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  1. Aurora

    Continue with 3 words only

    under the bed
  2. Happy belated birthday to both of you :P
  3. Aurora

    Continue with 3 words only

    amazing light at...
  4. Ru!! Tackle Hugs!....come back soon...we all miss you!


  5. Aurora

    Little Miss Sunshine

    Saw this one on the weekend with my sisters and my neice Was absolutely awesome - definetely one of my all time faves!! HIghly Recommended to All oh and family rockssss!
  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Hope you both have a wonderful day
  7. Aurora

    Lord of the Rings Online

    WOW looks awesome
  8. Aurora

    Lord of the Rings Online

    WOW - thanks for all the info Cel ! Sounds awesome And you explain everything so well If they can clear up the few issues you mentioned looks like its gonna be a great game!! Any idea when it will be released?
  9. Hope you had a great day Ray
  10. We will miss you Cth Dont forget to check in everynow and then and of course keep comin into IRC It has been a pleasure playing with you! All the best in RL my friend
  11. Sorry I have been away for a few days.... I agree we should merge, but like Cykes said all players need to be fairly active and any accounts in v mode or retired need to be found owners or we should let them go.... Thats my 2 cents
  12. Aurora


    Welcome Colonel Ferguson Make yourself at home, its a great place to be!
  13. Aurora


    WOOOT YAGA Nice work there! You deserve many a