elf - Hopefully we won't have dark and light differential this time so all classes can play together. 5. Wood Elf - Holy Hannah!? 6. Dwarf - My pure Dislike of Dwarfs (wow related) will not allow one to be made on my system. 7. Daemon - Does this mean Demon? If so would be wierd alongside a Seraphim huh. 8. Inquisitor - I liked somewhat, never fully got a chance to xp one s
  11. For me it has nothing to do with the armour or cleavage, I don't play games to look at a characters breasts. The seraphim is simply one of the most diverse characters which is why I enjoy playing one, caster, melee, technician (?) or hybrid, its all there. The problem with your wish for a new class to "shine" is that the only class that has a link between the different games (story wise) is the seraphim who is kind of the face of the sacred brand. Like gogo and daveo said, we will most likely see a seraphim along with the stereotypical caster, tank and ranged classes and then 1 or 2 "different
  12. http://www.diablofans.com/topic/86592-diablo-3-announced-for-playstation/ Now they will have competition from a title that is by far more popular than Sacred. The sad thing is that it seems as if Blizzard was listening to alot of the cries that us Couch Co-op'ers had. 4 Player Couch Co-op. Time for Sacred 3 to come up with some more details. Alot of us are already weary that they are taking away the exploration part from Sacred. Diablo has that. As mentioned the wording on some of the reviews of couch co-op are unclear. D3 has that covered. Familiarity to the game. S3 makers ar
  13. No when I ran the test it was before crossing the wall, matter of fact my campaign progress was in the town south of where you get the Boneslicer questline (Thy.......) forgot the name but it has a coliseum in it and the sewers we use for shopping. The broken on PC thing I can't quite test
  14. Actually the bear Grows right at the area before you get to the teleport, I tried this in the reverse form as well and it worked in the same area, where the flying fairies are. In reverse = I already had access to that teleport, so I got the bear quest, teleported to that port and started back on the path south towards clearview, and within 10 seconds I get the message about the bear, saying that he's grown and appears to be more aggressive. Its cool because, this was a feature of the game to be able to have a tank that you had to luck up and find out about, but clearly by design.
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