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  1. 4 left. 1 to Darkmatters member Bonan. These will expire in 5 more days so grab em up!
  2. I Have Several beta keys up for grabs. PM me here or at Clan~Da short term keys so hurry.
  3. Stuff the lottery ... The present beta testers and clan DA gets more keys when 093 goes live. Jetcutter is online every day, so he will mostlikely reply to your pm wery soon. ( Or ill tell him 2 later on skype ) Many thanks! Got it Cheese, Activated acct.
  4. No Donnie, not for lurking. you can only have 1 account so I had to remove one. You are now registered and should be able to post up. We have had alot of trouble with spammers of late. If you wish a name change let me know. I apologize for the confusion, and cant for the life of me figure out why you couldn't reply to begin with. I think Dobster had a spare key, and I should have more by the weeks end. Best, Jet
  5. What your Character name Ryan? SC or HC? I'll have a look out for you Last night for Beta Key giveaway. . Key gone..
  6. Chris, at Grinding Gear Games has deposited a few more keys in the Clan coffers. I have one key left to give away here or at DA. First come first served. Jet
  7. I offer 1 key here to first member to reply.. Or P.M. me
  8. Gratz, Bob's in the Beta now.
  9. Well there may or may not be, Gogo. I can see games to join up with, but to avail. Very frustrating to buy the game and it not work as advertised. Thanks for looking into it.
  10. Please help ,, we are at a loss. Stubbs and I are using different versions I reckon. Im on Steam version and apparently my Steam version and his box set are not compatible. Any help out there?
  11. Hi my old DARK friends. We are having a blast in TW2 Feel free to join us. The Game may not be the answer to all of our MP fun but it makes for a heck of a time filler, lol Greets Gogo and Schot
  12. " ...scalability without loss..." A designer's dream. ^^ Give your daughter my best on her project. I hope it is as fulfilling a project as the map was for me. Even more fulfilling for me, my friend
  13. When It's finished you can make into whatever ya want, although wallpaper is an excellent idea. She proclaims she is better than me with graphics,, sad part is, I think she is getting there. She has a job waiting. Also, Great training for her. @ 14 yrs.,, I wish I could hire her now. Raster to vector conversion software,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Priceless. Jet Edit: @Schot, Appreciate your gratz to my baby girl. I WILL pass that on to her. She amazes me. Even learned how to steal , and install fonts from me.
  14. Yea Schot, She does alot of my cad work for me. Shes had the map file for about 6 months. I had told her that when she had spare time and wanted a challenge, to give it a Schot (pun intended). To my amazement she had broke the map into small quadrants (appx 60) and has made it to about her 12th quad. She stated she was having trouble with the trees, and decided to use A common tree for all of them. I'm off today until monday, but I'll get a sample to you then. My goal is to make it a cuttable file, with infinite scaleability without loss of detail. Can you imagine this as a map of Ancar

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