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  1. Sometimes, something happens to the character I am playing and they get the following bug: whenever I first load the character I get the normal loading screen, then screen turns black for a brief time, then a new loading screen appears, and only afterwards the game finally loads. When this happens to a character, it then continues to happen every time I load this particular character. Does anyone know what is the cause of this, and if there is any way to fix this problem? (This happened to two of my characters so far, so this is not a one-time bug.)
  2. Two-handed Seraphim: Combat Discipline or Combat Reflexes

    Thank you for replying, Claudius, Dragon Brother. I decided to go for Revered Tech Focus after all, and I'm finding it very helpful so far. Well, I guess this is it as far as this topic is concerned. Again, thanks to everyone for replying!
  3. Two-handed Seraphim: Combat Discipline or Combat Reflexes

    First of all, thank you very much, Dragon Brother, Lujete, for the suggestions regarding modifiers! I have a little question regarding gold mod for Soul Hammer: how useful Incision is? I was originally considering it, since I am using Soul Hammer as the first skill in my main attack combo (followed by Pelting Strikes), and therefore I am not sure how useful Coup de Grace is for me. (Though I guess it would still be useful against bosses.) Back to the original topic of skills; I have played a bit with this build by now (currently level 20 at Silver), and I am considering getting Revered Technology Focus rather then Combat Discipline or Combat Reflexes. My reason for this is following: I rather like Divine Protection, but once I will modify Dashing Alacrity for reduced cooldown, I will no longer be able to use it in combo with Divine Protection without sacrificing time Dashing Alacrity remains on (since Dashing Alacrity’s cooldown will be 40 seconds, and Divine Protection’s will remain 60). And using these two arts separately would require more micromanagement then I would like ^_^; Another reason is that I am not entirely happy with Assailing Somersault, since its attack animation is kind of slow. And taking Revered Tech Focus will allow me to modify Archangel’s Wrath for Area of Effect damage. I am not sure how useful Archangel’s Wrath will be without Revered Tech Lore, though, even though its damage is based on weapon’s damage (which should be quite decent in my case, since I am using two-handed swords).
  4. Two-handed Seraphim: Combat Discipline or Combat Reflexes

    Thank you very much for replying again, Dragon Brother! I will go with Combat Discipline, I guess. Even though I am going to use Blind Guardian, which deals a lot of fire damage, I am not sure that Damage Lore will help me that much: I hope to be able to defeat regular enemies with one-two hits, and I am not sure how much DOT helps against bosses. By the way, you mentioned that Battle Stance’s Flexibility mod is better then Drill.. May I ask, why is that? I was originally planning to take Drill over Flexibility, since 20% + 0.2% per level of evasion doesn’t sound like that much. Or is regeneration reduction from Drill too small to help much? (I have re-checked Wiki, and I understand that I will be getting approximately 9% regeneration reduction at CA level 50, which does sound like a pretty tiny bonus…) Oh, and this kind of goes off the original topic, but I would like to ask, what modification would you recommend me for the following combat arts? (Keeping in my that my weapon will be two-handed sword). Soul Hammer Pelting Strikes Dashing Alacrity Assailing Somersault Battle Stance
  5. Kind of continuation of my previous topic. I have decided on my utility Seraphim's build, which would be: Offensive/CA Skills: Tactics Lore Sword Weapons Exalted Warrior Focus Defensive Skills: Armor Lore Toughness Spell Resistance Constitution General Skills: Enhanced Perception Bargaining I am currently debating whether I should take Combat Discipline or Combat Reflexes as my last skill. I am leaning more towards Combat Discipline (even though I won’t be using more then 2-skill combos anyway, due to being single Aspect), since evasion seems to be more or less easily compensated with equipment, plus Combat Discipline can work well with even just a single skill point, leaving more skill points for other skills. But opinions on pro’s and con’s of taking either of these two skills (or perhaps some other skill I haven’t thought of) are most appreciated.
  6. Two-handed Seraphim, is it a valid option?

    Thank you for clarifying about Divine Protection, Dave 0, Lujate. I guess this pretty much exhausts the topic, unless anyone has any more suggestions for two-handed Seraphim.
  7. Two-handed Seraphim, is it a valid option?

    I see, thank you for explaination, Lujate. What do you (and everyone else) think of adding Revered Technology Focus to the build, replacing either Combat Reflexes or Combat Discipline? It would allow to modify Divine Protection and to keep it active all the time in the end. Would it be effective, or Divine Protection doesn't help enough without Warding Energy Lore to warrant getting Revered Technology Focus for its sake?
  8. Two-handed Seraphim, is it a valid option?

    Thank both of you for your replies, Dragon Brother, Lujate. Thank you for the compliment, and there is no need to apologize either; at least I’ve learned a new phrase today ^_^ And thanks for confirming that two-handed build will be valid for a Seraphim. It looks like it will be a hard choice between Thrust and Succession for Pelting Strikes, though. I understand, Thrust would be better against regular monsters, and Succession would work better against bosses, right? Thank you for sharing your build, Lujate. I would like to ask a question, though: why did you choose Combat Discipline over Combat Reflexes? To me, advantage of Combat Discipline to an Exalted Warrior Seraphim seems kind of small, comparing to an advantage of extra evasion (which, I understand, directly subtracts from opponents’ chance to hit).
  9. Two-handed Seraphim, is it a valid option?

    Thank you again for replying, Dragon Brother ^_^ (What do you mean by “spoilt for choice”, though? Sorry, English is not my native language.) Anyway, I take it that you consider a two-handed sword a valid choice of a weapon for a Seraphim, right? And, another question I would like to ask, what bronze mod would you suggest for Pelting Strikes? Most (all?) guides I have seen seem to favor Succession, but I wonder if consistent 16.7% damage increase (Thrust) might be preferable for me, since it will increase my chances of consistently one-hit normal monsters/champions?
  10. Need help with choosing last skill

    Thank you again for your advices, Dragon Brother. I will wait and see, though now I am pretty confident I will take Combat Discipline in the end ^_^
  11. I am currently considering trying playing with a Seraphim, and would like to ask for advice regarding the build. I know, there are a lot of Serpahim guides here, but all of them seem to favor duel-wield (those that don’t involve BFG), and I would like to use Blind Guardian two-handed “sword” for role-playing purpose. However, I am wondering, is using a two-handed weapon a valid option for a Seraphim, or it just won’t work? Regarding skills, I am considering following skills (advice here is appreciated too, of course): Offensive/CA: * Tactics Lore * Sword Weapons * Speed Lore * Exalted Warrior Focus Defensive: * Armor Lore * Toughness * Spell Resistance * Constitution General: * Enhanced Perception * Bargaining Among combat arts, I mainly plan to rely on Soul Hammer/Pelting Strikes, using only Hallowed Restoration and Divine Protection from other Aspects, so I felt I can safely get Enhanced Perception and Bargaining for the sake of getting better items. I am not sure I will actually need Bargaining, though, since I am going to use Blind Guardian as my weapon and hope to be able to rely on finding Set Armor (and I have other characters to shop for jewelry). But if I leave out Bargaining, I am not sure what other 10th skill I could use instead ^_^;
  12. Need help with choosing last skill

    Thank you very much for your advice, Dragon Brother. I guess I'll go for Combat Discipline then, as I feel that a little more offensive ability will be preferable then defense for me. I still have a shade of doubt, though: since every "Opponent's chance to evade -X%" and "Chance that opponents cannot evade attacks +X%" bonus I get takes a socket that can be used for "+All Skills" (that would also improve my chance to hit with Speed Lore), would taking Combat Discipline and using relying on these bonuses trully be preferable to relying on Speed Lore and using "+All Skills" bonuses instead? I understand that at higher difficulties, rings/amulets can provide as much as +5 ~ +6 bonus to all skills; so, if I use, say, 3 rings/amulets that improve my chance to hit, it will cost me 150 ~ 180 skill points...
  13. Hello, everyone. I am new to playing Sacred 2 in general and using Temple Guardian in particular, and would appreciate a bit of advice on choosing my last skill. My current skills (at level 23) are: Devout Guardian Focus Source Warden Focus Source Warden Lore Blacksmith Bargaining Tactics Lore And the skills I intend to take are: Armor Lore Warding Energy Lore ~ since I intend to rely on T-Energy shield a lot Constitution As I said, I am a bit unsure which final skill I should take. Originally, I was consdiering Toughness, but with T-Energy Shield (with Reduction), I am not sure it would be best for me. I am currently torn between Speed Lore and Combat Discipline: on one hand, I could definitely use attack bonus from Speed Lore (and a little extra speed is also nice), on the other hand, I can foresee that linking 3 Combat Arts in combo (like Combat Alert, Fiery Ember and Charged Grid for multiplayer support; or Fiery Ember, Deathly Spears and Charged Grid as an Area of Effect) could be useful in the future. I am currently leaning a bit more towards Combat Discipline at the moment, but I am not sure how significant Attack/Defense bonus from Speed Lore is, and how easy is it to compensate it with equipment at higher difficulties? (SacredWiki led me to believe that Mastery's +135 Attack/Defense is +135% Attack/Defense, which sounds like way too much to sacrifice for the sake of the third skill in combos and CA damage and regeneration bonuses).